Love Without Boundaries

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After some time, Liam pulled back a little and then pouted “I just can’t get enough of you” which made me laugh out loud. We got off the bed and I looked around seeing some of my stuff from home in the corner, but the rest were missing.

“Where are the rest of my stuff? Are they still in the moving truck? We can help carry some of them in” I asked looking around already pinpointing some places where I can store some.

“All your clothes and essential items are in the closet; all the furniture is stored in the attic and the ones which they didn’t know where to place are in the corner,” Liam said shrugging.

“How did they pack, move and place all of my possession in the span for just a few hours! We were just gone for like two hours max!” I asked shocked!

Liam chuckled at that “You keep forgetting we are not normal sweetheart. It was an easy task for us.” Wow, they should totally start a packer and movers’ company, they could mint so much money by it!

There was a knock at the door, and we went to answer it together. There was a guard standing and he looked nervous “Alpha, Luna. Lunch is ready. Anna asked me to call you guys down.” He said scared.

“We will be down in a second. Thanks, Max,” said Liam smiling at him. This made the guard even more scared for whatever reason and he rushed away. Okay?

We went down holding hands and I still looked around absorbing everything on the way. This place was just so calming and homely.

We went to the dining room where some of the pack members were standing by themselves and talking in hushed voices. Michael and Mallory were also there waiting for us. The moment we entered silence fell upon us and everyone turned to look at us. Liam ignored them and took a seat at the head of the table before pulling out my chair just next to him. What a gentleman he was.

The moment we sat down, everyone came to the table and took their seats. Michael sat just opposite me and Mallory to his next. I smiled at both when Mallory suddenly exclaimed “I am so excited for tonight! The party is going to be great and the food is to die for. And the Luna Ceremony is always so magical! I have witnessed one in my old pack and I can still remember it like yesterday. You are going to love everything!” Shit, I forgot how there was going to be a ceremony tonight. But what does she mean by magical?

I turned to Liam with questioning eyes and he replied immediately “It is a ceremony were we officially bind the Luna to the pack and our minds. You won’t be able to mind link us before your change, but you will be officially connected to the pack and will become a part of the pack as well. About the process, I will explain when we are back to our room so that we can get some privacy. Not all of the pack will be able to make it as many are in other packs to training them, some stay in the nearby city due to their work, some are ill and some have personal issues which they can’t avoid. Most probably 300-400 will come”

I was about to shoot more questions when suddenly many maids came in carrying dishes in their hands and started placing them on the table. Anna came out carrying two dishes and placed it directly in front of me.

“Luna, Beta Mallory informed me that you are a Vegetarian, so I made all the dishes in Veg Version for you. I hope you like Pasta and other bread items I made for you” She shifted from one foot to another nervous for my reaction.

“This looks amazing Anna; These looks and smells amazing; you should have called me to give you a hand. I wouldn’t have minded” I smiled at her gratefully. This made her relax and she smiled at me brightly “Nonsense Luna. I love cooking for everyone, and you are a part of the family now. I don’t mind it at all. It actually gives me a good opportunity to look up new dishes for you”.

Aww. She was so sweet. She reminds me of a cute grandma who loves to stuff everyone she loves with food. After giving me another smile, she went back to the kitchen and Liam served me my food while taking some for himself as well giving me a cheeky smile. Everyone was started serving themselves, but no one started eating as if they were waiting for something.

Liam took a fork off the table and picked up some pasta on it and brought it to my lips. I looked at him questioningly but ate the food anyway not wanting to embarrass him. I can eat my own food. Thank You. After that everyone started eating their food and talked with each other softly.

“It is a tradition for the Alpha to feed his Luna first at every meal. It is a sign of werewolves which means the male is providing for his female and with you being the top female for this pack, no one will eat before they see you fed first.” Said Liam slowly so that only we both can hear what he is saying. Wow, they take tradition to a whole new level but what can I do? Every family has its own tradition and customs they follow.

Well, good thing was that the food was amazing, and I literally inhaled everything even after the heavy breakfast we had just a few hours back.

After Lunch, Liam took me to our room with Michael and Mallory following us. Upon reaching there, I could see a huge black dress bag on a hanger in the living room with a black box which I presumed was the shoebox on the side and many more boxes scattered here and there. Liam wrapped his arms around me from behind and put his chin on my shoulders.

“It is a tradition for the Luna to wear a white dress for the ceremony as a sign for purity and I took the liberty to select one for you a few days back. All the other necessary items are also in the other boxes. Mallory, when will the hairdresser and makeup artist be here by?” asked Liam turning towards Mallory.

“They will be here by 5 so that we have enough time to get her ready on time without any hurry. We still have a few more hours left so why don’t you take some rest, Luna. I know it has been a long day for you” Mallory smiled at me.

“Okay,” I said but still clueless about why I need three hours just to get ready but not speaking it out loud.

After they left Liam spoke softly in my ear “I know everything is happening fast and you are confused with what is going on but trust me, it will be alright. Everything during the ceremony will come to you by instincts. You are born a Luna and you will know what to do and when. Do you trust me?”

I turned my head a bit and pecked him on his lips smiling at him. He smiled back and pulled me towards the bed “Mallory was right. You must be tried so try and take a nap. It will refresh you for the night ahead. I have some work to finish so I will be in my office. Anything you need, just shout my name and I will know” Liam said pulling the covers back for me and without any complain I laid down on the comfiest bed of this world. He covered me with it and kissed my forehead before going out of the door.

I was suddenly too tired and sleep overtook my senses.

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