Love Without Boundaries

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Getting to Know Each Other

Goosebumps. All over me. I was feeling drunk just by the first touch of his lips on mine. Jolts of electricity shot through me. His warmth, power and scent envelop me. I feel weak and strong at the same time. This is where I want to be, in his arms.

“You are mine, Amara. There’s no turning back now. I don’t share and I won’t let go of what is mine and only mine. I won’t give you up.” He said after pulling back a little. His lips brushing against my temples.

He kisses me again. This time it feels like he is trying to suck out my soul. I let him. Kissing him back with the same fever. I can do this all day! Well, all night now.

The atmosphere between us changes after that. I think Liam is trying to make me feel more at ease and relaxed around him. We play stupid games like 20 questions as we lay side by side on the bed. It’s surprising how I can talk so freely with him. Well, most of the times he is laughing at me for my ability to say stupid things without a filter. Every now and then our eyes connect with him, and my breath hitches at how perfect he looks. However, I don’t feel like his dominant power is intimidating anymore. In fact, it strangely feels as if she is sharing it with me. It makes me feel powerful and protected.

“Okay, Honestly. How old are you?” I ask him

“Older than you” is his answer.

“Oh, come on! I will tell you my age if you tell you yours” I try and tempt him. He looks not a day old than 21, I think. Am I older than him? Is it why he is not answering my question?

He chuckles “I already know how old you are Mio Amore. Tempt me with something else Love” He answered with a husky voice in the end.

“Down Boy” I pat his head like I would a puppy and the look on his face after that is worth it.

We went back and forth like that till the time I was yawning more than speaking.

“Come on now Baby. Time to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow” he smiled at me

“Okay. Where do I sleep? I can take the couch. I don’t mind” I replied half sleepily

“And where do you think you are going? You are sleeping right next to me on this bed. We have been sleeping like this together since a week now already” He said with a mischievously

“What do you mean sleeping together,” I asked with my eyes wide.

“Don’t overthink it, baby. I just used to sneak into your room at night to sleep with you. How would have I been with you and strengthen our bond otherwise? And don’t you worry you’re pretty little head. Nothing else happened. I wouldn’t try anything when you were sleeping. But you, my god. You just wouldn’t let me go every time! My Monkey” He said laughing and kissing me on my nose

“Ha Ha. So funny. Oh please. Why should I believe you, since you know, I was sleeping” I replied huffing.

“As you say my dear” He replied still laughing softly and getting up.

“Don’t you want to change into something more comfortable?” He asked me going to the closet. Weren’t we in a random room in the hotel still?

“And how are we supposed to get some clothes at this time,” I asked sarcastically

“You are at my hotel, and in my suite baby girl. There are already some clothes in the closet for us” he said smirking a bit

“Your suite? But I randomly entered a room while running. How did I enter your room specifically?” I asked confused

“When you were distressed, subconsciously your soul was trying to find me for comfort. I was in the balcony before you entered the room. When I saw you enter, at first I thought you came looking for me. But then I saw you crying and going to the bathroom, I understood something was wrong and let you be. But when you came out, I just couldn’t let you leave” he said sheepishly

I made an O-face while trying to digest everything. So, every time I would get upset in future, I would subconsciously run to him? What if he is the one who made me upset?

“Okay. Will keep that in mind for future references” I replied going to his walk-in closet. Woah, how many clothes did he need that too in a spare room of his? On one side there were men clothes and articles of all types. On the other side, there were female clothing and articles, and lots of it.

“And why are there female clothes in your spare bedroom,” I asked raising my eyes. Did he bring females in this room before me?

“They are all yours baby. The moment I found you, every place I own has been stocked with everything in your size and taste. Everything in there belongs to you” he replied blushing a bit

Aww. He is so sweet and thoughtful. I went in searching the articles but was again and again attracted to his side especially the shirts that he owned. I picked a short from my side and walked to his side to select and random shirt to sleep in.

Before I could walk out, he asked “Well, I forgot to ask, why were you crying anyways? You didn’t reply me back then” he asked suddenly

“Umm. I will tell you tomorrow. Let’s relax for now” I avoided answering him and walked into the bathroom. I didn’t want to ruin the night for him. I proceeded in removing my clothes and bra and changed into the clothes I had brought. It was just so comfortable, and the shirt smelled like Liam. Bonus!

When I got out, Liam turned to look at me from the bed he was laying on and made a groaning noise in his throat.

I ignored his stare and got into my side of the bed, but Liam was having none of it. He pulled me all the to the way so that my back was to his chest. I feel his warm lips brushing my forehead as I close my eyes and I let sleep overtake all my senses.

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