Love Without Boundaries

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Betrayal Hurts

Awards were being given out now and at one-point Max was called on stage for the best Media Idea for the year. I cheered and clapped at the top of my voice when that happened which was all worth it when I had a look at the blushing Max. During his speech, he credited all his success to Julia and Me. See, what did I tell you? He is too humble. I peeked at Liam at that point and saw him already looking at me with pride in his face. I blushed hard and turned back towards the stage totally avoiding his soft laugh at my expense.

When all the events were over, it was time for dinner. Separate set of waiters were assigned to each table to avoid any delay in services. A waiter came to our table and served me my Veg Entrée and another similar looking dish but with some meat on it to others. We had been asked last week our preference in food, hence my veg dish.

“Oh. I think there has been some mistake. They served you something different. Wait I will call up the waiter” exclaimed Mallory seeing my dish.

“No Mallory. This is the correct one. I am a vegetarian and had filled the form for the same.” I blushed again.

“Wow really? How do you get your energy from?” asked a shocked Mallory. Liam was also looking at me shocked by the revelation. Well, this is usual for me.

“I have never had any sort of meat in my entire life Mallory. I just do not like the idea of hurting a living being to fill my stomach. They have feelings too. I know this seems illogical to you, but it is the same I feel when I see people killing something for their hunger. They are harmless beings and they are slaughtered and don’t even have any right to say anything” I replied softly. “Also, as you can see, even without meat I am perfectly healthy without any issues to my health” I continued.

It was quite for a while and when I looked up, they all have stunned look on their faces.

Michael was the first one to break the silence and spoke softly “I never looked at it that way”

This seemed to break their trance and suddenly gave me beaming smiles. As if they were now looking at me in a new light.

We talked with each other here and there and most of the questions were directed at me. Asking about my point of view in some places, my likes, dislikes etc. I gave them short answers most of the times. What, I do not know them that well to tattle my entire life story in the first night.

Just when the deserts started arriving, I could feel my phone vibrating in my purse. When I took it out, it was an unknown number calling. I excused myself and went out of the room from the gate on my right.

When I answered the call, it was a wrong number call. Frustrated that I left the table for this I turned around to go back to the room when I heard faint moaning sound of a female. Was someone ill? Is she okay?

“Who is it? Are you okay Ma'am? Do you need some help?” I asked with a raised voice. No one replied but I again heard the same moaning noise again. What if she is dying, Amara! Go check on her!

I followed the noise to the end of the hallway where there seemed to be many rooms on both sides. A few doors down, a gate was opened to a bit and the noise seemed to be coming from the same room.

I went ahead and pushed the door open with a bang.

“Ma'am, are you okay? Do you need some…..” my voice seemed to trail off.

There on the bed was none other than a very naked Amanda being pounded by an equally naked James. Hearing my question, they both turned my way and stopped whatever the hell they were doing.

Amanda was smirking at me and had a smug look on her face. James looked shocked to the core. He had a horrified expression on his face like he could not believe I saw them.

“Wow James. I can totally feel the love right now. So this is how you show how much you love someone? I must say, it is not the best way” I said with tears in my eyes.

“Amara no. I can explain it. This is not what it looks like!” replied a desperate James.

“Oh, so your thing inside her thing is totally not what it looks like? What do you think I am? A fool!” I shouted at him.

“You know what? Fuck off. This is over. I am moving out and don’t you dare show your face to me ever again or I swear to god I will claw your face off!” I shouted and turned around without listening to his reply.

I ran in the opposite direction I came from and just kept running until I could not breathe. How big was this place?

I was sobbing continuously and saw a room open. I ran inside the room and directly to the washroom.

You may think I was crying because I was heartbroken but that was not the case.

First and foremost, James was my friend than a boyfriend. I may not have loved him romantically, but I did love him as a friend. How could he betray me that way? I hated cheaters. James knew this as well and still, he did what he did. If was seeing Amanda behind my back, he should have broken up with me first. I would have happily let him go where he could have been happy. Wasn’t it what I had planned to do this evening? I did not want to lie to him further and wanted to free him from this relationship so that he could find someone who would have loved him truly.

After crying my eyes out, I washed my face in the sink and observed my surroundings. Woah, this washroom itself was two times the size of my bedroom.

I wiped my face with a towel went out to the room. It was dark in the room now and I slowly made my way to where the door has been.

Suddenly the lights came on and when I turned around to look, Liam was standing in the corner with his hands folded on his chest.

“Now where do you think you are going Mio Amore” asked Liam in a low voice.

I was speechless on what to say. And just started crying once again. Now Liam looked speechless. Hah! Take that.

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