Eternal Fire

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Sealed Destiny

Lexi jumps back “oh no David I’m so sorry, what the hell was that?” David shakes his head taking off his shirt and smothering the fire out “Lexi don't ever apologize to me for something you can't control about yourself. We will figure this out together”

Lexi straightens her clothes and hair walking back into the living room, gathering her things “this is shaping up to be a mistake and a huge waste of time” just as she pulls the door open David slams it back. “please stay” he looks with pleading eyes, almost like a wounded dog. David locks the door “the sun is coming up and I’m weak during this time, please stay so we can talk some more later”

Lexi lets out a sigh as her shoulders drop in defeat “so what your gonna sleep in that box that I saw? that thing cant be comfortable, where the heck would I even sleep?” David stifles a laugh and starts leading her upstairs “that box is a coffin and trust me, when your dead to the world your not worrying about being comfortable but as far as where you sleep, you can have your pick the couch or my bed although I’m sure the bed would be better for you”

David flips the light on and walks over to the bed pulling a corner of the comforter back “perfectly safe, I promise nothing will happen to you while you are here and we can talk more tomorrow when we have both had a good rest” Lexi slides into the bed letting out a soft yawn as sleep takes over “David what if I’m evil.. what if this fire is a sign that I’m meant to do bad things?”

David touches her cheek “shh, just rest” he walks out of the room flipping the light off, and closes the door. climbing into his coffin all David can think about is that fire and of course the kiss, he can still feel the way her lips felt against his. he slips into a dead sleep and for the first time in three hundred years he dreams finding himself chained to a wall covered in blood but he knows it's not all his and a familiar smell envelops his nose and he lets out a scream as he looks upon the ground in front of him seeing ruby’s lifeless body, “NO! I wouldn’t... I would never, there must be a reason”

Meanwhile, Lexi awakens it's a little past noon she looks down still in the clothes she had worn when she came over. Standing she opens the door and steps out into the hallway walking downstairs, looking towards the library, and slowly walks inside pulling the book, and goes down the stairs. stepping up to the side of the coffin she slowly lifts the lid up seeing David laying there her eyes go wide with fear and curiosity. “he looks almost peaceful” she whispers to herself just as she’s about to close the lid he jumps awake screaming “NO!”

Lexi jumps back against the wall cutting her hand on a jagged part of the brick “ah shit!” she holds her hand looking back up at David who is now standing outside his coffin with his back turned. “David, are you alright?” he takes a shaky breath “yeah I... I’m fine you shouldn’t be down here shouldn’t see me this way” Lexi steps forward a little blood dripping from her hand “I just wanted to check on you, you screamed no in your sleep vampires cant dream can they?” David turns around “no we aren't supposed to technically our brains are dead there’s no possible way we could dream and yet I had the most vivid dream for the first time in three hundred years, but enough about me your hurt again”

David bites the inside of his cheek trying to block out the smell “here, let's get this cleaned up ok” we head back upstairs and into the living room as I sit on the couch, David grabs some cleaning stuff and sits in front of me. “I can do it, I’m not completely helpless you know” she takes the stuff and wipes her hand, and applies a small band-aide to the cut. David sighs walking to the fridge, he grabs a bottle of wine and pours himself a drink.

Lexi watches him in dismay “you said three hundred, how is that possible? you simply can't be three hundred. Do you really think this is the time to be drinking?” David smiles “don't worry I can't get drunk, this is to help with the smell” Lexi looks back at her hand “oh, I didn’t even think about that should I leave” she stands reaching for her keys. David grabs her arm “no, please don't go I’m fine I swear” she sighs “well, I wanna stay but its a school day which means we both need to be at the college and probably not a good idea to show up together”

David looks at her up and down “well Ms. wright I do believe you are looking a little sick and what kind of teacher would I be to allow my student to show up to class sick and risk getting everyone else ill that would just be irresponsible of me” he picks up the phone and dials a number “hello, this is Mr. Knight yes I just received a call from one of my students she is feeling ill and won't be in today and I’ve emailed my resignation to the board thank you" he hangs up the phone and walks into the living room.

Lexi looks at him stunned walking into the living room and sitting down "what the hell was that? I mean thanks for making me sound ill but what do you mean by your resignation? you're leaving the school? is it because of me? I don't understand, what am I to you?! last night you said your mine if you think you have some sort of vampire claim over me your sadly mistaken nobody claims me, David"

David watches her stepping closer "Lexi...LEXI! calm down I didn't mean anything harmful when I said it, it was just in the moment" he looks into her eyes and leans in softly kissing her "I can't fight this feeling for you Lexi" he goes to pull off her shirt, she hesitates but a feeling washes over her like she's never felt before and she slowly undoes his shirt pulling it off as it drops to the floor she runs her fingers slowly over his chest and down his stomach. He picks her up and carries her upstairs laying her down on the bed and slowly pulls her pants off revealing black silk panties.

Lexi lets out a soft gasp as she feels David slowly slides her panties off and the cold air dances on her skin, she lays back looking up at him "David, are you sure we should do this?" he leans in kissing her again with such a strong need "I won't do anything if you truly don't want to do this, but this feeling in me is intense do you feel it too?" She nods slowly and kisses him back.

He stands undoing his belt and letting his jeans fall to the floor. slowly mounting her he feels himself grow harder and slides inside feeling her warm, tight vagina envelop his cock as he slid deeper he could feel her body tremble and heard a soft moan escape her lips, lifting her legs to wrap around his waist he moves in and out as he lets out a groan his fangs showing in the light.

He pulls her up to him as their bodies move together sweat building on his skin feeling the heat forming between them, he leans in kissing her neck feeling the pulse underneath, and without hesitation he sinks his fangs into her soft skin as the blood pours into his mouth the hunger takes over him and he feeds feeling her slightly struggle under him but he knows he is too strong for her to fight him off just before he comes he feels the heat rising but not because of them its coming from her, more blood seeps into his mouth he jumps back and spits it out gasping as his mouth burns "fuck! Jesus Christ!"

Lexi smacks him across the face " you son of a bitch!" she quickly gets dressed and runs downstairs grabbing her keys "LEXI! please I'm sorry it wasn't me LEXI!" David gets to the door just as she gets in her car and speeds away. tears falling down her cheeks she looks at her neck slamming on the breaks she reaches in her bag and pulls out a napkin wiping away the blood she slams her hands on the steering wheel letting out a scream "STUPID STUPID STUPID, how could I be so stupid!" she starts driving again not sure where to go or what to do, she pulls into a motel and gets a room.

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