Scar Healer

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Angela graduated from the University later than her boyfriend, Jade, and her close friend, Amelia. The cloud is dark, gloomy and the thunder storms keep roaming the skies. Angela has her stop at the station, she plans to stop by Jade's house. The rain is pouring down heavily, she hurriedly call a cab and caught herself drenched from the rains. "I'm coming, Jade." she murmurs under her cold breath. She pecks on the keys that has been by her side for 2 years since Jade handed his spare keys to Angela after he graduated. Flashback plays as she shuts her eyes as she places his keys on her lips. "Angela, my angel, please come back to me after you have graduated." She stands behind the door, praying he would be at his living room waiting for her with surprises or with a warm 'welcome home' hugs and kisses. As she opens the door widely, there is no traces of him or the light is on. As she took a step into the house, she could hear moans and groans of a man and a woman from the outside of the room. Anjela's fingers started to tremble and blanks are started to fill in her mind. She hesitantly opens the door, left a gap space, where she could see familiar a couple of man and woman on his bed.

Romance / Drama
Jackie Lina
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

*WARNING: The following content may contain sexual content

Angela goes breakdown as she clenches her fists by her sides with her eyes glare at both of them. Jade sneers and throws a pile of pictures on the floor, "Why don't you explain to me these shits then." he demands with cold tone as if it could freeze Angela's heart in a picosecond and Angela could clearly sense Amelia is smirking under her breath, as if she is expecting 'this' to happen.

Angela scans thoroughly those pictures, all pictures are full of me and my teammate guy, Bruce Chen. However, all of these angles were taken very professionally which made us look like a couple even though we were working on assignments and projects out of love.

Angela lets out a short laugh, "Even you, Jade, could get tricked by these imposter pictures." Angela's voice cracks from the crying and she couldn't believe she has never won over his trust completely for 2 years they'd been together, and he would rather believes in those rubbish evidences and those false rumors invented by Amelia.

"You called these imposter, Angelia? Don't you think the 'imposter' is way much compatible for you?" Amelia says it out with mocking tone of hers on Angelia. Amelia places her hand on Jade's face to have Jade to look at her way and closing the gap between their breath, "A true lover wouldn't be hanging out with a boy alone at outside until very late. Don't you agree, babe?" she could feel she has triggered both of them, but all matters as long as she could take over Angela's position in Jade's heart.

"It's a win win game, Angela."

She plants a deep kiss on Jade's lips, and Jade goes with the flow and holds her head by taking the lead. Jade thrusts his tongue into Amelia's tiny mouth and their tongues are intertwined passionately without catching any breath, Amelia lets out giggling moans while sends a gaze at Angela. Angela is standing still at her spot with shivers run down to her core and couldn't believe they are doing it with her presence, "This is so pathetic."

She wipes off stain tears on her cheeks and tosses Jade's house key on those pictures. Jade halts the kiss in the mid-way, and Amelia is panting heavily to catch some breath with seducing eyes to seize Jade's attention.

"Jade Mo," Jade switches his attention to Angela with bloodshot in his eyes, "I will be declaring right here at this instant that we are no longer in relationship and we are nothing but stranger from this onwards."

Angela grabs her bag on the floor, grabs the doorknob to open the door and slams the door behind.

"Hmph, whore." Jade says it out with deep tone of his, and he has never used such cold tone at Angela and the words reached her ears sharply clear before she leaves the house and vents her anger by shutting the main door roughly.

Angela sprints her way to the outside of his apartment as far as she can, her tears overflowing and she helplessly wipes off those tears with the back of her hands.

"Why things have turned out this way?"

"What have I done to deserve all this?"

"What and why, why, why?"

She continues running with her heart goes all crazy and messy as if her heart is completely shattered into thousands pieces, she accidentally steps on the mud and slips, with her both knees scrape and face slams on the ground.

"Why... do I look so pathetic. Why thing has to turned out this way?!"

She punches her hands on the ground countless of times until the wound tears open with the blood flows out and blends with the rain water. She stops her punches, she stares at the water where her reflection lays at. "I look so pathetically weak and hideous." With the mascara melts beneath of her eye bags, and her lips are ghostly pale as if her appearance is no different from those insane in the asylum.

A ringtone rings in her bag, she turns her head and head towards her bag to get her phone. Without identifying the caller, she picks up with no hesitation.

"Save me." Angela's voice trembles and shivers with her heavy breath. She starts to weep in the phone and tears are running freely, "Angel! What has happened to you? Wait, you and I have to calm down. Tell me your location, I will go pick you up."

Angela recognises the caller's voice and subconsciously tells her whereabouts to her university close friend, Teresa, "Angel, listen to me. Stay where you are and I will be there soon." The call ended in seconds, her hand goes weak and drops by her side, and her vision becomes hazy and her brain turns weak. She falls on the ground before Teresa reaches.

"Doctor! Please tell me her current issue, is she alright? Why isn't she waking up for 2 days?"

"The patient is currently facing a great catastrophe, she probably needs a lot of rest and space. It will be even worse if she faced love depression, she could have an issue towards trustworthiness of an individual." The doctor claims the information with his head shakes rapidly and sighs at the sight of Angela weak condition.

"Doctor, what should I do to make Angel regain her usual self?"

"Young lady, sometimes it hurts but it heals. This patient may not be going through an easy life with her current condition--"

A familiar voice rings Angela's head, she regains her conscious and opens her eyes at a slow pace.

"T-Teresa...?" The light is too sensitive to her eyes and she could only guess since Teresa's voice is recognisable. Teresa turns her head at Angel and rushes to Angel's side and holds her right hand to give a support to Angel.

"D-Doctor! Please check on Angel condition!"

The doctor rushes to Angela and uses his stethoscope analyse her chest's heartbeat. Next, he checks on her pulse on her left hand and counting the rate with his wrist watch, "74 bpm per second." The doctor takes out his medical pen torch from his pocket and shines at Angela's eyes, and finds her pupil contracts, "Her brain has no problem." The doctor has confirmed Angela is not in a dangerous condition.

"The patient still needs plenty of rest. Miss Teresa, please take good care of your friend. Please stop her from taking greasy foods, and she needs more protein and look at her body, she is so thin. Fill her up." The doctor shakes his head and leaves the room.

"Teresa... What did the doctor said about my condition?" Angela vocal sounds fragile and her stares are powerless as if she looks like a broken doll. "Angel, why are you so weak? Why are being so hard on yourself?" Teresa got silent answer instead, "Did Jade and Amelia have done something to you?"

Angela hangs her head low and after a few minutes of silence, "Teresa," the unpleasant accident from that evening starts to flashback into her mind and her tears started to form like clouds in her eyes, "I am so tired of everything." Her voice goes crack, and she curls up her back and tears roll over her cheeks.

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