Love Without Boundaries

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Reality Check

Eventually, student life came to an end for me and my work life started. I got the joining date for the starting of next month and another daunting task came up for me.

Well you see, I had been alone all my life. My parents died when I was sixteen in a car accident and I was left alone in this daunting world on my own. When they passed away, I inherited all that they have but could only access it when I turned eighteen. Lucky for me, I had always been a bright student and was already on a scholarship at high school. My grandparents took me in and I lived with them till I turned eighteen and was yet again given a scholarship for my college. I stayed on campus even on my holidays because as my grandparents quoted while I was leaving for college “Now you are an adult and on your own”. Well, I truly was on my own now.

Since I turned eighteen, I got access to my inheritance, which was not much since my parents never believed in savings. I had saved it till now and let it grow.

But now I needed those funds to rent a place on my own and buy some professional clothes for work.

When I started looking out of places, one place struck really close to my heart. It was two-bedroom home with separate washrooms and a decent sized kitchen and living room. I also have a Huge Window in my room with a sitting bench right under it where I can just imagine reading every night.

Everything I wanted.

I had to share the place with someone else but I didn’t mind it that much. The landlord was a sweet 60-year-old lady who lived just next door to us. But what I loved the most about this place was the playground just opposite my new home and the woods in the backyard.

I immediately agreed and deposited my rent to Mrs Lawson and she agreed to let me move in next weekend. I just stuck GOLD!

I went back to my campus and started packing my room, which was not much. James had been absent these last few days and I had been breathing freely since then.

The week passed quickly and it was finally the day I was leaving campus for good and moving into my new home! A female friend of mine offered to transport me and my luggage to the place and I agreed immediately. What! I am short on cash and I need to save every penny.

It was late till we reached the place and I got the key from Mrs Lawson. She also informed me that my Home Mate would move in tomorrow morning. Awesome, I got the whole place of my own for a night!

My friend left immediately after we took out the luggage from her car and I moved all my stuff to my room.

I was so tired since it had been a long day that I just took out my blanket and covers from the bag and drifted off to sleep without Dinner. Ah! Soft Bed.

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