Love Without Boundaries

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Reality Check

I still had butterflies in my stomach as I walked my way back home. But I knew the reality. It was just a one-time thing. People like Liam don’t like people like me. I was just too normal and plain and too plumpy. But why do I feel hurt when I think of Liam liking another girl. Amara, shake it off. You are never going to see him again.

It was almost midafternoon when I entered home. James was nowhere around and I was glad for it.

I went to my room and picked out my favourite werewolf novel. I have always loved Werewolf or Vampire novels above other stories. I don’t know why but the concept of soulmates and happily ever after gave me that peaceful feeling. I know it is just wishful thinking and what not but I can’t help but wish for a fairy tale of my own someday.

Time passed in a blink of an eye and it was already dark outside when I heard James knocking on my door.

“Hey Amara, Dinner is ready. I know it’s a bit early for dinner but I made your favourite Cheeseburgers and Fries. Are you joining soon?” asked James standing at my door.

“Sure. Give me 5 minutes. I will be down soon.” I said walking to my bathroom.

I freshened up and went down to the kitchen to see candles everywhere. He had switched off the lights and light up candles to give that warm glow.

“Hello, Love. Please have a seat” I heard James speak softly behind me. Without turning back, I went for my chair, but James was fast. He pulled out my chair for me and after seating me when to the chair at my right to sit down.

“You didn’t have to do this much. I would have been happy with whatever you made” I said facing him.

“Only the best for you my love” He replied softly staring at my eyes intensely.

It got too overwhelming for me so I turned back to face the front and started digging my food. I have to give it to him; he knew how I liked my Burgers and it was delicious.

We chit chatted a bit about work and after we finished our plates James took my hand and pulled me to the living room where the TV was on pause at just the starting of the latest movie I was dying to watch.

“How did you get this movie so fast? I had been searching for it everywhere” I asked him shocked.

“Let it be a mystery love. I would do anything to make you happy” he replied softly coming close to my ear. He pecked it once and I felt shivers all over me. Not the good kind.

I pulled away and sat on the couch facing the TV. He went out for a second and came back with a donna in his hand. Then he sat close to me, too close to me and laid the donna on both of us pulling me in his arms.

I was so uncomfortable but I didn’t pull away, after all, he did so much for me. Why do I have to be so kind!

He pressed the play button and the movie started. I was so engrossed in the movie that I didn’t realize James was not paying any attention to it and was staring at me the entire time.

When the end credits started rolling in, I turned to James and suddenly he pressed his lips with mine. It was very aggressive and it hurt a bit but I kissed him back to keep him pleased.

After a while, he pulled back and started kissing me on my neck.

“Um. James. Stop. James, please stop I am not comfortable” I raised my voice when he didn’t stop.

“Amara, we had been dating for more than a year now! How can you not be comfortable with it still?” He was angry.

“I already told you I am not going to do it with anyone other than my husband. I am saving it for him!” I shouted at him.

“Then marry me! I want to marry you.” He said suddenly.

“What! Are you out of your mind? Just because you want to have sex with me you want to get married now? This isn’t how it works James!” I shouted at him. I am losing it now.

“Of course not! I love you, Amara. I love you so much it hurts. It has always been you. You never understood my feelings for you. It has always been me trying and never had it happened that you did something for me?” He shouted back. His face was red and I have never seen him this angry before.

I was shocked. Did he love me? Did I love him back? The answer was no. I only cared about him as a friend and only said yes to stop his pestering. Gosh! What have I done?

But seeing his face I can clearly see that now is not the right time to tell him the truth.

“I need some time. Please let me go. Don’t force this on me, James. I am trying but now I can see that nothing I do is enough for you. I am off to sleep. See you tomorrow. Don’t wait for me in the morning. I will take a cab to work” I said sniffling a bit. I was not crying because I was hurt but because I led him on for so long. I am such a bad person.

His face softened and he came near me touching my face “Oh baby. Don’t cry. I didn’t want to make you cry. You know I hate it when you are sad. It’s just you make me so frustrated at times. I am sorry for forcing something like this on you. You don’t have to avoid me. I will be waiting for you in the morning as always and we will go to the office together. Don’t push me away please” he said softly in the end and started crying. Shit, why do I always land in a situation like these?

I pulled away from him and gave him a hug to calm him down. I need to come up with something to end this. I don’t want to lead him on like this. I do care for him as a friend.

Pulling back, he said “You recall I told you about the Annual Party we are having this Friday? Will you go as my date? I know you have your own invite but I would love it if you go as my date. I want to make it up to you”.

Our company throws an annual party every year for their employees every year. Last year I couldn’t attend as I came down with a fever and had to rest. But this year I had to attend.

That’s it. I will tell the truth to James that evening. I will have enough time to look for places till then. I have saved enough for a new place and can have something of my own now. I will also have to look for a car now. Now that we both will not be staying together; I would need a car of my own to travel places.

“Okay. I will go there as a date with you. Now I am off to sleep. I am very tired now. Good Night” I said and started walking upstairs to my room.

“Awesome. I promise I will make it up to you! Night baby” James said excitedly jumping on his seat. What did I tell you before? Just like a puppy.

I went up to my room and locked my door. Then changed into my spaghetti strap crop top and my short shorts. I never liked wearing my bra to sleep and just threw it into my laundry basket. My bed was calling to me and the moment I went into my covers I was out in a second.

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