Dark Destiny

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Chapter 11: Iron Beast

They were all on a call together. Isaiah was driving through traffic as all of their voices spilled through the Bluetooth piece in his car.

“Should I pick up Ashley?” he asked.

“I’m already on my way there,” answered Zeiden.

Lazarus then spoke up; “Just come home, Isaiah,” he said. “Zeiden can pick up Ashley.

“I got all my stuff packed and a truck will bring it by the house later,” said Ashley who was also on call with them. “I just need to check-out from the hotel.”

“I’ll be at the hotel in fifteen minutes, Ashley,” said Zeiden.

“That’s fine,” she told Zeiden. “I’ll be waiting on the north street because there’s a rush near the hotel gates.”

Isaiah reached their home. He disconnected his phone when he entered the house. Lazarus, Ronin and Adrik were gathered around the living room waiting for the rest of the family members to arrive as well.

“How’d the meeting go with Gabriel?” asked Lazarus.

“You went to go see Gabriel?” asked Ronin and Zeiden- who was still on the phone.

“Who’s Gabriel?” asked Ashley over the phone.

“Gabriel Centauri,” said Ronin.

“The alpha of the Centauri pack?” asked Ashley. “I’m friends with his sister, Viola.”

“Those are the ones,” said Zeiden.

“How’d that go?” Ashley asked Isaiah after.

Isaiah took a seat after pouring himself a light drink. “What everyone says about him falls short compared to what he is in person,” said Isaiah.

“Uh oh,” said Zeiden after everyone had grown quiet. “Isaiah is crushing over Gabriel. Better be careful, Ashley.”

Ashley’s laughter spilled through the speaker. “Boys-” they hushed to listen to what she had to say next. “Why don’t we buy a Christmas tree this year?”

“A tree?” inquired Isaiah.

“I think it’s time to decorate that house of ours,” she said with a smile that they all felt through the phone. “We can decorate the tree while Lazarus cooks a big dinner. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good,” said Ronin. “We can even put lights around the house.”

“There’s a great store. I’m close to it right now,” Ashley began to walk through the streets. “I can get some shopping done with Zeiden before coming home.”

“Zeiden, where are you?” asked Isaiah. He didn’t like Ashley walking through the streets alone without protection.

“I’m just about to-” Zeiden’s voice fell and a dense silence crept through the speaker. “Son of a bitch!”

“Zeiden, what the fuck is going on, where’s Ashley?” snapped Isaiah through the phone.

“Isaiah!” A scream ripped through the speaker and it was Ashley. “No! Let me go!” All the men had silence over the phone when they filled with Ashley’s pleading cries to let her go. The door of a car slammed shut.

Suddenly, Ashley’s phone was lifted off the floor. “You want her back?” asked a man they all recognized, “then get the money that you costed me.”

“Vito,” menaced Isaiah.

“And get that brother of yours off my tail,” said Vito smugly, “or else I put a bullet in the girl, like I did last time.” The phone line was cut curtly.

“I have eyes on the van, Isaiah,” grumbled Zeiden.

“Don’t, he’ll shoot her,” gritted out Isaiah. He slammed his fist on the table. “Fucking shit!”

“Come back, Zeiden,” ordered Lazarus as they cut the phone.

Acid rose in Isaiah’s throat boiling his entire body in flames. Ashley’s cries ripped through his ears and echoed in his head even long after the phone call was cut. “I’m going to kill Vito with my bare hands,” his words with full of bile and hatred. The guys around him all agreed that they’d do that same.

“The nerve of him to kidnap an innocent woman,” snapped Ronin. “Should’ve killed him when we had the chance.”

In the thick silence of the room where all of their wolves were ready to drink the blood of Vito, the phone rang. Lazarus answered but no one spoke to the caller.

“You must be pretty mad by now,” said Vito. “Well, that’s exactly how I felt when you got rid of the Calvary. I’m just getting what you owe me, Isaiah. So, there’s no need to get hostile. As long as you follow my orders, you’ll get your pretty girl back safe and sound. But play any games with that pack of yours against me, then I’ll make sure her face isn’t that pretty anymore.”

Isaiah stared into the dead hearth of their fire place. The same emptiness that this hearth had was inside of him. His whole body had turned bitter-cold to the point his wolf was at the brink of releasing. Isaiah bit the insides of his cheeks, drawing blood around his teeth to control himself down.

“I want fifty million by nightfall,” said Vito. “Call this number when you arrange the money. I’ll give you the next instructions on where to drop it off and pick up your woman. Goodbye for now, Isaiah.” The phone cut once more on them.

“Are we going to arrange the money?” asked Ronin.

“Arrange it,” said Isaiah.

“We’re really going to give that bastard money?” asked Zeiden with rage.

Isaiah shook his head. His iron cold eyes shivered down the spines of his brothers. “Ashley’s my main concern,” he told them. “The moment she’s safe. I’m going to bring hell to that fucker’s doorstep.”

The cloth slipped off from Ashley’s eyes. The blinding light shot a sharp pain through her eyes filling them up with water. Ashley was tied down to wooden chair that felt like it could break any second. She didn’t even try to move because the stabbing pain around her neck and shoulder were excruciatingly painful. Warm liquid dripped down her arm and breast, she knew that her stitches had busted open from the scuffle earlier. Ashley surveyed the dark room she was in. Beams held the concrete ceiling above her and it was desolate apart from some tables, chairs and beer bottles. It was some warehouse that had the horrid smell of oil, more like gas from the trouble she was having just to breathe. In the distance, the sound of a train blared through her ears, small pebbles shook beside her from the vibration of the train. A couple of people sauntered into the warehouse- from their familiar voices and scents, it was her captors.

The lanky man they kept calling Willy stepped in front of Ashley. “You’re some beauty,” he bent down to her level. His deep-set eyes looked around her face and to the curve of her chest.

“This is so annoying,” said a taller guy, Ashley didn’t know the name of yet. “Why do we get stuck babysitting that alpha’s bitch?”

“Didn’t you hear the boss earlier?” asked another man who smelt of cigarettes and beer. “If we protect the girl properly, we get bonus the cash.”

Willy pulled out a cigarette and lit it in front of her. “So, all we have to do is make sure that this girl is safe,” he blew a cloud of smoke in her face. “I guess we should welcome you properly.” Willy ripped off the tape that was stuck on Ashley’s lips. She involuntarily released a groan. “What a beautiful sound,” moaned Willy as he wiped the blood from the corner of her lip. They three men laughed and then started a game of cards on the table.

Ashley’s parched throat tightened. This isn’t good, she thought to herself. “Hey, who’s your boss?” she asked them. Ashley had a little bit of bravery because she knew that they couldn’t hurt her.

The guys looked over to her, but Willy was the only one that answered. “Vito Donovan,” he told her pretty easily. Ashley knew that none of these guys saw her as a threat, which was good way to get what she needed.

“Does this ‘Vito’ person have some problem with me?” she asked, but she knew that it wasn’t her, it was Isaiah this ‘Vito’ was after, she just needed more details.

“It’s not you he’s after,” said Willy as he lost another deal to his cards. “He’s after your man who closed all the deals for our boss.”

“So, I’m just a hostage?” she asked.

“Yeah, now shut up woman!” snapped Willy.

Ashley needed to get Isaiah on the phone. He needed to know that she was alright and that he could do whatever he needed, in order to, keep himself and his brothers safe. “I need to make a phone call,” she demanded.

Willy lost another match. “No,” he told her fleetingly.

“You guys really don’t know how to do this hostage thing,” she said. The three men looked over to her. “How will you convince Isaiah Iron to come get me if he doesn’t know I’m alive?”

“What the hell you getting at?” snapped Willy.

Ashley swallowed the fear that was bubbling inside of her because she needed to hear Isaiah’s voice. “I’m saying that Isaiah Iron won’t give you the ransom money if he thinks I’m dead.” Willy looked to the other guys who had approving looks on their faces when they heard her reasoning. “And then Vito will blame you for not getting that money.”

“Why would he do that?” asked Willy.

“It’s your job to keep me safe, isn’t it?” she asked and they all nodded. “Then it’s your job to let Isaiah Iron know that his mate’s safe.”

“One phone call,” said Willy as he pulled out a cell phone. “And don’t try anything.”

“Why would I try anything with you three around. I’m blonde not stupid,” said Ashley. Willy untied her hands and quickly brought them to the front to tie them with blue fishing rope. Ashley grabbed the cellphone and dialled Isaiah’s number as fast as she could. When the phone connected, her eyes filled with tears. “Isaiah,” she said.

“Ashley,” Isaiah’s voice was hoarse and frantic. Ashley heard all the guys on the other side of the line too. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine,” she told him. But she had to give him every detail without letting her captors catch on. “You’re such an asshole,” she snapped surprising all the guys around her. “This happened because you didn’t let me go shopping for a Christmas tree.”


Willy and the two others rolled their eyes when they heard her overblown tantrum. They mindlessly continued their game. “Because of you, I’m stuck in some rotting building!” she snapped. “It’s smells of gas and it’s ruining my vintage dress. The three guys here are so rude to me, and I hate the stupid train, that keeps scaring me.” Ashley silenced over the phone letting Isaiah hear the moment the train passed by the warehouse. Thankfully, Willy and the two guys didn’t give a care in the world what she was saying to Isaiah, they even looked amused. Ashley prayed that he got her message loud and clear. “Isaiah,” her real voice spilled through the phone this time. Through the phone, she heard Isaiah’s breath, but the phone was suddenly snatched from her hands.

“What are you doing?” asked Willy as he cut the phone. His hand swung back and he slammed it across her face. Her cheek stung terribly as her entire face throbbed.

Ashley didn’t even spare Willy a glance. She could’ve cost herself her own life with this phone call, but after hearing his voice, his breath, she was content with that even if she died now. There was no reason for Isaiah to risk his life. She didn’t want him getting hurt, especially because of her. “Thanks for the call,” she told Willy. “I got all my anger out on him.”

“Crazy woman,” grumbled Willy.

Ashley sat back in the chair patiently waiting for Isaiah to come for her now. She looked over to the group of men that were going to be slaughtered for touching her. Ashley kept her eyes wide open to see every part of them ripped apart. Ashley smiled. This was going to be fun, she thought to herself.

-Isaiah’s POV-

Isaiah cut the phone with a grin on his face.

“That girl,” chuckled Ronin. “Did she just do what I think she did?”

“She had the balls to make a call with her abductors right beside her,” praised Zeiden.

“More importantly, she told us where they were keeping her,” added Lazarus.

“Find her, now,” ordered Isaiah.

“Already did,” said Ronin looking up from his phone. “She’s at the old gas mill warehouse near the seventy-two-street subway station.”

Isaiah’s fisted his hands. “Let’s go get her back,” commanded Isaiah.

This time none of them stayed back or thought to let someone else handle this mission. They all got into their cars and drove down to fight this mission until the end. In matter of minutes, they arrived at the warehouse. Isaiah signalled for all his men to surround the building and ambush after he confronted the abductors.

“Looks like Vito isn’t in the warehouse,” said Zeiden as he kept a bird’s view from the rooftop beside them. That way no surprise attacks could harm them once the four were inside.

Isaiah opened the door and sauntered inside the old run-down gas mill. He surveyed the area finding only three men, like Ashley had warned them. But then, Isaiah spotted Ashley tied down to a chair.

“About time,” said Ashley faintly, but audible enough for Isaiah to pick up on with his keen ears.

Isaiah stepped out from under the shadow. His steps lazy, his movements at ease even though he wanted to torment the hell out of those assholes. Isaiah made his way over to Ashley when the man with sunken eyes spotted him. He alerted his partners and they all lunged back.

“What the fuck!” alarmed a lanky man. “How’d you get here. Does Vito know about this?” he questioned with a shacking gun pointed at Isaiah.

Isaiah’s wolf was on the verge of surfacing. The anger was seething through Isaiah and all he saw was red. Isaiah wanted blood. Blood of the people who took his Ashley from him. From the back, Adrik and Lazarus entered with inaudible steps. When the guy with the gun was trying to call Vito, Lazarus and Adrik killed off his two partners by snapping their necks in half.

The two bodies flopped onto the ground. The lanky man’s phone fell from his hand as he gawked his dead friends. Both of his hands circled the handle of the gun, but it wasn’t going to help him. Not with Isaiah as his opponent.

“Where’s Vito?” It took a lot out of Isaiah to stay composed rather than to kill him.

The man’s eyes told Isaiah he was looking for a way out of this. But there was no way. “Vito just told us that he’d be going to the docks after he got the money from you,” said the man desperately.

“Why the docks?” asked Lazarus from behind. But when the man didn’t answer, Adrik started to prowl close to him.

“He’s going to catch a helicopter from there,” said the man.

Isaiah approached Ashley as Lazarus got more answers out of the man- not that Isaiah was interested anymore. “Ashley,” his voice opened her pale eyes. Crimson red blood dripping down from her lip, a bruise was starting to form right above her cheek bone. But it was when Isaiah noticed the blood trickling on the floor mixing with the dirt on the concrete floor. Isaiah didn’t even need to check to know that her wounds had busted open.

“You came,” she said softly.

Isaiah pushed the strand of her hair behind her ear. She leaned her head in his hand and seeked his comfort, his strength. He used his knife to break all her bindings. “Lazarus, let him go,” menaced Isaiah as he ripped his eyes away from his girl.

Lazarus didn’t question, he let go of the man who made a run for the warehouse door. Isaiah let go of all control. The wolf that murdered an entire pack once, didn’t care about a stranger- plus this stranger hurt his mate. An iron grey wolf leaped through the air with a growl. The wolf’s strong jaw locked around the lanky man’s frail neck. Razor sharp teeth stabbed the man’s jugular. The teeth ripped the entire throat off before the man could let out a scream for help. After the man was long dead, his blood on the deadly wolf’s teeth, who still wasn’t sated to turn back.

“Ashley, don’t,” Lazarus alarmed voice caught the iron wolf’s attention. The wolf slowly turned his head to the others. But his steel grey eyes locked with the only gaze the wolf acknowledged. The wolf didn’t move nor did he make any attempt to attack.

The iron wolf’s eyes met his mate’s blue eyes, that were always full of love when they looked at him. Ashley bent down to the floor, her arms wrapped around the wolf’s neck.

“I want to go back,” she said with her tears soaking the wolf’s thick fur. “Take me home, Isaiah.”

The iron wolf transformed back into his human form revealing Isaiah. “I got you,” he whispered to Ashley as he picked her off the floor.

Isaiah walked out of the warehouse with his mate safely in his arms. He may have killed people today, but he didn’t give a fuck about it. He didn’t care that his wolf went haywire once again, because his mate was with him now. They left the mess at the warehouse as a gift for Vito. Isaiah wanted fear instilled into that fucking man before Isaiah personally went to hunt him down.

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