The Jock Just Wants The Prep

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Liking him

|| BRAD ||

Two days later...

After finishing up practicing football in the field, I head to the school's showers earlier than the other guys so I can get a head start. Physical Education is my last class period before I can head home. Sweet. As expected, the shower area is empty, but it'll no longer be when the others fill in later. I quickly stripped down completely and turned on the shower-head to begin rinsing off the sweat from my body. I scrubbed myself from head to toe and felt my stiff muscles, making sure I was clean. After feeling satisfied, I turned the handle off and began walking to my locker, and as if it was timed, the other players arrived at the locker room and started piling in. They all gave each other compliments, well, not actually, they were throwing punches at each other's arms, but in a friendly manner. "Yo Brad!" I hear Jackson's voice calling me from behind. I turned around to look at him as I was putting on my black shirt, "Yeah?" I said to him.

"Wanna hang out after school?" Liam, another friend said who stood beside Jackson.

"Sorry guys, I'm just planning on going straight home for today," I said with a shrug and slung my backpack on my right shoulder.

Liam took an unimpressed breath, "you usually like to stay longer here with us," Liam continued on with arms crossed.

I rolled my eyes at him, "no not really," I said, unenthusiastically.

"Just let him, I mean we're all tired aren't we?" My friend Zack spoke as he reached out for his stuff in his locker beside mine. Liam pouted as he started walking to his own.

"It's okay, maybe next time?" Jackson said.

"Sure," I replied. Our conversation had come to an end when the final school bell rang. I waved goodbye to the them as I exited the room. The halls were filled with kids. On my way to the main hall that is before the exit to the parking lot, I saw Noah and his best friend Annabel going to the same direction of where I'm heading. I stopped my steps and observed them from afar. My eyebrow raised as I remembered something that I heard yesterday. People have conversed that Noah had came out of the closet about the day before yesterday. It sounded so surreal that the boy that I have somewhat of an interest in since junior year or maybe even soon back then had come out recently. I watched them exit the doors together and followed them outside with a distance from them. Noah seems to be happy with the cheery smile of his, which I am glad for; I mean, I don't think anyone in this school would just bully him anyways, you don't get people randomly hating you for no reason unless you actually create personal conflict with them. And with honesty, people here have their own lives to focus on to care about someone's preference and make a big deal about it. That's what I believe. I watched Annabel and Noah enter his expensive new generation vehicle. Just before they were about to drive away, I made eye contact with him for a moment. For a moment, we looked directly into each other's before he quickly diverted them and started steering his way out of this place. A small grin formed on my face. I chuckled and made my way to my black truck. Turning my keys and hearing ignition come to life, I started making my way back home. On the way, my window was rolled down and music playing on the radio. I felt the breeze of the wind caress my left arm and enjoyed the air. "Woohoo!" I howled with not a single care that the people walking by in the neighborhood streets were looking at me weirdly.

After a while, I finally arrived and parked my truck in my family's driveway. I pressed my remote button twice and made sure that it's locked before heading back inside. I used my house key and entered, then was greeted by the smell of my mother's amazing cooking and closed the door behind me before walking into the kitchen. "Hi honey," my mom greeted me.

"Mom, please no nicknames like that, especially you know what," I groaned before giving her a peck on the cheek. She is stood in front of the stove working on something. I looked over her shoulder to see that she's preparing meatloaf. Some people may not like it, but damn I love her cooking so much, "can't wait to eat," I said to her.

Mom let out a chuckle, "well, go get dressed first okay?" She said. I nodded and left the kitchen and went to the living room first.

"Hi Dad," I said as I looked at him watching the sports channel on the television again.

"Hey son, how's your day?" He asked without tearing his eyes off the screen.

"It was alright," I replied to him

"Good for you," he said, not to mention sounding kind of monotone as well. He still hasn't looked at me and remained focused on the soccer game. I sighed as I chose the option to face the fact that that's our conversation right there. Nothing more. Maybe he's still pretty bummed out about the whole bisexual thing. I headed upstairs up to my room and opened my bedroom door, taking off my shoes and hopped on my bed. I exhaled and released all of the tension in my body and started to relax with both my hands placed behind my head as I started chilling in my bed. After a while of relaxation, the first thing that came to my mind was Noah. It's already been almost about half a year since I've developed my liking for him. You know what, I'll ask him to be my boyfriend tomorrow. Yeah, that'll be nice. It's about time I try to speak to him.

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