Love Without Boundaries

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Present Time

After my conversation with James, I skipped all my thoughts of going out for a walk and just went straight to my favourite diner to have my cup of coffee and something to eat.

It was the same diner I and James went to on our first day at the house. But the place has changed a lot since then. The diner had a lot of debts and eventually had to sell out. From what I heard a businessman bought out the place and changed it from a small cosy place to a much more affluent and posh eating place. It still had its old name and chef so the food quality was still the same but many more items were added to the menu and items which were not working were ditched. Luckily for me, my Milkshake and Pancakes were a winner and still graced my stomach every other weekend.

The moment I entered the diner, I could sense that something was off this morning. The waiters were much more professional rather than shouting greetings here and there and even the tables had new cutlery. I skipped the table and as usual, went up to the cash counter to place my order and then head to my favourite place in the corner.

“Hey, Lily! How are you this morning? How is Lil Stevie doing? Is his stomach still being an issue?” I asked my favourite staff happily.

“Hey, Amara. Stevie is doing good. Really sorry but I have to hurry up the billing this morning” said Lily. Then in a slow whisper, she continued “It’s just that the owner is in today and he’s evaluating everyone. He may fire someone today and I so do not want to be in that list”.

“Oh. Really?” I said then subtly turned my neck to check the tables around. I could see a group of men in Business Suits sitting at my table. My table! Aww.

They were talking in whispers and checking out everyone. There was also a guy sitting in the corner wearing sunglasses but his face was not clear due to sunlight hitting directly on his face. He seemed to be looking our way. I don’t know why but I could feel shivers all over my spine just by his gaze.

I turned around and whispered to Lily “You are right. They seem to be scrutinizing everyone. Even the customers” I laughed.

“So, your regular order or want to try something else today?“. Asked Lily finally.

“You know me. But instead of Milkshake today can I get a hot coffee? My head is throbbing since morning. Also, can you ask Louis to make my Pancakes a Lil thicker and lots of cream on it” I confirmed excitedly. Whipped cream is the best part I tell you.

“Okay, you take a seat. I will send it to you as soon as it's ready!” She said.

I turned around and headed to the table next to my favourite spot. I still had the perfect window view, but my table was still the best.

As soon as I sat down, my cell phone pinged alerting me of a message. As usual, it was from James.

“When will you come back? I am missing you already”

See, what did I tell you? He can’t seem to leave me alone even for half an hour.

I ignored his message and looked out of the window.

Suddenly I could feel someone’s eyes on me. I scanned the diner and suddenly my eyes landed on the mysterious guy who had hogged my table. He still had his sunglasses on but I don’t know why I could feel his gaze all over me. Accessing me. Everywhere.

“Amara, your order. I made sure Louis made your Pancakes as you liked. Here you go. Enjoy!” I was pulled back by my sudden fascination of that guy to Lily who was hovering over my table.

“Thanks, Lil. My stomach was seriously dying for these”. I happily started eating my yummy pancakes but all the while I could feel HIS gaze on me. Seriously, does he not have his food to stare at. Let me eat!

After I finished my food while reading something on my phone, I went up to Lily at the counter to pay for my food.

“How much Lil”, I asked taking out my card from my purse.

“It’s on me” a voice said just behind me. A voice that literally made me weak in my knees.

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