Love Without Boundaries

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I slowly roused from my sleep and looked around the room. I was confused, where was I? This isn’t my room. But then I could feel someone’s hands slowing caressing me on my back, I could feel a certain warmth and smell surrounding me bringing me back to reality. I opened my eyes to see warm black eyes staring back at me with concern.

“How are you feeling Mio Amore? Do you need something” Liam asked worriedly.

I smiled back softly at his concern “I am okay now. I needed to let it all out so that I could be strong for the both of us now”

Concern fell off his face and was replaced with a mischievous smile now “So does that mean I can do this now” Liam grins my way

“What?” I lift my eyebrows in question

“This” declares Liam before suddenly sitting up and grabbing me just above my waist and hover over me on the bed. His left-hand trails up my thigh until it rests on my hip before giving it a soft squeeze. Liam bends down and places a kiss on my neck. I try not to react, but I am putty in his hands. He just has a way with me. His other hand trails under my loosed shirt of his I am wearing, and a shiver pulsed through my body. Liam smirks at my reaction before moving his lips to my collarbone. Oh God, I’m in trouble!

I move my hands into his hair and pull his face closer to mine, I needed to feel his lips. I kiss him gently, my hands moving from his hair down to his chest. “We should stop”, I say breathlessly.

Liam’s growl against my lips tells me otherwise. His hand found my navel and he lightly caresses the area while still kissing me. I gasp, trying to hide what I was exactly feeling. This man doesn’t need his ego boosted any further. Liam’s breath warms the side of my cheek as he moves away from my lips to my jaw and then down to my neck, my weak spot. And he knows it is for sure from the moan I make.

“We need to solve out the issue, Liam” I whisper but not letting him go

“All taken care of” he whispers back going down from my neck and pecking my collar bone. I need to stop before we go any further. This is the furthest I have ever been with a guy.

“Liam, I am not ready,” I say softly, and he lifts his head from my collarbone and watches me for a second. “I am so sorry baby. I didn’t want to force you into anything. I am very sorry” he said suddenly anxious and pulling me up and off the bed.

I shake my head “That, is not it baby. You didn’t force me into anything. It is just that I have never done this before. I have kissed James before but never more than a peck or two. I couldn’t do anything more than that. I am ah you know still a... I mean I am still…” I trailed off blushing hard

Liam gave me such a tender and sincere look after that “I knew you were a Virgin baby; I can smell that from you. But I never thought you were this innocent. I am really sorry for forcing you into something you are not ready for”

“No Liam. I wouldn’t have let you do anything which I was not comfortable with. I just want to take things a little slow. But I don’t mind making out with you” I said averting my eye. I am sure I am red all over my body, I was blushing that hard.

Liam grinned and pecked me on my forehead and then mumbled “I am okay with whatever you are okay with, baby. Just let me know when to stop and I will. We will go as per your pace not mine”

I put my head on his chest and squeezed him. He is just so sweet and thoughtful.

“Now that we are up, let’s get ready then. We have lots of work to do today. First, we must go to my old home and pack my stuff and move everything to my new home. Well, I hope that lady kept to her words and didn’t give it to another tenant. Well, if that happens, we must look for another place and before the night falls” I said moving towards the closet

“Um, not happening,” Liam said pulling me back in his arms. What does he mean

“What do you mean not happening. It must happen or else I have to sleep on the streets tonight” I said looking up at him.

“What I mean is that we surely are going to your place first to get everything, but you are not moving to another new home. You are moving in with me” he said smiling big

“What? No! I can’t just move in with you! We are just getting to know each other” I said horrified

“Baby, with everything going on, I can’t just let you stay at another place where I can’t keep an eye on you. James is still out there and till the time he is not caught you are in danger. Also, the mate bond won’t let you stay away from me for a long duration of time now that we have accepted it other. It would be physically impossible for us to stay away from each other until the time our bond is completed. It will drive both of us crazy with need” he said loving the idea. He had a big smile on his face like a kid who got his favourite candy. He is such a guy.

“Liam, I can’t just move in with you. What will your pack think!” I asked but already warming up to the idea of being with him twenty-four seven.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head with it. It is completely normal for mates to move in with each other after they find their mates. In fact, most mates complete the entire process within the first two hours of meeting” He said still grinning brightly

There is no winning this time, so without giving a reply I once again move to his closet to grab a set of clothes. I chose a cream floral summer dress with white flats and move towards the bathroom to take a shower. After the much-needed shower, I applied some liner and some lip stain on my lips and move to the room to find Liam already showered and ready to go.

“Where did you shower?” I asked him confused.

“In the living room bathroom,” he said distracted with his shoelaces.

After sorting it out, Liam turned around and his eyes darkened a bit “You are getting more and more irresistible with each passing day”.

I smiled prettily up at him and moved to the living room without giving a reply. I had been blushing since morning now!

“Ready to go?” He said coming up and standing next to me.

I nodded my head and he moved to open the door for me. We went down to the lobby where Michael and Mallory were waiting for us. They both smiled at us as greetings and we all moved to the front door where a car was already waiting for us. I don’t know the make of the car, but it was huge!

I didn’t need to give any directions as well; you know Liam had been sneaking up at my house since the last week anyways. Throughout the way, Michael shared further details for their search for James with Liam, but I ignored it and looked out of the window the entire while. Liam had his full attention on Michael but didn’t for a second left my hand on its own.

After reaching my place, we all go out and faced my home. This place had so many memories, both good and bad. Letting out a deep sigh, I turned to Liam to have him already looking at me with an intense look.

“Michael, can you and Mallory take care of the packing and shift everything to the packhouse? The movers will be here in 5 minutes and you guys just have to direct them to everything” Liam said without taking his eyes off me.

“No, No! They don’t have to do that for me. That is too much labour and anyways how will they know what mine is and what is not?” I asked Liam smugly.

Liam shrugged “Easy, your entire room has to be packed. And for the rest of the house, things that have your smell on it will go and would be an easy task. How? Well as I know you now and I know you have placed all your personal and important stuff in your closet and nowhere else in the house. Nothing except your room has your personal touch and you don’t care about anything in the kitchen since you didn’t like cooking and sharing time in Kitchen with James anyways. You always used to get takeout’s and eat it in your room. And as for living room, don’t even get me started there”

The hell! How does he know me so well already! Michael and Mallory were laughing their asses off after looking at my bewildered expression.

“Um. Okay then. I can see that you have everything sorted and covered and they definitely don't mind the labour since they are still laughing like maniacs” I said sheepishly

A laughing Liam then said softly in my ears “I know you don’t want to enter that house again. Don’t worry, they will take care of it. And anyway, we must feed you something soon. Your stomach has been grumbling like a horse still we left the room” He was laughing at me now! Jerk

“Yes so! Food is important. And my stomach likes to remind me about it from time to time” I replied poking my tongue at him

“What do you want to eat then?” Liam asked me, shaking his head laughing at me softly

I didn’t even have to think much about that question. The answer was on the tip of my tongue already

“Cheeseburger and Fries with a side of Vanilla and Strawberry Milkshake!” I said excitedly! Yes, Fooood!

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