Whatever He Says

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A fluffy and warm BDSM short. Enjoy the story of Daemon and Gina

Romance / Erotica
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Untitled chapter

The rain was thick and the visibility next to nothing. Gina squinted through the window as the light changed to green. She was so focused on following the luminous lines of the road, she hadn’t seen the truck driver run the red light.

The truck slammed into her passenger side sending her skittering across the asphalt like a matchbox toy. The car rolled a few times and landed in a grassy median. She had a moment of what the fuck, hearing the screeching of tires, crashing of metal, and finally what may have been an explosion before her vision darkened and finally went black.

When she came to, she was in a hospital bed with a vague memory of the accident and being dragged out of the car, too many hands on her. Her head started to throb, and she couldn’t tell if it was from anxiety or if she’d sustained a head injury. Given how much it hurt she was leaning towards both. The rest of her seemed fine, if not a bit tender in places, but she’d had worse.

She stood carefully easing her legs to the side and sitting up. Even with her care her head started to throb with conviction and her vision swam. Placing her palms firmly on the bed she started straight at the floor until her vision cleared. The headache didn’t ease but it was bearable at least.

Glancing down at herself she noticed she was naked save a hospital gown. Glancing around she saw a bag of her belongings and grabbed it sifting through the tatters of her clothes. Her bra and shirt had been but away, but her jacket had remained intact as it had been tied around her waist. Her pants had survived as well though they were torn badly in some places. Great, so she not only had to replace her car, but she would need new work pants as well.

Dressing as best as she could, her mind wandered to the next task. Thoughts raced through her head, her car was totaled, it had to be. How was she going to get to work in the morning? How was she going to get another car? Her meager savings weren’t nearly sufficient for a down payment. Maybe she could afford a scrap car that wouldn’t need too much work but finding one wouldn’t be easy.

And then there was Daemon. He would be furious. What time was it anyway? She was supposed to meet him tonight, was it even still tonight? How long had she been out?

When she didn’t show up on time let alone at all he was going to lose it. He wasn’t just her boyfriend, but her Dom, and she never missed a date night.

As panic started to set in again she paced, cradling her aching skull in her hands. She vaguely registered raised voices outside of her room before it swung open. Instinct had her jumping back causing her head to throbbing from the sudden movement.

“Sir, you can’t be in here!” The nurse started, then screamed when she saw Gina. “What are you doing out of bed!”

Gina ignored her; eyes fixed on Daemon. He always found her no matter what. He opened his arms to her, a small gesture, just a raise of his palms, but she ran into them.

As soon as his arms wrapped around her, a pressure barely here as he tried not to hurt her, she started to cry and apologize as the nurse screeched at them unendingly.

“Gina.” Daemon said, pushing her back lightly and taking her face in his hands, “Stop.”

She calmed at the order, muscles unclenching and the tears subsiding. The cacophony in her head didn’t subside though and neither did the worry. It spilled out of her without her permission.

“Daemon, the car, how am I going to get to work? The accident totaled the car, that’s why I didn’t come to you, I only just woke up or I would have called My phone! My phone was in the car and my wallet! What am I going to do to-”

He silenced her with his lips as his fingers dug into her arm to the point it would probably bruise but not really hurt, just enough to get her attention. “Gina baby, I told you to stop.” She closed her mouth and burrowed into his chest as he held her.

Raising a hand, he silenced the screeching nurse. “Ma’am, I don’t think your yelling is helping her head.” She immediately quieted but didn’t shut up.

“You are not supposed to be back here, and she needs to get back in bed.”

“Well I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed; I’m not leaving unless she asks me to go.”

“No,” Gina mumbled into his chest, clutching tighter at his shirt that was drenched in tears. Daemon ignored her outburst, but placed a gentle hand on her hair, brushing down until he cupped the base of her neck squeezing gently until she relaxed again.

“Now, what is the diagnosis? Nothing seems to be broken, I don’t see any blood.”

“She has a mild concussion and bruising. We are keeping her for evaluation.”

“Do you want to stay?” He asked, pushing her back slightly and taking her face in his hands again. “Have the doctors look after you, make double sure you’re okay?”

Panic flared in her eyes and he regretted asking. “No, no I want to go home, I hate hospitals, you know I do.” Before she could utterly lose it again he pulled her back against his chest and looked back at the nurse.

“Well, you have your answer. Could we get her discharge papers please?”

In short order the doctor returned to give her one more check before presenting the discharge papers and Daemon was guiding her into the car.

As they drove away from the hospital Daemon said, “We will talk when we get to the house, right now I want you to be quiet and relax.”

Gina nodded and took a few deep breaths to calm and steady herself. When Daemon place his hand on her knee she relaxed further and closed her eyes.

He drove to his house instead of his apartment. Once there he ordered her to stay. He got out and went into the house returning a moment later. He opened the door, but she didn’t make a move to get out until he held out a hand to help her. Taking it she was led into the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom.

The house wasn’t huge really, but it definitely said money lived here. There was shiny black and white marble in the kitchen, real wood graced the stairs and the bedroom floors, mahogany banisters flanked the staircase. Oh, and the silk sheets he carelessly pulled back, before stripping her of her tattered clothes.

She felt as she often did in his house like a maid that the boss took a shine to. She knew it was silly, but it had bothered her enough they had had several long talks about it. It still shocked her sometimes that this strong, no bullshit lawyer had walked into the diner and demanded her as his waitress. He had terrified her then, but as he touched her now, carefully examining the bruises and brushing weightless fingers through her hair, she couldn’t say she was afraid.

Putting her in bed, he removed his own shirt, but left his pants and belt, sliding in beside her, pulling her close. His skin was warm and comforting. She sighed as she made herself comfortable on his shoulder. Her lips brushed his neck, trailing up his jaw. Her head didn’t hurt as much. Pain was a distant memory compared to what she felt now. He growled at her, a warning.

She knew he meant for her to stop, probably didn’t want to hurt her. Screw that, she needed him to touch her. To make the fear go away for good.

“Gina,” He warned before she could kiss his lips. Her eyes pleaded with him. If he said no, she would stop, but she wanted him. Ghosting a hand down her side he relented.

He didn’t touch her but gave her free reign to do as she pleased. She kissed him, drowning all her worries in the scent of him and Versace cologne.

After a moment, his hand slid up her thigh to her sex, stroking gently as they kissed. Her own hand moved to the slight bulge in his jeans, rubbing. He hissed, flicking a thumb nail over her clit making her jerk. She slid her hand back up to his belt and pulled

“May I?” She asked, he needed undoing the belt himself and letting her pull the jeans off. She kissed his mouth again and then trailed down his jaw, shoulder, torso, and abdomen before coming to his groin.

She kissed the crown letting her tongue play over it before taking him deep into her throat. She had learned early on that if she kept a tight seal around his shaft he couldn’t get fully erect and she could take him deeper, longer. This little trick of hers drove him crazy, and he loved it.

He gripped her shoulders and kneaded the muscles there and her neck. She moaned, vibrating her throat. The sensation had him gripping her shoulders tighter.

Her jaw started to ache and irritate her rattled brain, so she let him go. He pulled her up his chest and kissed her. A thank you kind of kiss.

She rubbed her body against his, silently asking him to take her, but he shook his head.

“Kneel.” He ordered. She knelt still straddling him. He pulled her down until she was on her hands and knees. “Look at me.”

She did, even as she felt his hand slide up her thigh to her sex again. Using his thumb, he massaged her clit while two fingers slid deep inside her to the spot he knew she loved. He slid put from under her, never letting up on her, and he eyes never left his.

She was getting close and he knew it, once she got right to the edge his hand fell away and she whimpered.

“That is for thinking I would be mad at you for being in an accident.” He whispered in her ear, making her shiver.

His hand came down hard on her ass, three quick strikes that left her skin stinging and red. “And that was for?” He asked.

“Disobeying.” She answered between clenched teeth, that spanking had really hurt, and she had a feeling he wasn’t done.

“Good girl,” He murmured before sinking deep inside of her. She yelped in pain and pleasure as each thrust hit that magical spot inside at the same time irritating the welts on her ass. He rubbed the tender skin gently as he thrust hard into her.

She yelped again as his gentle rubbing became another hard slap. She’d been right, he wasn’t done, she clenched her hands in the sheets to keep from falling.

“Quiet.” He growled through gritted teeth, spanking her again, even harder this time. She bit her cheek to stop another yelp or whimper that threatened behind it. His thrusts got harder as his hands soothed before spanking her again and again.

She felt the orgasm well within her and bit her cheek hard enough to taste blood. She couldn’t cum until he said so. One hand rubbed her ass now as the other went between her legs, massaging her clit. She wanted to scream as every thrust and stroke of her clit sent shocks of electricity through her. She didn’t dare defy him again though.

His thrusts picked up speed and he pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger at the same time he said, “Break!”

The orgasm tore her apart. She spasmed as electric shocks turned to lightening in her veins, singing through every part of her. She wanted to scream, to shut her eyes and revel in this feeling but she couldn’t disobey again, she kept her eyes locked on his and bit her cheek until blood pooled in her mouth.

As the orgasm passed he kissed her softly, releasing her he said, “Relax.” She collapsed onto the bed, completely destroyed. He left and she heard the bath being drawn.

Soon he was back lifting her into his arms and carrying her towards the bathroom. “How’s your head? Does anything hurt?”

Honestly she wasn’t sure, but she wasn’t in pain, so she shook her head and nuzzled into the crook of his neck. He placed her carefully into the jacuzzi style tub, holding her with the jets on low.

He kissed her with love and tenderness now. Sighing she curled into him as he washed her, his attention all on her. Turning her so her back was to him, he washed her legs one at a time, all the while whispering to her how beautiful she was, how smooth her skin was, and how much he loved her.

When she was washed she turned and washed him, trailing kisses as she did. When she was done he pulled her against him, wrapping her legs around him and slowly entering her again.

This time there was tenderness, loving caresses as he kissed her breasts, licking the areola and flicking his tongue over one nipple and then the other. All the while she rocked her hips and rubbed his back in lazy strokes. Lifting his head again he kissed her collarbone, throat, before landing on her lips.

He kissed her deeply, his tongue matching her lazy rhythm she had set with her hips. His thumb brushed her clit in the same unhurried circles of her hips until they both came on a wave of pleasure gasping into each other’s mouths, sharing their pleasure.

They stayed like that, letting the jets sooth them both. Content in each other’s arms.

Lifting her head from his shoulder she said, “I love you.”

He kissed her brow, “I love you too.” Holding her a little tighter he said, “You scared the hell out of me. Please don’t do that again. I was so worried when you didn’t show up, it’s not like you not to call and tell me you’ll be late.” Cupping her face he brushed a thumb over her cheek, her lips, “I know you like your freedom and independence, and I understand, I do. Days like today though, I wish you weren’t. I wish I could just keep you safe, keep the stress out of your eyes.”

She smiled, “You do a fine job of helping me destress. You can’t solve everything Daemon, I have to work.”

“I could do better.” He murmured. She knew that wasn’t true, but she left it alone.

Gina woke to sunlight and panic set in immediately. Sunlight meant after seven and after seven meant she was late for work. She bolted upright before Daemon’s arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her back against him.

“I called your boss, you’re off today. Even they can’t get mad at you for taking a day off after incurring a concussion.” He murmured, sleep obvious in his voice.

She wanted to argue, to ask how she was supposed to pay for her car when she wasn’t working. But he was so warm and safe, she just snuggled back under the covers. She watched him sleep, her strong, sexy Dom that loved her all vulnerable and soft.

She kissed him, just a brush of lips before moving to get up again.

“Gina,” He warned.

“Relax,” She smiled, he hadn’t even opened her eyes to growl at her. “I’m jut going to make breakfast.” Daemon never turned down her cooking.

“Come here,” He said pulling halfheartedly at her arm. She leaned down and let him kiss her, the kiss light and sweet, good morning or I love you. When he broke the kiss, he stared at her and smiled.

“What?” She asked smiling back, she couldn’t help it.

“Nothing,” He said with a shake of his head. “Go make breakfast.” Getting up she did just that.

Gina was finishing up when she felt Daemon wrap his arms around her, kissing her neck and holding her tight. These were the moments she lived for, when all he wanted was to hold her, and he did so often. In the kitchen like now, in the living room watching some TV after a long day, even walking down the street he would hold her close to his side cuddling and tickling her until she laughed out loud.

“I have a present for you,” he whispered in her ear. “You can have it after breakfast.”

“I love presents,” She said leaning back into him as she plated the food. “Come on, let’s eat.” With the deft perfection of the waitress she was, the table was set, and the food served.

They made small talk about the weather, his firm, and aggravating customers. While they talked he rubbed her hand like a worry stone.

Finally, he asked, “Are you done?” She nodded and he all but dragged her out to the garage. Before he opened the door he said, “Cover your eyes.”

She did as she was told and waited anxiously. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, whispering in her ear. “Open.”

Opening her eyes, she saw a brand new Volvo convertible. “Wow, it’s beautiful.” She said not really getting it.

Daemon held up the keys, “It’s yours.” Her eyes widened.

“Daemon, I can’t-.” he cut her off mid-sentence with a raised hand.

“Are you refusing a gift from me?” That was a big no-no, so she shook her head immediately trying to figure out how she was going to pay him back. “Good girl, go check it out.” He said handing her the keys.

She rushed to the car, it may be way inappropriate but hell, it was a convertible. She noticed the necklace right away, draped across the steering wheel.

It was a thin black leather band with a heart in the center, on the back was an engraving: For my heart. Her eyes teared as she turned to thank him.

Daemon knelt on one knee beside her, “Gina,” He asked. “Will you marry me?”

Her heart stopped. This wasn’t just a necklace; it was a collar. She couldn’t speak as her throat closed and tears ran down her face.

“Marry me,” He repeated. “Move in here, be happy, never have to worry about a thing ever again. We’ll find you a job you love, not one you tolerate so you can keep that independent streak I love so much, just please marry me and let me keep you safe.”

She could see the desperation on his face. She couldn’t think of a time he had been more vulnerable, the love and fear of rejection were so plain in his eyes, in the tension of his shoulders. It was all so overwhelming all she could do was nod.

Instantly he was dragging her out of the car and swinging her up into his arms crushing her to him bruises be damned.

“Good, because I may have told your boss you weren’t coming in…ever.” He said with a wicked smile. “Honestly, I couldn’t let you go back there.” She gapped at him for a moment before she smiled back and laughed.

“Whatever you say, Daemon. Whatever you say.


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