Love Without Boundaries

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Stalker and Secrets

After some time, someone informed me that his family were informed and they will be flying from Texas this evening.

When the doctor came out, he informed us that he was out of danger now. He had tried to overdose on sleeping pills and his roommate found him lying in the bathtub. They had to pump out the entire thing from his stomach and he would not have survived if there would have been any delay.

Suddenly the nurse came out asking who was Amara Xaviers. I came forward and she informed me that James had been asking for me since the moment he woke up.

I followed her to his room and the moment I entered the room, guilt gnawed up my insides. He looked so weak and pale. Also, the fact that the moment James eyes landed on me, his eyes light up. Like and an angel has come up to meet him. Yup, guilt overload. Maybe I should have just pretended to like him? Would that have made him avoid this?

“You came! You were there waiting for me to wake up. You care!” exclaimed James in a hoarse voice.

Guilt x 10000.

“Of course, I was there James. You are my friend. I do care about you. But why would you do this! I am so disappointed in you.” I replied sadly.

“I just couldn’t live without talking to you even for a day Amara. You mean everything to me. I thought you didn’t care about me as I did and that was not a world I wanted to live in” said James. His eyes had tears in them.

“Oh James. Not every relationship has to be a romantic one. You are my friend. I care about you a lot. You know I didn’t want to enter into any relationship. I want to focus on my career. To be something. Relationships tend to take a lot of time and effort, both of which I don’t have it in me to give at this time” I replied half honestly.

“What about after you attain all of that? When you get a job of your dreams? Will you think about it then?” he asked hopefully.

Oh my. What language should I speak to get him to leave this topic?

“Hopefully yes. But only and only if I do achieve all of that.” I answered hoping to end this right now.

“Done then. I am going to be the best possible friend out there for you from now onwards. I will support your dream and vision all the way. But rest assured, the moment you achieve all of that, I will give my all to make you mine” replied James determinedly.

What have I done? Did I create a monster?

“Good that you understand me. Now rest James, and recover fast. Exams are just around the corner. I will bring your notes to you every day.” I said.

“Bye Amara. I will not be there around you for a few days to protect you. But I will ask some of my friends to keep an eye” he mused.

“What? No! I don’t need anyone to protect me! Where are we, in an underground rink or what? I can take care of myself. See you tomorrow.” I turned around and left the rooms without waiting for a reply.

Eventually, a week later James was discharged and he joined back on campus. This time he did keep his promise and stopped asking me out.

But many strange things started happening around me. Guys started avoiding me altogether. One time I asked for a pen from a guy who was sitting next to me and he just stared at me horrified and turned around avoiding me altogether. There was another time in my fourth and last year when a girl from the same year as mine accidentally tripped me and I fell down the stairs straining my ankle. I couldn’t attend my classes for 3 days and when I joined back, I heard from someone that the girl transferred to another college, which was strange as it was our last year. Why would someone do that?

When our college placements started, I applied at all the places I would have loved to work at. But my dream was Anderson and Co. It was the biggest company in the US and I had always wanted to work there since I read about them in a business magazine.

And that day did arrive! I got an interview at Anderson and Co along with 2 other classmates of mine. One being James. I never knew he applied there as well.

On the day of the interview, representatives from the company came to our campus for the interview and to be honest my interview went well. When I asked James how did he perform, he only asked me whether this was the company I dreamt of. When I replied with an affirmative, he just creepily smiled and went back to his room. Well okay?

Three days later, I got the best news of my life! I was offered the role of Media Manager at Anderson and Co! When reluctantly, I checked with James about his results, he confirmed his approval as well. He was happy and well, I was disappointed.

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