Love Without Boundaries

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My mind started racing and I started panicking. How can I be a queen?

“Liam. I can’t be a queen. I wouldn’t know what to do! Hell, I can’t even be a normal human at times!” I replied anxiously. I don’t want to the cause of his downfall, I thought.

“Shh baby. Everything will be all right. You don’t have to worry about it right now. Everything will come to you like instincts. You were born to be a Luna and a queen. Fate always works in favour for them” he replied soothingly running his hands up and down on my back.

“Are you sure? What if I ruin things for you and the packs hates me for something” I replied almost on the verge of crying.

“Amara, I will be there for you every step of the way. You are not in this alone. And you don’t even have to worry about the pack. A Luna is like a mother to her pack. Their wolves and vampires will always protect you and love you over their Alpha and equal to their mate. Luna means everything for a pack. You will be the mother to them and them your children. Their instincts will never let any harm befall you, and their wolf/vampire will literally worship the ground you walk in. You will see what I am trying to explain after you meet the pack” Liam replied kissing my forehead to calm me down.

“Promise?” I asked softly.

“With everything in me Mio Amore” he replied equally softly.

“Amara, there is another thing I want to explain before I ask you the main question I have been dying to ask,” he said after some time of us sitting quietly.

“What is it?” I raised my head to look into his eyes. He seemed nervous now.

“Umm. About the mating process.” He said avoiding eye contact now. Oh my, is Liam blushing?

“Tell me,” I asked now intrigued.

“Well you see, to complete the mating process there are some steps both the mates need to complete. Since I am both a Werewolf and a Vampire there are more steps for completing the whole process.

Werewolf rules include, first looking into the eyes. Then staying as close to each other to strengthen the bond. Then accepting each other as Mates. Then Marking and Finally completing the bond via Physical Bonding.

Vampire rules for mating starts from taking in the first scent of our Beloved and recognizing them as ours. Then touching each other to start the bond process. Staying in Physical Contact as much as possible. Then accepting the Bond. Declaration of Love. Then Marking and Finally completing the bond via Physical Bonding.

Most of the rules for both are almost similar or overlapping each other. And well I already started the first step for both the bonds by ensuing physical contact with you and staying with you as close as possible. Next step would be to verbally accept each other as well” He said all in a go, then added after a while.

“Also, another thing, to ensure that both the mates can stay with each other till eternity, In case of the soul mate being a Human, once the verbal acceptance is done, Human starts its change to become what his/her mate is. But in my case, we don’t know if you will turn into a werewolf or a vampire. It can only be known after the completion of the mating process post which you change on your own” He completed.

So, I would change into a werewolf or a vampire? Am I ready for this huge change in my life? Will my personality and outlook towards life change as well? What about when things don’t work out between us?

But when I looked into Liam’s eyes, I know the answer to the question. Yes. I would do anything to be with him forever. I would move mountains just to be with him. Even if it has been such a short time since I have known him, he is already everything to me and beyond. This bond was scary.

“How do you accept the bond?” I asked him, looking deep into his eyes.

His eyes light up and looked so surprised. He just couldn’t believe I was ready to accept him as he is.

“Are you sure baby. I don’t want to pressure you into anything. You can take your take and think things through. This is a huge change and I understand it” He replied sincerely.

Well, this seals the deal.

“I am ready to accept you, Liam. I have always been alone in my life. My parents were never to attentive towards me and I took care of myself on my own. I learned things on my own and have always been self-dependent. I tend to overthink things a lot, but this is something I am a hundred per cent sure about” I conveyed him with as much conviction as possible.

“Okay, just repeat after me. I, Liam Anderson accept you, Amara Xaviers as my mate and beloved, for eternity and beyond” he said looking into my eyes with so much love it made tears well up.

“I, Amara Xaviers accept you, Liam Anderson, as my mate and beloved, for eternity and beyond” I replied softly and with tears now falling like a rainfall.

As soon as I completed the sentence, I could feel our bond strengthening and could feel his emotions as clear as my own. Tides of Love, Acceptance, Adoration, Pride and Disbelief was rolling in waves from him along with many other emotions. I could already feel more connected to him physically and emotionally. Like invisible strings connecting us at every place.

I looked up into Liam’s eyes and could already see him looking down at me with so much adoration and love. His eyes flicked to my lips once and he was back looking into my eyes again. I could feel him leaning down towards me. I couldn’t take much of this and finally removed the gap between us and connected our lips to give him my first ever kiss.

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