Love’s Gift

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Next morning, Morgan and I are cuddling on the couch. I brought her legs over onto my lap and run my hand over legs, as she is snuggled up on the side of me. I love my wife and I wouldn't have any other girl in my life. As we are sitting there on the couch, we hear little feet coming down the stairs. He walks over to us and snuggles up against us. He had his little stuff dinosaur in his arm, he was yawning and rubbing his eyes.

After our amazing surprise that we are having a girl and a boy. We have been extremely excited to have in our lives soon.

"Hey, little man."

"Hi, mama."

"How did you sleep?"


"I'm glad you slept well. How about you beautiful?"

"Eh, I'm getting uncomfortable sleeping now."

"I'm sorry, beautiful."

"It's ok, though."


We are at the store. Mason is in the basket. He doesn't like sitting in the basket, but here at the store, he likes to grabs things off the shelves when we're not looking. Zeke has to grab the food for me to look at.

"Daddy, I out."

"Haha, sorry buddy. Here at the store, we stay in the basket."

He starts crying and kicking his legs that hitting the basket.

"Mason Sage, stop."

"No, mama."

"Ok, do you want daddy to make you out to the car to sit?"


"Ok then, stop or you'll be in time out when we get home?"

He folds his arms and pouts.

We kept walking through the store to get food for dinners for the next few weeks. As we were walking, I grabbed Zeke's hand to feel our twins kicking.

"That's our twins."

"Yes, our twins."

We kiss and Zeke brought the groceries this time as I was about to give the person my card. He said he wanted to buy it. He is the sweetest guy that I ever have loved.

"I love you, Zeke."

"Love you too, gorgeous."

We head out to the car and put everything in. Zeke opened my door for me to get in and he put the food in the car. Mason was eating his fruit snack, we got out from the box.

"I don't."

"Thanks, bud."

I finished putting the groceries into the car and I got Mason strapped in his car seat. We started to head home.



Mason was having his afternoon nap. Sam and Stephanie were coming into town with the kids. Mason, Lexi and Beckett loves to at with each other.

Before we came home, we stopped at the park for Mason to play for a little. We didn't do to the one, we took Abi. I think that park reminds Morgan of Abi. So we went to a different one that was on the school grounds.

I was fixing the car motor and I haven't heard from Morgan since we got home from the store. I head into the house to look for her. As I was coming up the hallway, I see the blinds open and she was in the office. I leaned against the door frame.

"Hey, gorgeous."

She wipes her tears away when I came into the office.

"Oh, hey."

"Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, just thinking."

"What's wrong?"


"It doesn't look like nothing."

"Zeke, everything is fine."

She continued working on the computer. J came behind her and put my hands on her shoulders to massage them.


"What's up?"

"What happens if one of the babies die like Abi? I can't handle seeking that again."

I turned her while she was in the chair, I crouched down and put my hands on her thighs. She had tears coming down her cheeks.

"Hey, nothing will ever take her and him away from us, ok."

"What happens if it does?"

"Beautiful, I won't let that happen to any of our kids again, ok." I slide my thumb against her cheeks to wipe her tears.

She nods and she has her hand on her belly. I put my hand over her hand as she had it resting on her belly.

"I love you. Mason, you and our twins will be safe always in my control, ok."

I stand up and she stands up too. She comes into my arms and I hold her tight but not too tight.

She looks up with her chin resting on my chest. I leaned down and kissed her nose and scrunches her face up.

"Your amazing, you know that?"

"Hey, I have to be amazing for my wife and our kids."

She blushes and giggles in my arms.

"Come on, I'm gonna start dinner and I want you to relax."

"Can't, I help?"

"No, because I want to cook tonight."

"Haha, ok."

"But, give me one more kiss."

She laughs and kisses me.



After my emotional break down this afternoon, I thought about what Zeke said. I know it won't happen again. But I'm pregnant and I get emotional easily. We are both scared if something happens to Mason or the twins. I don't want to go through that shit again and pushing Zeke away. We're at the table eating.

"Did you get the motor running?"

"No, Sam and I may have to go take it in and work in it at the shop."

"I thought, you had it working."

"Well, it worked for a second then it quit on me."

"Aw, I'm sorry babe."

" It's alright."

"The faster, I get it done for the customer. He will be happy with me again.

"I know, you will get it done."

"Thanks, beautiful."

"You're welcome."


Zeke and I are getting into bed. He has to head into work tomorrow early to do an early morning workout and training with the recruits. I took a couple of days off, while Sam and Stephanie are in town to hang out.

Mason was fast asleep between us. He had a nightmare and came running into our room.


"Ready to lay in bed and sleep."

I look at Zeke and noticed he had bruises on his back as he was sitting on the bed.


"Yeah, beautiful?

"Where did you get those bruises on your back?"

"Oh, they were from running into the bars at work."

"You got to be careful with you back, baby."

"Beautiful, I know. They aren't that bad, as you think they are."

He lays back and kissed my forehead. I frowned at him.

"Beautiful, I'm fine."

"Night beautiful, I love you."

He smiles and I smiled back at him.

"Night, love you."

He falls asleep and I got comfortable with my pregnancy pillow and watched him sleep for a little bit. I stayed up worrying about him.

I kissed Mason and Zeke's head. They looked so cute asleep together. I walked into the office and closed the door a little bit. The twins we're kicking and I know I won't be getting a lot of sleep.

My phone vibrates and I checked it to see who it was. It was my sister.


"Hey sis. How are you doing?"

"Good. Just can't sleep."

"Is everything ok?"


"No, I saw bruises on Zeke's back and got me worried."

"I'm sure, they aren't anything?."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Morgs, you're pregnant with twins and you need your sleep."

"I know. Just worried with Zeke that's all."

"Hey, don't stress. It's not good for you and the twins."

"Thanks, Sierra. Anyway, I'm gonna head to bed."

"Good. I'll see you this weekend, right?"

"Not this weekend. Sam and Stephanie are coming."

"Well, maybe next weekend."


"Night, Morgan. Don't stress."

"Night, Sierra."


I sighed and head back to bed.

Sierra and I have gotten stronger as friends and being sisters. She is 14 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. And, she is engaged to a nice guy she met a year ago. I'm happy that we got to be sisters again. I love the and even though we didn't get along we're always there for each other. After everything that happened between us, we add stronger then we were after Abi died.



Morgan and I are at the airport watching for Stephanie and Sam. I have my hand on her thigh. Mason was with Morgan's parents waiting for us to pick him up with Lexi and Beckett. We only allow Mason to stay up late one night while they are here.

Zeke's bruises got better after he went to the doctors to get them checked. I told him, I was up late that night when I saw them. He was upset that I was up late. We got into a little disagreement the next day. Sam and Stephanie said they wouldn't be able to come to Washington for Easter. They had a family party, they had to be at. Zeke picked up a side job to bring in some extra money because of the twins.

"There, they are."

We pulled up and got out to hug them. We haven't officially met Tinsley. She is so adorable.

" It's so good to see you guys."

"And, who is this little cutie?"

"This is Tinsley Ann."

"Arent you adorable?"

Morgan holds Tinsley before we head off. Sam and I were putting the suitcases in the back of the car. Beckett was asleep in the little carrier that was on Sam's back.

We got back in the car and I head to the house before getting Mason. We wanted to get them settled before, I go get them.

"Aunt Morgan?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Is Mason at home?"

"Actually, he is at his grandparent's house. Zeke is gonna pick him up, while you guys are settling in."

"Oh. Daddy, can I play on the swing ser when we get there?"

"Sure, princess."

"Actually, Lex I want help with clothes."

"Ah, mommy."

"Lex, listen to your mom."


We got home. Zeke and Sam head to pick up Mason from my parent's house for me. I helped Stephanie and Lexi with the clothes in the guest bedroom. Beckett and Tinsley were down for an afternoon nap.

"How are you doing with the twins?"

"It has been great. We felt a kick a few days ago, while we were at the grocery store."

"Oh cool."

"I miss being pregnant. Even though, I didn't like the morning sickness and sore back. But I got through the bad couple of weeks."

"Haha yeah. Same here."

We got done doing the clothes. Lexi went played on the swing set in the backyard. As we were sitting, we heard the door open.


"Hey, little man. Look whose here?"


Mason yelled.

"Hi, Mason."

They went back to play on the swing set, while we are sitting on the porch. Sam and Zeke was out in the front working on the car. They had a couple of guys come over to help them fix it.

"I hope they get that car fixed."

"Right? It's driving me crazy having that car here at the house. Most of the time, Zeke has his shirt off so I kind of get turned on."

"Haha, I would too."

Zeke comes out and putting his shirt back on.

"Hey beautiful, Sam, the guys and I are taking the car to the station to work on it."

"Ok, how long will you be?"

"Just couple of hours."




Sam and are at the station. My buddies came over to help to get this car to work. This car has been on my mind for a couple of months before we found out we were pregnant.

As we were working on the car, I knew Sam had something on his mind.

"I hope we can get this car done."

"We will get it done." Sam replied as he was screwing a screw in the car.

"Hope so."

"How is work?"

"Good, busy as always of course."

"That's good, I think."


We got home from working on the car. But, the car wouldn't turn on. The girls were about to sit down for dinner. Sam and I head into the kitchen and kissed our beautiful wives and see our kids.


"Hey, bud, how was your day with mommy?"

"Good. I troubled."

"Yes, you did huh."

"What did he do?"

"He decided to spit at Beckett in the face."


"I sorry."

"Do you promise not to do it again?"

He nods his head and tears start to come in his eyes.

Stephanie took Tinsley to get changed into a new diaper and in her pajamas. The boys cleaned up dinner for us, as we are getting the kids into bed. Lexi, Mason and Beckett are sharing his room together. We still had Mason's crib, since he was born. They are using it for Tinsley to sleep in.

"Thank you for letting me use the crib."

"No problem. You're always welcome to use the crib."

"Thanks, girl. Anyway, I'm gonna feed this little one and head to bed. I'm beat."

"Alright. Here are some towels for the bathroom. If you need anything help yourself or you can come and ask me."

"Thanks, girl. I will."

Mason was finally asleep. He has been going and going since he woke up this morning. Zeke and I kissed his head and head to our room.

"How are you feeling, gorgeous?"

"Good. Hey... Umm?"

"Look, I'm sorry about a few days ago. I was just worried about your back and I should've not been up."

"I know you were just worried about me. But, I want you to be healthy and want our twins to be healthy. I love you and I wouldn't leave you alone and let you do this by yourself."

I smiled. He masses my feet for a couple of minutes before we head to bed.

"I love my bed."

"I love you."

We kissed and he brings me in close to his chest. I kiss his chest and we both fell asleep.


Sierra Riches- Soon to be Hale

Job- Fourth-grade teacher

Kids- Baby girl on its way


Stephanie Gates- Steph for short

Married to Sam Gates

Job- Half time preschool teacher

Kids- Lexi 4 years old, Beckett 2 1/2 years old and Tinsley Ann one month old

Sam Gates

Married to Stephanie Gates

Job- Dentist

Kids- Lexi 4 years old, Beckett 2 1/2 years old and Tinsley Ann one month old

Lexi Rose Gates

Parents-Sam and Stephanie's Gates

Sibling-Beckett and Tinsley

Beckett Anthony Gates

Parents-Sam and Stephanie's Gates

Siblings-Lexi and Tinsley

Tinsley Ann Gates

Parents - Sam and Stephanie's Gates

Sibling- Lexi and Beckett

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