Love Without Boundaries

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He's What?

I turned around immediately to lock my eyes with those haunting black eyes I had been dreaming of since the last few weeks. What was he doing here? Did he work for the company too?

“Liam! What are you doing here? I thought it was strictly for Anderson and Co employees and their spouses. You work for them too or are you here with a date?” I asked rather bitterly.

“Oh, I am definitely not here as a date. Well, you could say I work for the company” he replied smirking. What’s with the vague answer?

Before I could reply I felt hands going around my waist “Oh Baby. Where did you run off to? Oh hello, Mr Anderson. I see you met my date for the night” said a seething James. His voice was polite, but you could detect a warning in his tone. He tightened his arms around my waist to the point it started hurting.

I pulled myself out of his arms, well I tried to before asking “You both know each other?”. When I looked at Liam’s face, I was taken aback. Gone was the warm look he was giving me before. This was the face of a predator preparing himself to lunge at something.

“Liam? Are you okay?” I asked him softly. My voice seemed to jerk him out of the trance he was in and when he looked at me, he softened a bit.

“You don’t know him, baby? He is Liam Anderson, the CEO of our company. Well, how would you know him anyway, he is mostly absent from the scene letting his employees do all his work” James said back tauntingly. What is with him and always interfering with how people should and shouldn’t work.

“What! Really? So, you are my Boss? Well Boss’s Boss’ Boss, I think” I replied shocked. All this while I had been flirting with my company’s owner. Wow, Amara. You never do things half-assed, do you?

“Hey, James. How are you doing darling” A voice cut Liam with whatever he was about to say. What is with people cutting each other’s lines today?

I turned around to see a petite blonde stroking James' arms. She was into a black dress which did no work in hiding anything. James looked uncomfortable with her around and started fidgeting and eventually letting me go. Oh wow. I finally found someone who made James let me go so easily. Maybe I should take some pointers from her, I mused.

“Hey, Amanda. How are you doing? Meet my Girlfriend Amara and you already know Mr Anderson. Amara, this is my boss Amanda. I work under her” James replied nervously. Why was he sweating?

“Hey, Nice meeting you” She replied with a wave not even sparing me a glance and suddenly pushed me aside to take James hands in his.

“Come with me, I want to introduce you to some very prestigious clients of ours” she purred. Then she finally dragged James away to wherever she wanted him to be.

Wow. This was something new.

When I turned around to look at Liam, he was smirking and looked somewhat proud. What for?

“Aren’t you going to go and claim your boyfriend back?” he asked still smirking.

“Why should I? I do not own him. He is free to do whatever he likes” I replied slowly. Was I missing something?

This put a smile on his face. Wow, his smile was so cute and softened his face so much.

“No. You don’t have to do anything of that sort. Come with me. The Dinner and event will be starting soon. We should be in the main area now” said Liam. When I started moving, he put his hand in the small of my back and led the way. Even such a small gesture like this was enough to fill my stomach with butterflies.

Stop overthinking everything Amara. He is just being a gentleman. A man of his stature will never like a woman like me. This again made me sad.

The moment we entered the main area, I could feel my jaw-dropping. The event was beautifully decorated, and everything just looked so posh. I felt out of place.

“Are you okay Mio Amore?” asked Liam softly behind me

“Um Yes. It's just everything is so beautiful and posh. Looking at everyone dressed to their best, I was just feeling a bit out of place” I replied meekly.

Why did I say that to him? What will he think of me now? Amara, you are such a blabbermouth.

Liam turned me around and looked into my eyes intensely.

“You look like an angel who walked on earth just for tonight Mio Amore. No one here can even hold a candle to how utterly beautiful you are looking tonight. No one can their eyes off you. Even the women are looking at you with so much envy, I just want to hide you from all these stares.”

My heart stopped beating for a second and then took off like a wild horse.

Before I could speak another word, a lady walked up to us to help us with our table numbers. Everyone had their tables assigned to them as per position or department. That very moment James walked up to me with Amanda still clinging to his arms. He looked nervous and seemed to be looking at my face for any sudden attacks.

Well, to tell you the truth I was more concerned about what Liam just said to be rather than a desperate woman clinging to my boyfriend. Well, this gave me a good perspective of what I really wanted, didn't it?

“Hey, Sweetie. Sorry, it took some time to meet everyone. I hope you didn’t mind” James said to me softly. He was scared that was for sure. Liam had moved away somewhere, and I didn’t have the guts to seek him out again. What will I say to him now after his declaration?

“That’s okay. Let us look for our table now. The event is going to start soon” I replied and turned around to the lady who was still standing with us.

“Hello Mam, can you please help us with the table numbers for Mr James Collins and Ms Amara Xaviers. They are supposed to be on the same table” I said to her.

She started looking at the sheets but suddenly squeaked out loud. “Mam, I think there has been a mix-up. Mr Collins has been assigned the table where his department is at including Miss Amanda Meyers. You have been assigned a different table.” She said worriedly.

Amanda perked up and started pushing James to their table ignoring me.

“Wait up. How is this possible? I had specifically asked the Events Coordinator to place both of us together. She is my date for the night. She can’t sit alone on a different table” James argued, returning with a pouting Amanda.

“We are sorry sir but there must have been an issue. We cannot change the seating now because everything is planned as per the seating arrangement. From Food to Awards to speech everything” she replied apologetically while looking at me.

“That’s okay. Can you please just guide me to my table then?” I smiled at her trying to ease her worries.

Suddenly Liam came up to us and asked the lady angrily “And what seems to be the problem here? What is the holdup!”.

“Sir, there had been some mix up in the seating arrangement and now Ms Xaviers has to take a different table” she replied scared.

“Which table is she assigned to?” Liam asks blankly. What happened to him suddenly?

The lady whose name I still do not know checked the sheets and raise her scared eyes to Liam.

“Um. I do not know how Sir. But she is assigned to your Head Table. I mean your Table”. She replied almost on the verge of crying.

Say what?

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