Love Without Boundaries

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My mind began to race. I glanced over to see him watching me intently, gauging my reaction. He had that look of anxiety accessing if I was okay or not and as if waiting for me to run screaming to the hills.

I looked down tugging my dress subconsciously deep in thought. I wasn’t even freaking out or was scared. It was as if I knew deep inside me that he would never hurt me. Ever. But I must think of things logically before taking any hasty decisions.

Things did make a little sense now like how even a small touch of his can create this warm, fuzzy feeling all over me. How just a look at his warm black eyes can make me feel the safest and most protected. Like he could see into my soul. How I always felt warm to the core whenever I smell his delicious scent.

I had no doubt in my mind that he was neither faking nor lying to me about it. I can clearly see the truth and honesty his body language. Also, his coloured eyes and fangs are more than proof enough along with the strong aura of leadership emitting from him in waves.

“How did you change into one?” I asked him softly looking into his golden eyes once again.

“I was born into it. My father was a werewolf alpha and my mother a vampire and the leader of her coven. They met each other during a war and realized they were mates. They spent time with each other and fell in love. After many years of trying they had me. Generally, when a Werewolf and Vampire are mates, the one with more dominant genes passed his type to their offspring. But in their case, I had both. They were shocked was an understatement and tried finding the reason behind it for years but couldn’t find anything on it” he replied blankly, still apprehensive about my reaction.

“So, are you the Alpha of your pack? But what about your coven? How do you manage both? Also what about Mates? You told me I am yours. So, does that mean I am mate to both your werewolf and vampire? Or just one?” I shot him questions after questions still curious about everything

After listening to my series of questions Liam’s eyes widened a bit.

“Okay. How are you not freaking out? How are you taking things so easily and not running to the hills?” He asked perplexed.

“Should I?” I asked tilting my head to the right. Is he trying to imply I am not normal? Well, I am not, but still.

“You promised me you are not going to harm me and will tell me everything I know. And deep down I always knew something was different about you. I don’t know how to explain this but something in me is screaming to get closer to you. Every fibre of my body trusts you completely already. And I generally trust my gut feeling” I smiled back at him.

“That is our mate bond. Your soul knows what it is to me and what I am to you. It is physically impossible for me to hurt you. You mean too much to me. My everything.” he replied painfully as if even the thought of hurting me was killing him.

“So, there it is. I don’t care if you are a werewolf or a vampire or even a freaking fairy. You are what you are, and I am what I am. We can’t change that fact so why dwell on it” I replied back smiling fully now. I want to assure him that I am not running away.

“Really?” He asked me with so much hope in his eyes that he reminded me of a small kid asking for a candy he shouldn’t have.

“Yes, Liam. I am not going anywhere. I want to know you better. But you must be honest with me about everything. Nothing to be hidden away from me. I want full details.” I stated in my business tone.

“Of Course. Anything you want Mio Amore. But before deciding on anything just yet first please hear me out as to what you are getting yourself into” He replied and pulled me towards the bed. We were sitting Indian style facing each other and Liam still had my hands in his in a tight hold.

“As I told you already. Yes, you are my mate and my beloved. Mate to my werewolf and Beloved to my Vampire. My wolf’s name is Leo and Vampires name is Vladimir” he replied slowly waiting for me to grasp everything before continuing.

“Mates/Beloved are the most precious thing to a supernatural. They are our soul mate. Someone who belongs to us and are destined to be together forever. Our everything. One cannot survive without the other. And once we find them, we claim them. Everything about them, their looks, their voice, their scent, even the way they move is captivating to us. They have the supreme power over us. Everything they want, they get. Their life, safety and happiness are above us. We can lay down our lives just to make them smile” he replied scared of my reaction.

My heart melted and turned into a puddle after hearing his declaration. This is how he saw me as? I could feel tears coming to my eyes and I lunged on him wrapping my hands and legs around him, sitting on his lap.

Shocked by my reaction, he stiffened at first but finally relaxed and wrapped his hands around me as well.

“What else do you want to know baby,” asked a now very happy Liam.

“Can you read minds?” I asked needing to calm down and soothe my nerves.

He shook his head “We can read each other’s mind except our mates that too after completing the mating process. But we can speak to each other telepathically.

I nodded “And those myths about super sight, smell, hearing, heightened senses and all true?” I asked.

“Yeah. All of it is true. But again, in my case, everything is almost double. I am better at everything. And as for speed. No one has ever beaten me yet” He replied cheekily.

I chuckled “You just wait. One day I am going to beat you in everything”

Changing the topic “So, you are the Alpha of your pack then? Do you also have a hierarchy like Beta? Omega? Gamma?” I asked.

He chuckled pulling me more into him “Thank God you are a book nerd. This is going to be ten times easier for me to explain” Then he continued “Yes. I am the Alpha. You met Michael today at the party, he is my Beta and his mate Mallory is the Beta Female. My Gamma is Rory, but he is in another pack right now for training. And you are going to be the Luna of our Pack and Coven”

I ignored his Luna comment for now and asked another question which has been bugging me since long “So your pack has wolves and vampires both? How does this work? Don’t they fight each other? How many are there anyway?”

“There are around 3000 plus werewolves in our pack and almost around 2500 plus vampires. No, they don’t fight each other because they follow me and my rules. They live harmoniously. It also may be the fact that I am their king, so they have to follow everything I say” he said simply

“Wait. King?” I asked shocked

“Yes, King. I am the King of Werewolves and Vampires and you, my Love are going to be their Luna and Queen” he replied proudly.

I am going to faint.

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