Dark Destiny

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Chapter 3: Sunny but Cold

Ashley drove down to the Bacardi manor after visiting Isaiah and his family. As drove down the winding road, she still had a smile plastered on her face. The man just wrapped her up in knots that she’s never felt before. He was a bit slow on the uptake, but she knew that he’d figure it out soon. She was sure she wasn’t the only one who felt the connection between their wolves. All through breakfast, she sensed her wolf keeping a close eye on Isaiah.

The breakfast she brought was just a custom to thank them for helping her last night. But the moment, she walked past the door and found Isaiah watching her with those steel grey eyes, she had given up trying to keep it formal. She couldn’t help herself from flirting with him, he was too gullible in her eyes. Although, it was hidden, she definitely saw that streak of danger in those eyes. He didn’t know what magic he played around her in the instant they had met. But Ashley was setting out to figure this out and figure him out. So, she had to go ask the Bacardi family for help on this one.

“Oh, Ashley,” Veronica greeted Ashley after their butler let her into the house. “We weren’t expecting you today.” Ashley adorned Veronica who looked so beautiful with long brunette hair and those silvery blue eyes. Her rosy cheeks and comfortable smile always reassured Ashley whenever she was having a tough time. Secretly, Ashley relished over Czar and Veronica’s lovely mating, that Ashley has never seen quite like before. Lady Veronica Bacardi was the mate of Czar Bacardi who was the alpha of the White Wolf pack. Veronica and Czar were business partners with Ashley’s parents, but through business they became close friends. They didn’t have a child of their own, so they always treated Ashley like she was their own.

“Sorry to just pop in like this,” Ashley said, “but I needed some help.”

Veronica’s charmed smile fell. “Is everything alright?” Her strict voice came out, that showed she was undeniably an alpha-female.

Ashley waved her hand and joined Veronica on the couch. “You have no idea what happened to me yesterday,” she began to tell the story from yesterday of how her car’s tire popped and Isaiah swooping in being her knight in shining armour.

“That’s Isaiah for you,” understood Veronica. “He may look dangerous with those tattoos and eyes, but he’s a complete softie.”

Ashley sighed dreamily. “Don’t talk about those tattoos,” she confessed.

Veronica raised a brow. “Why are you so interested in him anyways?” Ashley blushed terribly. Veronica’s blue eyes popped open. “Is he your mate?” she exclaimed.

Ashley hadn’t considered that option. She just thought it was fleeting attraction between her and him. She had never considered that Isaiah could be her mate. “No-” she shook her head- “that’s can’t be.”

“Why not?” asked Veronica.

“Aren’t wolves supposed to know right away if they’re mates?” Ashley asked in return.

Veronica shook her head. “It took me weeks to realize that Czar was my mate,” she said.

Ashley crossed her legs. “It’s not impossible,” she told her. “I definitely felt a connection between us.”

Veronica laid a firm hand on Ashley’s shoulder. “I’m so happy for you,” she said. “Your parents would be so proud that you found a strong mate, like Isaiah.”

“It’s not confirmed yet, Veronica,” said Ashley.

“Oh, you can’t confirm these things,” Veronica swatted her hand, showing Ashley she enjoyed this way too much. “If you feel attracted to him, then there’s no doubt that he’s your mate.”

“He doesn’t seem interested though,” said Ashley. She knew she sounded cocky while flirting with him earlier, but she was probably more nervous than him.

“Isaiah’s had a tough life,” held Veronica. “He doesn’t know the first thing about mating or finding love.”

“I heard about his story,” said Ashley. “He left his father’s pack, right?”

Veronica shook her head. “He didn’t leave anything,” she alleged grimly. “Czar told me that Isaiah singlehandedly massacred the entire family- his father, uncles and aunts included.”

Ashley grew still. “Why did he do that?” she asked.

“Isaiah’s father, Ivan Petrov was an evil man, Ashley,” said Veronica. “He abused his kids and tortured his mate. What made it worse was that all of Ivan’s brothers and sisters were the same.”

Any humour on Ashley’s face fell. She knew now why they were so guarded during the breakfast she brought them. They were carrying the weight of this traumatic past in their hearts. “He changed his last name,” she pointed out.

Veronica nodded. “They changed their last names right after they all left their old home,” she said.

“This might be harder than I thought,” sighed Ashley. She didn’t want to pester someone who needed time and peace to heal.

“No, it won’t be,” reassured Veronica. “I think it’s due time that those boys got some happiness in their lives. They deserve the world for how loyal they are to each other. And I think that if Isaiah finds you as his mate, then that’ll help the others to find one too.”

“I first have to convince that alpha to go out to dinner with me,” groaned Ashley.

Veronica laughed. “Don’t worry, he’ll agree,” she said. “It may not look it, but Isaiah’s looking for his own happy ending too. You just need to fight for him.”

Ashley’s thoughts started to wire around planning what to do next with this mysteriously, intriguing alpha. “Do you have his cellphone number?” she asked Veronica.

“I can get it from Czar right now,” she grinned artfully before she ambushed her husband in his study to get what she needed. She returned to Ashley with a piece of parchment that had Isaiah’s phone number scratched down in blue ink.

“Thank you,” Ashley hugged Veronica closely.

“Give him a chance,” said Veronica as she patted Ashley’s back, like her mom used to do. “He’ll come around once he realizes his feelings for you too.”

Ashley chuckled. “I’m not going to stop until he does.”

Both the ladies separated at the door after they enjoyed their conversation for another hour. Ashley drove to the hotel with Isaiah’s number in her purse. It was a long shot seeing this through, but Ashley needed to know if her mate truly was, Isaiah Iron. Although, her smug wolf already seemed to know the answer.

-Isaiah’s POV-

Lazarus followed Isaiah attentively as they entered the vacant warehouse. The had gotten intel that the men they were hunting were camping out here. It has been a couple of months now, that Isaiah has been hunting gang leader Vito Donovan. He was a low-time thug that stole from Isaiah’s private arsenal of weapons. Vito had disguised himself as a dealer and ran off with Isaiah’s weapons. Isaiah didn’t really care for the weapons. It was fact that someone dared to steal from him, that irked him to the bone.

Zeiden and Ronin had surrounded the empty warehouse from the opposite side. Adrik and Lazarus secured the other exits, before Isaiah strode into the dingy place the thugs made their home.

“Six men,” Lazarus’s voice spilled through their ear piece.

“Each of you grab one,” instructed Isaiah, “leave one alive.”

Isaiah didn’t waste a second of any of their time. His wolf didn’t need another chance either. They all transformed with proficiency. And like they were trained, once their wolves locked their eyes on their targets, there was no running away or surviving from them. The old warehouse filled with screams of their targets. Glass of their beer bottle shattered and their bones cracked and dismembered. All through this, one was left alive to watch his friends being slaughtered ruthlessly.

Isaiah transformed back into his human form. He grabbed the fallen chair and took a seat in front of the man who had frozen from the scene. Lazarus handed Isaiah a warm cloth, where it allowed him to wipe the blood off his face and hands.

“I’m only going to ask you once,” warned Isaiah. “And if you don’t answer truthfully, I will feed you to that wolf-” Isaiah indicated towards Adrik’s dangerous wolf, that none of them had any control over expect Isaiah.

“I’ll tell you-” the man sobbed- “I’ll tell you anything.”

“Where did Vito send my guns?” asked Isaiah.

The man stuttered over his words. “Vito sold them,” he choked out, “to some dealership, that gave him loads of cash.”

“Where’s Vito right now?” asked Isaiah.

The man shook his head. “I don’t know,” he said. “Vito just told us to take it easy because he’s out of town for another deal.”

“What deal?” asked Isaiah.

The man dug through his head because he was desperate to answer to save his neck. “He’s going to steal more weapons and give it to the same dealership.”

“Who’s the dealer?” questioned Isaiah.

“Some group named, Calvary,” answered the man.

Isaiah looked over to Lazarus because they both knew who this group this man spoke of. Calvary was a secret dealership, many used to exchange cash for weapons or the other way around.

“Adrik,” Isaiah’s angered voice alarmed the man on the floor.

“You said you’d let me go!” shrieked the man.

“I lied,” Isaiah said ruthlessly before Adrik attacked the man and killed him. “I want Calvary taken down. Any place Vito goes to get money, shut it down. I don’t want that asshole getting shit from anywhere.”

“You got it,” said Lazarus as they rest of the guys cleaned up the old warehouse.

Isaiah’s phone rang. “Hello?” he answered.

“Hey, it’s Ashley,” a bright voice streamed through.

Isaiah was befuddled and looked down at the private caller. “How’d you get this number?” he was genuinely surprised when he asked her.

“Don’t worry about that,” she simply shrugged it off. “Your number is safe with me and I just wanted to give you mine. So, make sure to save it.” Isaiah laughed in disbelief. “Well, have a great day.” And like that Ashley cut the phone leaving him bewildered again. But he saved her like she asked under his contacts without thinking too much of it.

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