Love Without Boundaries

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Planning and Plotting

Liam’s POV

I slowly aroused from my sleep and could hear a soft buzzing noise somewhere near the balcony door. The Sky out was slowly getting some colour and my time with my baby was close to getting over. I looked down on my chest to see my mate clinging onto me as a monkey would. She was lightly breathing on my neck and her hands and legs were on both side of me with her laying direct on top. My heart softened more seeing her like this. She is just so cute.

I slowly detangled myself from my monkey and lightly placed her back on the bed. She made a growling noise and started searching for something with her hands. I hurriedly got out and placed the pillow I slept on in my place. She immediately grabbed it, hugged it tight and quietened back to her sleep.

My heart tightened a bit seeing her already getting so attached to me. The bond was working alright but as the bond will grow her need to stay near me will make her more and more agitated till the time we are not touching. I don’t know how hard it will affect her, with her being a human but by the looks of it she is feeling something alright.

“Alpha, where are you? I went looking for you in your room and your office but couldn’t locate you anywhere. Is everything okay?” Michael, my beta suddenly mind linked me. He sounded worried.

I slowly opened the Balcony windows and for the last time turned around to have a look at my mate. Until tonight Mio Amore.

I took off at full speed towards my pack house giving a subtle nod to the warriors surrounding her place “I was sleeping. Just not where you think I may be” I smirked lightly.

“So, are the rumours true? Have we finally found our Luna? Our mother?” asked an over exited Beta of mine.

“Yes. And she is everything I could wish for. Strong, Witty, Quirky, Smart, Kind, Sexy” my eyes glazed over daydreaming more about my mate. She really was a vision.

Suddenly my mind was exploded with an overload of cheering, howls and congratulations.

“What did you do?” I growled at my beta entering the clearing where I could see many of my pack members shifting into their wolves out of excitement and running around making fool of themselves. I shook my head laughing softly.

“I am so sorry. I couldn’t keep it from Mallory seeing I started doing my dance moves after you gave me the news. She gave me that look, and you know how dangerous that look it. I value my life. I told her and she screamed at the top of her voice and started dancing with me. Things just got escalated after that” Michael came into my view smiling guiltily but still jumping a little on his toes.

“That is okay. But I would have liked to inform the pack members at our pack meeting tonight. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we could instead plan on how to get tighten our security around her” I replied laughing softly.

Suddenly I heard a loud squeal coming from the house and a raging bull came full speed and tackled me “Alpha! Alpha! Alphaaa! We found our Luna! Oh My God, I am going to burst with happiness! Tell us something about her. How is she? Does she like Food? Kids? When is her birthday? Does she like shopping?” Mallory my Beta Female and Michael’s Mate shouted in my ears.

“Mallory, Leave Alpha alone right now. We will get to know our Mother soon. All in due time pumpkin” said my beta pulling her mate away from me. Now they both were standing in front of me jumping on their toes in sync. They are so made for each other.

Shaking my head softly I moved towards the stairs. I asked them to accompany me to my office. They both followed after me and took their seats opposite me.

“Giving you a short rundown about her and just to let you know, you would get to meet your Luna this Friday at our Company’s Annual Party. I just got to know yesterday that she has been working at my company for more than a year and a half and she will be attending as our employee. She has a boyfriend with whom she stays with but I can assure you she is not with him out of her own will and even after knowing him for more than a decade, she is still pure. Not that it matters. We have to come up with a plan to separate them during the party and for us to get to know each other better” I informed them. They listened with rapt attention. I could literally see cogs working in their minds.

“Don’t worry Alpha. Leave everything to me. I am the head of planning for the entire event and let’s just say there may be a few instances of glitch ups in the event now. All unintentional” replied a mischievous looking Mallory with a smirking Michael looking at her. I can always count on them for creating havoc for sure.

“Perfect. Give me a rundown on the plans by Thursday night. I am going for a run now. See you guys” I went out feeling content for once.

Watch out, Mio Amore. No one can stop me now to get what is Mine!

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