Love Without Boundaries

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I Repeat, He is what?

After coming out of his shocked induced phase, Liam hurriedly came to me and took me in his arms.

I hugged him back and could immediately feel myself calming down. He spoke calming words to softly and gradually I calmed down to sniffles. After he was sure I will not break down again, he pulled back and wiped the rest of the tears from my face. Why is he always so caring towards me? If it had been someone else, seeing a girl crying would have made him run off to the hills.

“Whom do I have to kill?” He asked me so seriously that I started laughing. Hard.

Seeing me laughing like a hyena after crying my eyes out would have made him sure that I have lost my marbles.

“I am serious Mio Amore. Who made my baby cry? I will rip his throat out!” He growled. I looked into his eyes to see if he was serious and I swear I saw his eyes flash gold. But when I blinked back it was again back to his warm black hue. Maybe I have lost my marbles?

“Baby?” that was my reply. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I have officially lost it.

“Yes. My baby. My Mio Amore. No one makes my mate cry. Mine!” he growled loudly and this time his eyes did turn golden and stayed that way.

I jerked back shocked. His eyes! What the hell is happening? And why is he shaking so much? Is he cold? And did he just call me his mate? He would not know the meaning of Mate as I did from those books. He must mean Mate as in friend.

“Liam? What are you saying? And are you okay? You are shaking so bad. And your eyes! It... it is golden” I whispered a little scared.

He suddenly pulled me back in his arms and pressed his nose in my neck. Was he sniffing me? But whatever he was doing his shaking has reduced a bit.

A few minutes passed and Liam gradually calmed down. I did not want to pull back myself as I was secretly loving the feel of his arms around me. It made me feel calm and safe. And that tightness I had all this week was not there at all. I felt so protected.

Liam finally pulled back and took my hands in his.

“Amara, I want to tell you something. I know it is too soon for you to know but I cannot stay away from you anymore. It is killing me inside and I just want you to know the truth about us” Liam said looking deep into my eyes. He looked nervous and scared. But also determined.

“What is it, Liam. You can share with me anything. I promise I won’t tell it to anyone” I replied softly. He could trust me. I do not like to take promises lightly.

“I am not scared of you telling this to anyone. I am more scared of losing you” Liam said quietly. His hand tightened around me as if he were scared, I would run away screaming.

Losing me? How can he lose me? I do not want him to lose me. But was I even his to lose in the first place?

“Amara, whatever I am about to tell you is truth, nothing but the truth. I know you will have loads of questions after this, but I am willing to answer all your doubts as honestly as possible. But please, whatever you do, let me explain everything first and then make any decisions. I promise I won't harm you or let anything harm you” He begged quietly.

“What is it, Liam. You are scaring me now. Just say It already” I urged him. Why does he look so scared? He is scaring me now. Is he dying?

He took a deep breath and it seemed he was framing the sentence in his mind. Finally, after a minute his face had that determined look and he looked deep into my eyes to show the honesty in them

“Amara, I am not a human like you. I am a werewolf and a Vampire. In fact, I am the only Hybrid walking on this earth right now. And you Mio Amore, are my Mate. My Beloved. My everything” he said finally letting his eyes turn golden and his fangs to come out to confirm his identity.

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