Love’s Gift

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Morgan and Zeke have been through alot together. After a tragedy and trouble in paradise, will they heal through life’s new adventures?

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Chapter 1

We found out that we are pregnant on Abigail's anniversary the day she died. It's February 1st, Morgan is seventeen weeks and four months along. We are due on June 21st. We are overjoyed that we are pregnant with our twins. We have been busy working, but Morgan's boss said she has to work for three hours each day and not overdo it. The days, we're at work Mason goes to daycare he loves it and met new friends.

We miss Abigail every single day, and we know one day we will see her again. Morgan still has a tough time, when it comes close to her birthday and her anniversary when she died. She tries to hide it from me, but I know deep down she is still hurting that Abigail isn't here with us.

Sam and Stephanie are coming to visit over Easter. Sam and Stephanie had a baby girl name, Tinsley Ann, she is one month old. Before they got pregnant with Tinsley, they adopted a baby boy. The birth mom didn't want to name him or didn't want him anymore. They named him Beckett Anthony Gates. He is two and a half years old. They are happy with what they have now. A big family that both of them that wanted.

Every night, before bed Mason would pull out the picture album book of Abigail and likes to tell him about her. I made it for Abi when she was born and before she died in the hospital. I never forgot about that night when the doctor came out and told us she died. It broke our hearts, and I pushed Zeke away. Mason asked us, one night "Why did sissy die?" We had tears in our eyes and we knew that question was gonna come.

He is still young to tell him what happened, and we don't want to scare him. Zeke told him we will tell you when you are older.

At Thanksgiving dinner, we told everyone that we were expecting two more additions to our family. Everyone was excited and happy for us on our blessings. We can't wait to meet our beautiful twins.

Today we are finding out what we are having today. Zeke and I are in the room waiting for my doctor to come in. We have been excited to know, but if he doesn't want to know I'll do whatever he wants.

"How are you feeling gorgeous on knowing what we are having?"

"Happy, I guess I wasn't sure if you want to know."

"Hey, I will do what you want, ok."

I nod and smiled at him. He leans down and kisses me. His hand goes to my belly and we can't wait to feel them move and kick altogether.

As we were on our phones waiting, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

My doctor comes in. She turns the machine on and grabs the gel.

"How are you doing Morgan?

"I'm doing good. I'm ready to know what we're having. We have been having anxiety about it."

"Well, today is a special day huh."

"Yes, it is."

"Well, let's get started."

She spreads the gel on my belly. She moved the wand around and we hear our twins heartbeats. They were strong and healthy.

"Ok, you guys want to wait or do you want to know?"

I looked over at Zeke. And he rubs his thumb over my hand.

"I would like to know."


"You are having a girl and a boy."


Zeke gets up and kisses me. She was cleaning my belly off from the gel. He puts his hand on my belly. We had tears coming out our eyes when said we were having another daughter. It reminded me, of Abigail when we were pregnant with her.

"Wow, our life."

We chuckle. He wipes my tears off and we're happy that we are pregnant with another girl and boy.

We're at my parent's house having dinner. Morgan was in the bathroom helping Mason go potty.

"How has work been?"

"Good. Just been busy training and making sure all of the recruits are safe in the fires and other things."

"Are you taking a couple of weeks off for the twins when they are born?"

"Yes, I'm taking a couple of weeks to a month off to help Morgan with them and be with Mason too."

As we were talking, Mason comes in the kitchen with Morgan. She comes over and kisses my cheek. They at down and we started eating.

"I went."

"Yes, you did huh bud?"

"Nice job buddy. I knew you could."


We laughed. Mason sat on my lap eating the half cut up tomatoes on my plate. He sure does love his tomatoes.

"Mommy wants one."

"Well, thank you handsome."

She takes the tomato and eats it. He gives her a kiss on the lip.

"I go play."

"Eat two more bites."

"No, daddy."

"Mason have two more bites."

He shakes his head no and folds his arms at his chest.

"Then, do you want a time out?"

"Ok, I eat."

He starts to tear up. Mason does that to get attention. He will take a cry every so often if he doesn't want to do anything or eat anymore. He ate two more bites and gets down to go play in the playroom.

"So, what are you guys having?"

"Well, babe you want to take this?"

"We're having a girl and a boy?" Zeke said.

Both of my parents started tearing up after I said that. They knew we would get another girl after Abi.

"We're so happy for you guys."

"Thanks James, I appreciate it."

" You're welcome, sweetheart."

We finished eating and we head into the living room to watch a movie before we head home. We try to keep our bed routine with Mason every night. But, sometimes it doesn't plan out like we want it.

During watching the movie, I look over at my beautiful wife and son. They were cuddled up with each other on the couch. His hand was on her belly and his head is in her chest.

"Beautiful, let's get home."

She wakes up and yawns.


My parents walked is out of the house to the car. Mason was soundly asleep in Morgan's' arms.

"There you go, bud."

We said our goodbyes and we headed home.


We arrived home from Zeke's parent's house. I took Mason in, while Zeke was calling his parents to let them know we got home safely as he was walking in behind us.

"Night, little man. Love you."

We kissed his forehead and we head to our room. Both of us were exhausted from working half of the day and going to the doctors, even going to dinner. My parents said they are sensing that we are having a girl and a boy. But, they don't know that we really are. Will just have to see what they think about the truth when we tell them.

Zeke went took a shower. I got into bed and I put my pregnancy pillow between my legs. I love this pillow, it's so comfy.

"How is my gorgeous wife doing?"

"This wife is good, but exhausted at the time."

"Well, now we can sleep."

"I love that idea."

He chuckles and leans down to kiss me.

"You looked beautiful, today."

"Awe, thanks, baby. It's all for you."

"Haha, I can take that."

"I know, you can."

"Night gorgeous. Love you."

He leans down to my belly and kisses them. My fingers go through his hair as he kissed my belly.

"Night baby, love you."


James Powell

Married to Victoria Powell

Job- History teacher

Kids-Zeke, Courtney and Jacob

Grandkids- Abigail(Deceased), Mason and three on their way.

Victoria Powell

Married to James Powell


Kids-Zeke, Courtney and Jacob

Grandkids-Abigail(deceased), Mason and three on their way

Morgan Powell

Married to Zeke Powell

Job-Half time reading teacher

Kids-Abigail(Deceased), Mason 2 1/2 years old and two on their way

Zeke Powell

Married to Morgan Powell

Job- Fire chief

Kids-Abigail(deceased), Mason 2 1/2 years old and two on their way

Mason Sage Powel

Parents-Zeke and Morgan Powell

Siblings-Abigail(Deceased), and two on their way

Marcie Hall



Kids-16-years-old son and 13-years-old son

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