Love Without Boundaries

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Events and Awards

Everyone was shocked was an understatement. James seems to have lost all colour on his face. We except for Amanda who was still trying to pull James wherever she wanted him to be. What is wrong with this woman. Has she lost a few marbles or what?

“No. Amara is not going anywhere. She will sit with me at my table next to me where she belongs” recovered James and started moving towards me in hopes of taking me by his side.

His path was suddenly blocked by none other than Liam.

“I suggest you move to your assigned seat, Mr Collins. The event is just about to start, and we do not have time to sort out your childish tantrums anymore. Come on Amara, lets move to our table” said a smug Liam. It was as if he was taunting James for something. What for, I have no idea.

Liam came up behind me and guided me to his table which was front and centre of the hall. Right below the stage. I was still speechless with the turn of events and just let him lead me to our place.

There was another couple seated at our table as well. A tall and bulky guy with curly brown hair was already smiling mischievously at me with a petite blond right next to him. She seemed to be bouncing a bit on her table with a Cheshire cat grin on her face. Did she have a sugar rush or what?

“Amara, this is Michael, the Vice President of our company. And Mallory, his wife. Guys, this is Amara Xaviers. She works under Max and is working with the Media Department at our company” introduced Liam smoothly avoiding why was I placed at the table altogether.

“Hello, Amara. So nice to finally meet you. Max had been raving about your work and ideas like a proud Papa whenever I meet him” replied Michael with a smile. Oh Max, why are you so humble. It has always been him you give those awesome ideas always. I just tend to give my bits and pieces to improve them. But Max being Max credits me with everything.

“Hello, Michael. Nice to meet you personally. Max has also praised so much about you that it practically feels I know you for years. Hello Mallory, Nice to meet you as well! You look so beautiful tonight” I replied smoothly tried to avoid Liam who had once again placed his hand on the small of my back.

“Hi, Luna! It is an honour to meet you. You are so much more beautiful than I imagined you to be. I love that dress on you! Men must be fighting left right and Centre all night to gain your attention has it not? And your hair. It looks so smooth. What products do you apply to get such shiny hair?” Luna? I think she got my name wrong. But I was not going to correct her, that would embarrass her, and I already liked her bubbly personality.

Liam pulled out a chair for me and took my seat right away. He then took a seat next to me which was so close that our legs seemed to be touching. This was such a huge table. Why did he have to seat so close to me rendering me speechless.

I smiled at Mallory and as I was about to reply, loud music started playing on stage and the event started.

It started with some dance performances and some business presentations. Even Liam went up to the stage to share a few words of wisdom but for the life of me, I cannot recall anything he said. I was just too mesmerized with the way he took command and spoke with such authority.

When he came back to our table, he called a waiter forward and spoke something softly in his ear. The waiter nodded and came back a minute later with two drinks. One for Liam and other was the Malibu drink I had ordered at the bar. I had forgotten all about it until now.

I smiled softly at Liam who just smirked back at me and I turned my face once again to the stage blushing softly.

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