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Cassie Nobel lives in a world where ninety five percent of the population has powers. Some people become hero's while others choose a criminal profession. Her family are villains, and taught Cassie that hero's where the bad guys and they where the good guys. But one day a hero flies into her life, and she discovers the her parents lied about hero's, She must now discover what kind of person she will become regardless of who her parents are, despite being a villain.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 A hero crashes into my life

My name is Cassie Nobel, and unlike our last name Nobel. We are the exact opposite of noble were, criminals, and villains. As soon as I was old enough to understand things my family taught me that we where the good guys and the hero's where the bad guys. They said that the hero's didn't care about people like us, and that their whole motive about keeping everyone safe and protecting us whenever we needed help. Was just to make them look good for the press, turns out my parents where right. One day my older brother work building caught on fire, cause a hero was fighting a villain and set the building on fire. My brother died in the building, cause hero's never came to save him. When I was ten my parents decided it was time for me to join the family business, my Villain name was Snow Raven, my power was the ability to levitate objects.

My parents named themselves, Black Slayer, their power is super strength. My mothers name is Sabrina, and my father is Theodore. My younger brother is also involved his villain name is Makeshift, his power is the ability to hack technology, his name is Brett. My first assignment as a villain was to rob a bank, my brother disabled the alarms and locks, while my parents knocked out the security guards, then I was in charge of levitating the money bags. Everything was going great till he arrived, The hero Elegant Captain. He attacked my parents then without thinking I lifted up the clerks desk, and lunged it towards him. Not expecting it he was now pinned to the ground the desk on top of him. A civilian saw the incident and took a picture of my face. Ever since the incident my face was on wanted posters, of course so where my parents. My costume is a black outfit with a black circular mask on like the hero's. Since the incident I decided it would be best to move out of the house and live in my own apartment.

Present day I live in the city of Vreason, also know as the city of hero's, in Vreason their is a school for hero's, it's called Eastwood Academy. Anyone who wants to become a hero goes there. I was sitting on my sofa watching television, I have long brown hair, blue eyes, and white skin. The news reporter was saying.

"Elegant Captain is still missing, authorities are asking anyone who has seen him to contact the hero HQ immediately."

"Heh golden boy got himself lost, serves him right." I chuckled, then my phone rang, I picked it up and Heard Brett say.

"Hey sis how you doing? So did you hear what happened to golden boy?"

"Yeah I did. Hows everyone doing, you guys holding up alright without me?" I replied.

"Yep everyone's been doing great, especially now that golden boy can't get in the way." He chuckled, then said.

"Well stay in touch I'll let you know of the next assignment ok, see ya sis." He hanged up I got up and walked to my balcony, the city lit up from my apartment down below. Then in the distance I saw two figures clashing into each other, then I saw one of the figures sent flying into the air. The figure was now coming towards my apartment at full speed.

"It's a bird it's a plane it's super m-..." I said then saw the figure flying towards me, and I shouted.

"It's a man!" The man crashed into me, knocking me off my feet. I groaned then slowly opened my eyes to see the man was laying on top of me, I pushed him off me, his eyes slowly opened then he said.

"What happened whe-" His face hit the floor, blood dripped down his nose, and he fell unconscious once more. I was freaking out then I turned the man over, and realized it was Elegant Captain. There was a hero in my house, an unconscious hero in a villains house. How could this night get any worse, then I saw him stir, he had bruises on his face and legs. I decided to remove his mask, he had blond hair, and green eyes. That's when I realized that Elegant Captain was just like me a hero/villain who was just a teen. I looked down at him, decided what to do I could put him out in the street and wait for someone to pick him up, but then an image came into my head a golden retriever looking like Elegant whimpering and crying. Ugh curse my love for animals, but then again he did look like a lost puppy. I grit my teeth and hauled him onto the sofa and then realized I would have to take off his costume to treat his wounds.

"Your not doing anything weird just, helping treat his wounds." I repeated to myself, as I reached down at his costume. As I was doing that I heard.

"You know it has a zipper right." I looked down and saw, Elegant staring up at me as I was reaching to remove his costume. I felt my face burn and turn bright red, then I punched him in the chest hard, he then said.

"Ohh what was that for. Ow everything hurts." I realized what I just did then said.

"Well that's what you get pervert!"

"Pervert! I'm the pervert why where you undressing me!" He roared back.

"Cause I was trying to treat your wounds idiot!" I grumbled, my face blushing. He looked around the room surveying his surrounding's just like a lost puppy then saying.

"Hey what happened, where am I? Wait who are you?"

"You flew through my window crashing into me, also my names Cassie." I replied, as I looked down at him I saw that he was really handsome, then forcing these thoughts back into my head thinking.

"Your a villain, he's a hero. If he found out who you where he would arrest you right on the spot." I also realized how sweaty and tired he looked, so I said.

"Hey go take a shower, also here's some clean clothes for you."

"Why would I take a shower in a complete strangers house?" He replied.

"Just do it, you stink so if your staying here you gotta smell nice." I replied, then shoving him towards the bathroom." I slumped onto my couch, groaning then I decided to call Brett to tell him what happened.

"Brett something happened you know how golden boy was missing?"

"yeah." He replied concerned.

"Well he flew into my window crashing right into me."

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