Love Without Boundaries

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Liam’s POV

I finished my business at the Diner as it was getting late and went back to the packhouse. The moment I entered my room I could hear my cell phone ringing in my pocket. It was Sebastian calling. He was fast!

“Yes, Sebastian. Did you do as I asked” I spoke without so much as a hello.

“Hello Alpha. I have mailed you everything regarding Luna. Also, our Top Five warriors are guarding Luna outside her home. She is safe and just gone to sleep” replied Sebastian meekly.

“Good work. I will see you tomorrow. Good Night” I disconnected the call without listening to his response.

Time to know you, my Mate! I hurriedly changed into my Lounge Pants and T-shirt and went to my office to check my mail.

And there it was. My Mate. My Beloved.

Her Full name was Amara Nicole Xaviers. She was 25 now and her birthday was coming soon. Her parents died when she was sixteen in a mysterious car accident and the person responsible was never found.

My mate has always been top of the class student with perfect grades and had been on scholarship throughout the School and College. “Score. Mate is Smart and Sexy” said my Wolf Leo.

I ignored him and continued reading. She is working for Anderson and Co for the last 1.5 years. What! She has been working in my company for years now and I never even knew about it! I have to start visiting my company often now.

Moving on, she has a boyfriend who also works in my company in a different department. My Vampire Stefan roars with Anger inside me. “Mine. My Beloved. She is only ours! Kill that bastard”.

I soothed them saying “Calm down Stefan. She didn’t know she had a Beloved out there. Don’t worry, she will be ours! And to calm you down, I could smell her innocence at the diner. She is still pure. She didn’t let that bastard touch her”.

After hearing this both my Wolf and Vampire calmed down a bit.

Her file says that the bastard had been in the same school and college with her but she started dating him only a year and a half back. Hah! This means my Mate didn’t want him and was only focused on her studies. Told you, she is smart. I bet he forced her to be his Girlfriend.

There was also some other information about her which I read quickly but now I couldn’t wait to be with her. To make her mine and only mine!

Now that I have met her and touched her, our bond has started working.

You see I am a Hybrid. A Werewolf and a Vampire both. Only of my kind in the entire history. I had instincts of them both.

At first, I was scared. What if my Werewolf felt the bond and my Vampire didn’t? Or the other way around. But the moment I smelled her delicious aroma of Strawberries and Vanilla, both Leo and Stefan shouted Mate and Beloved at the same time. To say I was relieved was an understatement.

But being a Hybrid has perks and downfalls of its own. I am the strongest Human possible. Nothing can beat me. I have powers of both a Werewolf and a Vampire. Means double power.

I am faster, sharper, stronger and have command on both Werewolves and Vampires alike. In short, I am not just an Alpha or a Coven Master. I am the King of both. And Amara will be my Queen!

Downfall would be that to complete the mate bond between us, we have to follow both Werewolf and Vampire rules.

Werewolf rules include, first looking into the eyes. Then staying as close to each other to strengthen the bond. Then accepting each other as Mates. Then Marking and Finally completing the bond via Physical Bonding.

Vampire rules for mating started from taking in the first scent of our Beloved and recognizing them as ours. Then touching each other to start the bond process. Staying in Physical Contact as much as possible. Accepting the Bond. Declaration of Love. Then Marking and Finally completing the bond via Physical Bonding.

Most of the rules for both are similar to or overlapping each other but just adds up more for me achieve to complete my Bond with Amara. But everything will be worth it in the end.

It is seriously rare for a Human to be a mate to a Werewolf but not for Vampires. But me being a Hybrid, I always thought it would be a Wolf or a Vamp. Being a human makes it a lot more difficult to grasp the concept and making them accept us. But it also gives me a chance to woo my baby. She deserves the world.

I am inching to see her again. I can’t see her in daylight so soon or she would definitely believe me to be a stalker. But I need to be close to her. How else would I strengthen the bond without her knowing? It has to be strong for her not to reject me when I tell her the truth.

I have an idea. A smile makes its way onto my face as I open her file to memorize her address.

I leave my office and run full speed to the address I read. I can sense my pack mates hiding in the shadows and it gives me a sense of peace that she is safe.

I can sense her presence on the right-hand side of the house and I follow it there. There was a window on the first floor. I jumped and landed directly in her balcony. I can sense that she is alone, or god help me I would have slaughtered the entire town if that bastard would have been in her room.

I quietly open her balcony doors, which were not locked. Lucky for me, and made my way inside her room.

And there she was. Sleeping peacefully facing my side. Moonlight fell onto her face giving her a hallow like glow. She was such a vision. I dragged my face down and could feel my pants tighten seeing what she was wearing. Or not wearing.

From the way she was sleeping, her perky breasts were squeezed together and I could have a clear view of half of it. Her nipples were raised and I just wanted to run my tongue all over it. Also, the shorts she was wearing was not doing a perfect job of hiding those long leg of hers. But what I loved the most about her were her curves. She was not skinny. Rather she was a handful, more for me to love later.

I quietly made my way over to her bed and got in her sheets. She didn’t wake up and I let out the breath I was holding. The moment I laid down she turned around and cuddled into me. Aww. My baby couldn’t stay away from me as well. The bond was working.

I wrapped myself around her and he let out a small moan. Yup. I am a goner. Once I had her in my arms I could finally rest properly. I set an alarm on my phone on vibration to wake me up before she does and closed my eyes. Finally, after an eternity, I can sleep with my love in my arms. And no other happiness could beat this feeling.

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