Dark Destiny

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Chapter 9: Claimed

After they had cleaned the kitchen, they had all moved over to gaming room. Lazarus and Ronin were paired against Zeiden and Adrik with the billiards game. They had played for an hour straight without rest, except the occasional swig of malt whiskey. Isaiah refereed on the side to make sure none of them got physical, which was close to happen when Zeiden cheated and Lazarus got a whiff of it. Ashley would have loved to play with them too, but first, she didn’t know how and her shoulder didn’t even let her attempt at the game. But it was just as entertaining watching the boys compete. They started their third game when Ashley found herself dozing off on the comfortable leather seat. She pulled up her legs to her chest and rested her head on the pillow. In the distance, she heard their comforting bickering. Ashley warmed up on the couch. Her heavy eyes lulled her into a light and cozy slumber.

It was only when she felt very familiar warmth mixed with that dark scent was she drawn out of her sleep. She opened her drowsy eyes to find herself hoisted in Isaiah’s arms. She circled her arm around his neck and snuggled closer. He took her up the stairs into his bedroom.

“What time is it?” she whispered.

“Almost one thirty,” said Isaiah.

They entered the bedroom and Isaiah positioned her on the soft mattress. The room was dark, but the beams of the moon danced on the cold floor and over the bed where her legs rested.

“Will you sleep here with me?” she asked wondering if her sleep was making her so courageous.

“I wasn’t planning on going anywhere else.” he said.

“You need to tell me,” she spoke up. “What am I to you, Isaiah?” she asked hoping for the answer she seeked all morning.

“You already know,” said Isaiah from the foot of the bed.

Ashley let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding so desperately. “I still need you to say it,” she whispered.

Isaiah’s grey eyes turned silver under the heavy moonlight. “I’m your mate, Ashley,” he declared firmly. “And you’re mine.”

“Then come over here and kiss me like I am,” she said brazenly.

Ashley didn’t know how she summoned the bravery to confesses this to him. But she wanted to tie this man to her more than anything else in the world. In two long strides, he came over to her and locked his lips against hers. Ashley couldn’t wrap her arms around him like she wanted to. So, she put her other hand on his nape and wordlessly told him to never stop kissing her. Isaiah’s hands moved up her body. The dress was the only thing preventing him from touching her skin. But the silk didn’t prove to be a sufficient barrier, because the heat of her body seeped through the flimsy fabric.

Isaiah grumbled against her lips, when she daringly slipped her hand under his shirt. The hard contours of his back flexed under her touch. She needed to feel more of his skin, his body and that rapid pulse of his heart under her fingers. Ashley released herself from their kiss when she had to catch her breath. Isaiah moved over her jaw and down the length of her neck. She knew that he could feel her frantic pulse on his lips when he trailed over the thin layer of skin on her neck. Like his lips, his hands didn’t stop from exploring. Isaiah kissed the top of her bandage.

“You’re injured,” he whispered.

Ashley’s mind was too deeply lost in the sensation of Isaiah to think of her injuries. “Doesn’t matter,” she said huskily. “I don’t want you to stop.”

Isaiah’s silvery gaze looked slightly amused. “I promise not to put strain on it,” he said before his lips trailed down her chest. He pulled the straps of her dress below her shoulders revealing her entire chest. Isaiah locked his lips over the hard peak of her breast, that fit right in his hand. Ashley arched her back pushing herself deeper in his hands, but also giving an opportunity to pull her dress lower. Isaiah discarded the ball of silk on the floor.

Ashley writhed under him when all of the sensations of his hands, tongue, lips and teeth become too much. She accidentally lifted her injured arm, releasing a sharp wince, but Isaiah distracted her from the pain with his lips. His hand circled around her arm calming the excruciating pain right away.

“I want to feel your skin,” she said breathlessly.

Isaiah got up from her. He progressed to remove his shirt exposing his muscular chest and abdomen. His body covered in black tattoos; some were coloured like the dragon on his shoulder coming down his strong arm. Ashley could faintly detect the multiple scars through the inked skin. She ran her hand over the long and angry scar running straight down his rib cage to his pelvic bone.

“I got it during training,” he revealed.

She looked up at him. “How were you training to get such a wound?” she astonished.

“It was because I made a mistake,” he told her. “And I had to get punished for it.”

Ashley’s heart crumbled. “I’m sorry that I brought it up.”

“No,” said Isaiah. “I want to tell you everything. The good the bad. All of it.”

Ashley laid her hand on his heart. “Okay,” she said before she simply pulled him down to her. “Whenever you need me, I’m all yours.”

“It might be quite often,” Isaiah smiled against her neck.

Ashley ran the back of her hand along his taut jaw. “I was hoping that it would be, always,” she chuckled, when suddenly, Isaiah ran his teeth along her neck, marking her with his scent and bond.

Ashley brought him to her lips. She kissed Isaiah deeply to let him know that she wanted nothing more than to be claimed by his wolf. Ashley opened her legs wider and presented herself to him. She wanted to be fully bonded by this alpha, even if there was a danger in those iron grey eyes. Ashley didn’t fear the danger, she embraced it and knew that the danger was never for her.

Isaiah stripped off the rest of his clothes, before he returned between her legs. He bent down, his lips hovering over her core and his intense gaze looked hungry for her. Ashley wanted to close her legs when Isaiah started to feast on her core, but his shoulders prevented her from escaping. His fingers spread her apart and his tongue licked up her dripping hot arousal. Ashley’s breath faltered and she felt the rushing need to release the storm building inside her. Isaiah abruptly stopped his lips leaving her yearning and bewildered. But Isaiah had only moved forward positioning himself between her legs to invade her molten core.

Ashley’s core was tight, but she happily took how much Isaiah gave her. Even then, she wasn’t satisfied, she wanted all of him filling her up. Isaiah moved slowly at first, but it was unbearably pleasure that roared through their bodies, that kept them from taking it slow. Ashley brought Isaiah’s neck to her lips, when he thrusted into her core breaking her apart, she bit into his skin marking him as hers. Ashley crumbled from the pleasure of their release that was enough to kill her.

Ashley’s eyes opened when she felt the faint touch of lips against the corner of her mouth. The night had just started for this pair who had completed their mated bond.

Isaiah moved over her body and started to play with her again. Working over her sensitive skin, his hot hands kneaded her breasts then her hips, before he palmed her wet core. His fingers slipped inside her, she winced because her core was still raw from their first time. But Isaiah turned that twinge of pain into immense pleasure for his mate.

“That feels so good, Isaiah,” she moaned when his finger curled inside her hitting that sweet spot inside her.

Isaiah bit her breasts marking them with his teeth, letting her know that he was going to leave his marks all over her body. “Say my name again,” he said with his husky voice.

“Isaiah,” she breathed sensually.

Isaiah eyes darkened with lusting hunger. He thrusted his thick fingers inside her, until her release was too much to handle that she came all over his fingers. Isaiah’s grin made her blush, but he moved to make her feel even more pleasure than this. He positioned his shaft between her legs and pushed himself inside, but his languid moves were driving Ashley insane. She tightened her core around him when she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Doing that will only make me what to play with you more,” growled Isaiah.

Ashley squirmed. “Please…I can’t take it…anymore,” she moaned with her breathless voice.

Isaiah wasn’t one to give in though. He continued his torture her body. He dominated letting her know who possessed her body, who was the only one that could do this to her now. There wasn’t going to be another wolf or man for her, except Isaiah. He spent the next hour making Ashley release from the high and then building her back up to go again. Isaiah entered her core when he craved that his scent should be all over her skin. The rose intertwined with his fiery scent, and when Isaiah smelt himself all over her skin, only then was he satisfied.

Ashley didn’t know how long had passed as Isaiah spent his time worshipping her body, learning where she was sensitive and the contours of her curves. She could only get him to give her what she wanted when she’d mark his skin. It drove him wild like it did for her. Isaiah claimed her over and over again, just like how she needed him to do to her.

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