My Past and Present

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What would you do if the person you used to love before came back and mess up your present life? Can love overcome the sadness it gave or will anger prevail over love?

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Chapter 1 (When Love is Not Enough)

Liahnne and Dave are happily married. Liahnne work as a Movie Producer while Dave is an aspiring actor who wants to be popular and succeed. In the first year of their marriage, they were happy and contented living a simple life. But eventually, Dave got fired from his job because of a lack of experience. Dave tried to improve his acting, but no one accepts him until he got depressed and started to become an alcoholic.

Liahnne tried to comfort him and give her the best understanding to his husband. But Dave seems to have his own world now. He always ignores Liahnne’s words and doesn’t give her a chance to help or support him. They always ended up fighting and shouting at each other. It continues for almost a year and they can’t seem to understand one another. Until it gets worst and both of them can’t stand being beside each other. The next morning Liahnne remember that it’s their wedding anniversary in two weeks she tried her best to understand his husband and give him another chance.

Liahnne’s P.O.V

I need to cook Dave’s favorite foods. I can’t wait to see him and celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. It’s been a long time since we celebrate some special occasions like this. He told me he’s going home early so I need to move fast, it’s almost dinner and I still need to set up the table. I want this day to be memorable for both of us.

She plans to surprise Dave and prepared his favorite foods. She waits for him to come home for several hours. That day her husband came home barely standing with his own feet because Dave was so drunk.

Dave: Honey, I’m home!

Liahnne: Dave, why are you so drunk?

Dave: I’m not drunk, I just had a few shots with my friends.

Liahnne: You said you’re coming home before dinner. Do you even know what day is today?

Dave: Oh, come on. “What’s so special today,” is it your birthday? I’m too tired to talk right now. I’m going to sleep. Let’s just talk tomorrow morning.

Dave’s P.O.V

Why can’t I do anything right? I’m doing my best so that I won’t disappoint Liahnne. I want to prove her and especially to myself that I can also succeed. That I could be a great actor too. I don’t want her to pity me. All I wanted to do is to make her happy and proud of me, but why does it seem so hard to do that.

Dave goes to their room while Liahnne was left behind. She decided to just store all the food she prepared for Dave and help his husband. While helping him she saw some lipstick mark on his husband’s collar. She’s so upset and mad. Liahnne steps outside their room and goes to the guest room. In there she lay on the bed and cried all night.

Liahnne’s P.O.V

Why is he so difficult to understand. I can no longer understand him, I want to help him, but how can I do that if he doesn’t want my help. And as time goes by, we can’t help but hurt each other. I don’t want us to get to the point where we hated each other. “I loved him so much, but I can’t do this anymore." We’re both in pain and suffering.

The next morning Liahnne wait for Dave to wake up. She sat on the chair for 3 hours and then she saw his husband walking towards her. She can’t control her emotions while seeing Dave and she burst into tears.

Dave: Liahnne Honey, what’s wrong?

Liahnne slap Dave in his face. Dave was very confused about what’s happening.

Dave: Hon, what’s that for?

Liahnne: “I hate you” (Liahnne shouted) I can’t handle this anymore.

Dave: What are you talking about? I can’t understand you. Did I do something bad last night?

Liahnne: Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. I’ve waited for you all night. And you got home drunk and had a lipstick mark on your collar. What do you expect me to think?

Dave: Hon I can explain its nothing, I promise I don’t know how I even get that. “Please believe me." I’m just too drunk and I don’t know what I’ve been doing. You know that I would never cheat.

Liahnne: You know what I can understand, why you’ve been drinking. I know that you’re having a hard time in your career. But the fact that you forgot our 2nd wedding anniversary and come home with a mark on your shirt. There’s no explainable excuse for that. I can not take it anymore. I tried to understand and comfort you at my best, but it seems worthless because you can’t even appreciate what I’ve been doing for you all this time. I want to be there for you, but how will I do that if you don’t let me. Dave, it’s me Liahnne. I’m not just your friend. I’m also your wife in case you forget.

Dave: Hon, I’m sorry. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. And please forgive me, I don’t mean to hurt you. I love you so much and you know it.

Liahnne: I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore. These past few months you’ve been on your own world. As if I never existed in your life. "I stay even if it hurts." I think it’s time for us to end this.

Dave: What are you saying?

Liahnne: Let’s get a divorce.

Dave: No, I love you so much and I know you love me too. Please forgive me. I can’t live without you. You’re my life and my everything. Promise I’ll change. Please don’t lived me, give me another chance. We can still fix this.

Liahnne: I’m sorry Dave, “I love you so much,” but sometimes love is not enough. “This marriage, it’s not working anymore." It’s breaking us into pieces. I don’t want to live our lives hurting each other. “I need to find myself.” I’ve been too lost trying to fix and work for this marriage. I think it’s time for us to let go. Please take care of yourself. "I love you, but I’m sorry I’m letting you go."

Dave’s P.O.V

How did this happen? “I know I became an asshole,” but I didn’t mean that. I did not mean to hurt you. I wish I can turn back the time so I can fix everything. I hope you do not have to leave me. How will I continue to live if you were already gone?

Liahnne’s P.O.V

I feel like I’m going to die because of so much pain. Is it wrong if I choose to let go? I love him more than myself and I want him to be happy. But I feel like I’m not the right person who can make him happy. I know I hurt him, but I only did that for us to find ourselves again. I wish someday he can find someone who can make him happy, even if it’s not me anymore.

Now that Liahnne and Dave are separated, what changes will happen in their lives now. Is there a chance for them to find their way to each other? Or it’s time for them to move on and finds a new love through someone?

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