Love Without Boundaries

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Psycho Alert!

Liam started growling loudly after hearing me out and was shaking so hard I almost fell off his lap. In panic, I looked at Michael for guidance and saw him in the same state but a little in control. Michael made eye contact with me and said in an animalistic voice “Hug him Mother. Calm him down. He is on the verge of shifting and losing his control. Only you can bring him back”.

What? And who is mother! Well, time for questions later. I turned around on Liam’s lap with both my legs on either side of him. I hugged him tight and half expected him to throw me off but wrapped his arms around me and started sniffing me in long breaths. What is with him and sniffing me all the time?

“Ours. Only Ours. We will kill him with our bare hands. How dare he hurt what is ours like that. Let us have control Liam!” said an animalistic voice I have never heard from Liam. “Liam?” I asked scared now

“Not Liam my Love. Leo and Stefan. We are in control of Liam right now. We are so sorry love we were not there to save you from that bastard in time. We would have ripped him apart the first time we met him, but Liam didn’t let us” Liam, or should I say Leo and Stefan said in a loud voice stroking my back trying to assure them I am still there

“Shh. It’s okay guys. I am safe and okay. See, I am right in your arms and nothing can harm me. You guys saved me last night. I was with you all night and no one hurt me. I am not hurt by the fact that he was with Amanda but more for the fact that he was my friend and he betrayed me. We were still together. If he wanted her I would have gladly let him go. He lied to me. And I don't take lying lightly. But everything happens for a reason right. I wouldn’t have been here sitting with you if it didn’t happen. So, I am kind of glad it did” I said crooning softly in his ear.

After listening to my words, he started calming down a but still didn’t let me go.

“What really happened Michael. I know you didn’t just come in to hear what happened with her last night. What is the real issue” Liam commanded Michael in his Alpha voice. That was my exact thoughts as well

“I don’t know how to say this but, last night when you asked us to look for Luna, we followed her scent to the room she is talking about. But we could smell blood in the room. We went in hoping for the worst but found Amanda’s Dead Body on the bed with multiple stab wounds on her and her head bashed against the headboard. James was nowhere to be found but we found a note on the bed next to the body. We tried contacting you but you had blocked your mind link so we followed your scent to this room and were relieved to find Luna’s scent in the room as well so we didn’t disturb you” he said with a long breath

I was horrified. Amanda was dead? But who would have killed her? Who had the motive to stab her repeatedly and kill her in such a savage way? Wait for a second, do they think I did this

I turned back around in Liam’s arms in a panicked state and said “I promise I didn’t kill her Liam. I left them both still on the bed and ran all the way here. I didn’t do it I promise” I was crying now

“Shh, baby. I know you didn’t do it. How can you even think we can accuse you of something like that? I trust you with everything in me love. And I think I know who did this” He said softly kissing me all over my face to calm me down

“You do? Who could do this then?” I asked shocked but still crying a bit

“Michael, where is the note you mentioned” asked Liam ignoring my question

“Here it is Alpha” said Michael passing on a note to Liam with specks of blood on it.

When Liam opened the note, I leaned in to read what was written on it

“Baby, I am so sorry you had to see me with that bitch like that. I had been saving myself for you, but that bitch tricked me. I promise you I didn’t cheat on you. That witch spiked my drink and made me believe she was you. Well, I took care of her. Now she can never come between us.

You know how much I love you. And I know you love me too, but you are just too shy to say it back. But deep down you love me as I love you.

I know how innocent and pure you are my baby girl.

I have to be on run for a while but don’t worry my love I will find you soon. And when I do, we are going to get married right away and we will make so many babies together and live happily ever after.

While I am away, I have assigned my boys to look after you so don’t worry nothing will happen to you. I will try and contact you whenever I can so don’t worry about me. I know how fragile you are with your health.

I love you with all my heart.


I started sobbing loudly after reading the letter. James did this. He killed her. I always thought he was delusional at times but to this extent that he could kill someone just because she came between us. I have been living with a mad person all these years and I didn’t have any idea about how deranged he really was! This all happened because of me. He killed Amanda all because of me.

“Amara, shh, don’t cry baby. Shh, I am not letting him ever come near you baby. You are safe. I will keep you safe I promise baby. Don’t cry. I can’t see you cry” Liam said trying to calm me down

“Don’t you see it, Liam! He killed her because of me! He took an innocent’s life just to prove to me that he was not cheating and he loves me! Like a grand declaration of the sort! He is mad! He will hurt you too. I am not going to let him hurt you or the pack. I have to leave” I said shouting at him. I tried getting out of his hold, but he was not letting me go. Curse his strength!

“You are not going anywhere, Amara. No one can hurt me or the pack baby! We are supernatural species and he is just a human! He can’t harm us even if he tried. And as for you, I am not letting you out of sight even for a second. I already told you, I am not leaving you ever! You are mine! And I am yours. I will be there every step of the way Mio Amore. Just trust me. I will take care of everything. I will find him and put him behind bars where he belongs” he said almost on the verge of crying.

I leaned back into him and cried till I could feel no tears left. With his arms around me and him crooning soothing words all this while, I slowly drifted off to sleep still in his arms.

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