Love Without Boundaries

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Burgers and Fries

We said our byes to Michael and Mallory and went to the car together and there was still a driver in the front who’s name I have yet to know of. Without waiting for Liam, I turned to the driver and spoke excitedly “Do you know Nina’s? That diner near 4th street by the subway. Can you take us there please?”

“Of course, Luna,” the driver said smiling at me like he was proud he knows the place I want to go to.

“Wow. Never seen someone so excited to get cheeseburgers” Liam said chucking softly

“Don’t diss Nina’s Cheeseburgers till you have tried it. Those bad boys are just so good that it’s almost orgasmic” I said daydreaming about them with starry eyes

Liam suddenly growled and pulled me close with me almost sitting on top of him “Mine”.

“Down boy, I was just talking about those food made in heaven. No need to get possessive over food now” I said chuckling at him and gave him a peck on his cheeks.

“I think you missed a few centimetres love. My lips are right here” Liam said before crashing his lips to mine. Would I always get this high feeling when we kiss? I mean, I can literally get drunk of his kisses.

I could feel the car coming to a stop, but Liam didn’t stop kissing me. The driver cleared his throat and said sheepishly “We have reached Luna.” I squealed at that and left a pouting Liam in the car and literally ran all the way to the entrance.

“Slow down speedy. Where’s the fire. I was not finished with you” Liam came next to me wrapping his warm hands around my waist. He was still pouting like someone snacked his candy.

“Later. Later! Come one let’s introduce you to the best cheeseburgers you will ever taste” I said with a wide grin and tried to pull him in. Well, tried is the keyword.

“Slow down, let’s take a table first,” he said smiling at my enthusiasm. There was a lady standing at the entrance and we went up to her. When she looked at Liam she immediately perked up.

“Well hello there. What can I do for you today” she asked Liam completely ignoring me standing there.

“Well, can you get us table for two, hopefully by the window,” Liam said oblivious to the attention he was getting. He was watching around the place taking everything in

“For sure handsome. Follow along” she said flirtingly and walked ahead of us. She was swaying her lips too much and it was kind of funny since Liam had all his attention on me.

“Here it is. Your server will be here soon. Anything else you would like. I can offer anything you want” she said suggestively trying to catch his attention by bending a bit and giving a clear view of her cleavage. And you know what Liam was doing all this while? After we had sat down, he was trying to pull me on his lap and give me another kiss. He didn’t even notice the lady talking. It was as if his entire concentration was to get me on his lap and get another kiss like his life depended on it. Aww, he did deserve a kiss after that.

I turned to her and said politely “No thank you. I and my boyfriend are okay. Can you please send the server soon, we are famished, oh alright, stop pouting you, big baby! I will sit on your lap only till the food comes here” I said turning to Liam and his antics. He smiled so brightly as if he has just won a huge lottery and the lady’s face turned bright red with anger after not receiving any attention from him

I got up a little and sat on his lap with his wrapping his hands around me contently. Wow, he wanted this that bad.

“Hello, Sir and Mam. What would you like to order” a voice said on our right and there standing was a guy in his mid-twenties? Well, he was cute but not my type.

“Well can you bring two Veg Cheeseburgers, a side of fries and one Vanilla and Strawberry milkshake for me? Oh, and do you have those special Peri-Peri spices for the fires?” I asked not even having to look at the menu. He nodded a yes and turned to Liam

“Same for me but for shake give me a chocolate milkshake instead,” said Liam behind me.

I turned around and raise my eyebrows “You don’t want meat? I ordered a veg one and I don’t know if you would like it much.”

“I don’t mind eating Veg food, Love. Meat is not always a necessity for me. Also, I just want to see what the hype is about those burgers you love and ditched me for” he said pecking grinning at me.

The waiter left after that and we just chit-chatted a bit waiting for the food to arrive. After ten minutes our food was here, and I tried getting into my seat, but Liam was having none of it.

Finally, I said “Baby. I won’t be able to eat properly while sitting on you. Just let me have my food and I am all yours after that” I said negotiating a bit. Liam reluctantly let me go and pulled his burger towards him. I waited and watched his reaction after taking his first bit

“What the hell is that! My god, how did they make this” he said with wide eyes. I grinned broadly and started having my heavenly food without giving an answer. I also sprinkled the peri-peri spices all over my fries and took my first bite. Good as always.

“Want to try this? These spices make the fries a lot more yum. But I should warn you, they are spicy” I said feeding Liam a piece. He chewed and almost coughed it out

“Shit that is spicy as hell. But the aftertaste is good” he said picking more of it but sipping his shake afterwards to help with the heat. I completed my first burger in flat five minutes and pulled my next plate in. Liam looked at me funnily “I actually thought you won’t be able to have the second one”

I grinned back at him “Well what can I say? I am a growing girl and need my food” and started having my second burger. I liked my food and have always eaten heartily. You have one life and well, I did say a lot of times already, but I love my food.

We finished up everything fast and by the time our bill arrived, Liam was raving about the food as much as I had before. I was feeling like a proud momma.

After leaving the place, we went to the car and Liam asked the driver whose name I now know is Sebastian, to take us to the packhouse. Now that all the excitement for food has died down, I was nervous. I was going to meet Liam’s pack. What if they don’t like me? What if they think I was childish and not mature enough to be with their Alpha? Would Liam leave me for them?

Liam might have sensed my nervousness from the bond and again pulled me back into his arms “They are going to love you, baby. They have been waiting for you since so many years. They are actually so excited that I bet they had already planned a welcoming party of sorts for you”

I tried to calm my nerves as we left the city for his pack. Well, our pack now. It took us another twenty-five minutes to reach there and I could see forest all around us and road leading us to a huge gate with security on both sides. When we reached the gates, they let us pass without stopping. I could see them trying to peek inside the car, but Sebastian was driving fast and in no time, we reached a city of sorts.

Houses were lined up on both sides with mothers walking their children and children playing in the park. There were men guarding every corner we turned. All the houses were beautiful, and I could also see stores and restaurants lined up at many places. This was a city in itself.

“This place looks so beautiful! Everything looks so organized and security looks so tight. You did this all by yourself?” I asked turning to Liam with him already observing my reaction.

“I had help” said Liam distractedly.

After a few minutes, we reached a huge mansion sitting in between the city. It was grand and looked so huge yet so modern. We stopped at the front gates and I could already see many people lining up to greet us.

“Welcome Home Love,” said Liam lovingly and giving me a sweet kiss on the lips.

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