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when emmie baxter returns home and helps out as a volenteer in her old school. she hides all her feelings under her walls. but what will she do when someone wants to remove her mask and break them down. Started: 4/7/20 also found in wattpad

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“the list you have been given is filled with the names of children in their respective classes. You are advised not to leave these children alone if their teachers are delayed and are late to their classes.” The principal announced in a high nasally voice. Her high heels clicking against the marble.

It was a bad idea to wear short sleeves at 7AM. The air was so chilly, it prickled against my skin.

I bought my cold and also partially numb fingers to my lips. Blowing long breaths on them. Which only reminded me of my horrid breath. I wrinkled my nose, shuffeling my hands through my pockets searching for a mint or a tic-tac. I frowned and looked around to the small crowd of people ranging through ages, 17 to 52. Wondering who to ask I walked around passing a few people.

I stopped a few steps before a motorcycle. “Oh, what a beauty” I whispered my eyes stuck on the smooth metal of the black motorcycle, parked on the dried-out grass.

“Excuse me?” a deep, smooth voice came from behind me. I turned around, expecting to be smacked in my face for staring. Oh schnitzel.

My eyes widened.

A boy stood in front of me, his dark brown eyes narrowing at me. I smiled sheepishly, my hands getting sweaty from nervousness and embarrassment. He stared at me, which made my heart race for some reason.

“’m sorry.” I whispered looking down to stare at my feet which were covered by dried leaves.

“yeah...uh...that’s okay.” He whispered nodding at me.

“you like bikes?” he asked walking towards the beauty, climbing on it, and putting it on the stand again.

“yeah.” I whispered tugging my sleeves, to pull them higher on my arms.

“ you have a mint?” I asked feeling more embarrassed, with a dark red blush on my cheeks. “a mint?” he raised his eyebrows “planning on kissing me?” he asked cheekily with a smirk.

“!” I scoffed, crossing my hands over my chest.

“sorry.” He said shrugging his shoulders shuffling his hands in his jean’s pockets. His eyes brightened when he found them, “Aha!” he exclaimed, passing the mint into my open palm, but not before saying, “so who are you going to kiss?”

He stood stiffly, waiting for my answer.

“why do you need to know why I need a mint for?” i asked leaning on my front foot which was ahead of my other one.

“it’s my mint.... you’re using it...” he reasoned, before taking the mint back.

“No, no, no please.” I whispered. He looked at me for my answer.

I sighed mumbling, “ihavebadbreathandineedamint.”

“um...what?” he asked with an even bigger smirk.

“I have bad breath, okay!” frowning

“you should have said that first sweetheart.” Passing the mint back to me with a small smile.

“sweetheart?” I asked with a confused face, “who’s that?”

“you....” he smirked, with a bigger smile.

“that’s not my name, its Emmie.” I whispered feeling flustered.

“okay.” He whispered, shrugging, “I’m Nicholas.”

“I’m going to go now.” I whispered walking away like a penguin, because the principal started talking again

“bye.” He said looking amused at me.

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