Love Without Boundaries

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Liam got out of the car and came to my side and opened the door for me. He raised his hand towards me and nervously I took his hand and left the car. Taking a deep breath, I turned around to look at all the faces accessing me. Shit, there were so many people, and all were staring hard.

There was some murmur and the crowd parted, and Michael and Mallory came between them and stopped when they were just standing just Infront for where I was. They were not smiling at me now and they had a serious expression on their face, but their eyes held so much warmth in them that it made me relax a bit.

Suddenly they both got down on one knee and fisted their hand on their hearts and lowered their head.

“Welcome to the pack mother. I, Michael Simons and my Beta Female Mallory Simons pledge our unending loyalty and alliance towards you and yours. Your life and safety come before us and ours. Please accept us as yours.” They both said it together. After that, the entire pack copied the same position and repeated the same line with so much sincerity and love that my eyes got moist.

“I, Amara Xaviers, accept this pack as mine and pledge my unending love and loyalty towards this pack and my people” I don’t know how this line came to me, but it was as if someone took over me uttered the words. As soon as I said that I could feel an instant connection with everyone present and felt the unending love and respect they held for me. Liam was not kidding; they really were waiting for me.

I could see that they were all wolves and there was no vampire present right now. How I don’t know but I do. After my acceptance, everyone got up to their feet and there was loud cheering and hooting all around. I must ask Liam about that later. I thought they lived together.

“You did good, my Love” Liam said pressing a loving kiss on my ear. Suddenly I could feel the shift in the air and Liam spoke in his Alpha voice “My Pack. The day you all have been waiting for has arrived. We have our Luna between us now and it is now time to celebrate. There will be a Luna Ceremony tonight and a party afterwards. Everyone is invited to it. See you all tonight”

Liam then took my hands in his and we made our way to the front door. The house was a modern white house with hints of dark brown here and there. There was something oddly beautiful about it like it had been there for quite a period. Entering the house, I sensed a strange sense of homeliness. It was so cosy and warm inside.

I noticed as we walked through that the house was adorned with different artworks and portraits of people. We entered a huge living room with big glass walls overlooking the forest. There was a huge staircase which I think leads up to the bedroom above. Liam showed me the Kitchen, which has all top of class appliances and a sweet lady called Anna who was the head housekeeper here. There were many maids and guards scattered everywhere who gave me a small smile whenever they passed me.

After the kitchen, he showed me the lounge room, a game room, a theatre room with cosy recliner seats and vending machines on the side with all possible theatre food. There was 2 indoor swimming pool in the house, with one on the ground floor and a huge outdoor pool on the side of the house with a separate entrance. Liam informed me that the other indoor pool was at the Alpha Floor and was strictly only for us and no one else.

We moved to the first floor, and there were so many guest rooms in the house and some were occupied by pack members who have moved out of their homes and were in the process of building their own homes or some by visitors of the pack. We then moved to the second floor which Liam informed me was the floor only for Beta Family and Gamma Family. We didn’t stay there for long and moved to the third floor which had a gate just after the stairs entered. There on the top was written Alpha Floor.

Liam opened the gate for me and when I entered, I felt as if I entered a new place altogether. It was another house in itself. Upon entering there was a huge living room with the entire wall made of glass leading to an outdoor deck with a jacuzzi and a living area with a small garden. It overlooked the entire pack and the view was breathtaking. There was a door of the side of the living room which I guess was the pool room Liam was talking about.

There were 2 guest bedrooms on our floor was immediate family members and just off the living room was a huge kitchen. There were also huge windows on all sides and that made the entire room light up.

I was observing everything and could feel Liam accessing my feelings the entire time. I could feel he was nervous about my reaction of It all. “Now time for our Bedroom, Love,” said Liam softly and pulled me to a huge double door on our left.

Breathtaking was the right word for it. The room was huge, with the colour combination of White and Dark Grey everywhere. Pearl White marbled the flooring with a massive plush dark grey rug near the crisp white bed which could probably fit ten people together. Everything was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off anything.

“Amara?” Liam asked meekly still nervous for my reaction. I turned around and jumped on him. He caught me without breaking a sweat and I could feel his confusion and nervousness grow further.

“This is beautiful, everything is. I have always loved the light and open spaces, and this is more than that. It is just too beautiful to pen in words” I said to him giving him a tight hug.

Relief and love crashed in waves all over me. He was happy that I loved his home. A place, he made all by himself.

Without putting me down, he carried me all the way to his bed and laid me down slowly with him hovering over me. He was looking at me with a different kind of softness and wonder as if he could not believe it still that I was there with him. He then lowered his head and kissed me with tenderness and love, proving me further that I made the right decision by saying him yes.

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