Love Without Boundaries

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God and Goddesses!

I slowly turned around and felt my heart skipping a beat. Standing next to me was a guy. No! A man. A god literally. He had dark almost black hair like me and charcoal grey eyes and lips that begged me to kiss. He was tall, much taller than my Five-Foot Five almost Six-Three. He was not only handsome; he was downright sexy. He was Adonis.

I could feel him checking me out as well and my inner woman was squealing like a bitch on heat realizing that.

I cleared my throat and put on a nonchalant face. I don’t want to seem desperate.

“No thank you. I can pay for my food” I replied. See. I can be calm and composed.

“I insist. I wouldn’t mind paying for a beautiful goddess like you” He smirked.

Oh. A Flirt.

“Well, this goddess knows how to take care of herself” I replied smirking myself.

He let out a soft laugh. “Well, Ms Goddess. I am Liam”

His laugh. Oh My My.

I raised my hand to shake “Well Mr. Adonis, I am Amara. Nice to meet you” Adonis? ADONIS! What is wrong with me. Who says that? When my hand touched him, I could literally feel sparks all over my body. His hand was so soft and warm. He raised my hand and brought it up to give a kiss onto it.

Is it possible to be jealous of your own hand?

What? What am I thinking!

“Beautiful name Amara” He smirked again. As if he read my thoughts. Could he?

Suddenly I heard coughing beside me. I turned around to look at Lily who looked pale. Um. Did I miss something?

“Mr Anderson. Um. A.. W..What to do with the bill?” stuttered Lily. Why did she look scared?

“Put her bill on my name. And from next time onwards make sure all her bills are on me” replied Liam.

“What? No. There is no need for it. I can pay for my food!” I raised my voice

“I don’t mind my dear Amara. You just walking into my Diner itself makes it worthwhile” replied Liam softly.

“Your Diner? You are the new owner?” I asked. “Why yes, I am. If I had known you are a regular visitor here, I would have come in sooner and introduced myself long back” He replied. I could see a bit of anger and disappointment in his eyes. But what for?

“Well, it’s not too late. If you don’t mind, can I have your number?” He asked suddenly.

Number? Nope. Not when my brain has stopped working and lady parts are in control.

“Oh. Why the rush. Thanks for the free food. See you soon!” I smirked and turned around. Then I rushed out from the diner without turning back. I don’t want to beg for his number myself.

Liam’s POV

I found her. We found her. Our Mate. Our Beloved. After so many years. I had given up my search for her eventually accepting my fate that it was my punishment from the Moon Goddess for all my sins.

But she forgave me. And we finally found her.

And what a vision she was. It was as if Goddess herself walked into my Diner.

I was sitting with my pack members deciding the future of this Diner. It was a purchase I made to save some of my pack members from going bankrupt. They were the previous owners and had made bad decisions after bad decisions which eventually made them bankrupt.

This diner was my Mums favourite place to it and had so many fond memories of my own. I just couldn’t let this place go into wrong hands.

Well after a year of taking over, we were finally deciding on what to do and how to operate it and hence the meeting I had to attend. I had actually planned to skip this meeting but something told me this morning to not miss it. And now I don’t regret it one bit.

Thinking about it, my Amara had been visiting this place regularly and I could of have met her much sooner had I just visited the place before. She was so close to me all this time but due to my foolishness or rather laziness to leave my pack grounds I wasted an entire year with my mate.

I saw Amara leaving the Diner with a proud smile on her face and couldn’t help smiling myself. She was so bold and smart.

I took out my phone and called Sebastian. He picked up my call immediately “Alpha”

“Sebastian, can you see a Lady walking out of the diner right now. Black hair. Blue Dress. Her name is Amara. I want every bit of information about her by this evening.” I commanded him.

“Sure Alpha. Anything else?” he asked. “Assign five-pack warriors to follow her and subtly. She should not know that there are people following her. Ask them to protect her with their life. No harm should befall on her. Or they will have me to answer to” I replied with more power than required.

“Of Course, Alpha. Aah. But if you don’t mind me asking, who is she?” Seb asked scared of my reaction.

I smirked and with the happiest, I have felt in all my life, I replied “Your Luna”.

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