Beyond Love

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“I had a painful past. I may not stand up to your expectations. I had...” He keeps his finger on my lips and stops me from speaking.  “I know everything. He was your past and I’m your present. Give me a chance at least. You are the only one who has captured my heart and I vow to never leave you.” Misha is a Psychologist who helps broken hearts but fears Love... Chris is a famous and arrogant Lawyer who doesn't believe in Love until he meets her... Love ultimately finds its way... But... What happens when her regretful past comes before her and is standing with open arms to embrace her forever...

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Chapter 01

“Finally I made it!!”

I shouted in excitement after receiving my appointment letter through email from Stephen’s Academy. I’m Misha and my dream to become a psychologist is now fulfilled. I got appointed in one of the prestigious schools of Canada. I will be working with the High School students. It is a well paid job and before I start with my own private practice, I will get hands on training in counselling. I agreed to work in a School setting as it will give me a rich experience in dealing with children as well as their parents.

I thank the Almighty for giving me this opportunity to fulfil my dream. I majored in Counseling and Psychotherapy and always wanted to do something different but with a purpose of helping others.

I prepare for my first day, get ready in my black suit dress with minimum makeup, only eye liner and lip gloss and tie my hair in a bun. I’m staying with my grandparents as my parents died long back in a crash leaving me all alone to fight this cruel world. However, my relatives took pity on me and didn’t send me to a foster home. Instead, my grandpa did every possible thing to make me independent and well qualified.

I reached school in fifteen minutes. It is not very far from my home. Being first day of the job, I didn't want to get late so I left home a little early. As I enter the building, the classrooms and the hustle bustle of students in the corridor reminds me about my School days. Always a shy girl I was and focused only on studies. After my brief Introduction with my colleagues; Principal Sir Mr. Jacob asked the peon to guide me the way to my office.

The counseling room of the School, now my office, is quite spacious with two cushioned chairs and a wooden table in the centre. There is a locker as well where I can keep my case files safe.

I will prefer a friendly approach with my students as dealing with teenagers is not going to be that easy. I'm all prepared even the students seem to be curious to meet me as well.

“Mam how to cope up with a heart break?” A shy looking girl approached me and now she is sitting opposite to me. Her questioning and blabbering reminds me about my adolescence, when I was fighting with my struggles.

“Well, what actually do you expect from a relationship?” I use my probing skills to know her mental state.

I never had any flings during my teenage because of my religious upbringing or Orthodox Christian beliefs of my grandfather. Yet I'm here helping and guiding the young generation to a positive direction.

During my lunch break, I was looking for a cafeteria when a student approached me and asked me if he could discuss his family problems with me. I told him to meet me in my office after the break to which he agreed and went with his friends.

“May I sit here, if you don't mind?”

I look up from my book and see a tall and handsome man carrying a tray with coffee and snacks, ready to sit on a vacant seat at my table in the cafeteria.

“Please be comfortable Mister....?”

“Im Victor Smith, English teacher and you are our new Counselor I guess?”

“Yes, nice to meet you Mr. Smith. I’m Misha Hardy but please call me Misha.”

"So how do you like our School and Students?"

“Well it’s nice and today is my first day which is not so bad.” I say shrugging my shoulders.

“Great to know that you like it.”

“You like to read books?” Victor asked me, eyeing the book, which was currently in my hold.

“Yes whenever I get some ME time, I prefer reading books or listening to soft music.”

He is a nice man and showed me the auditorium and Chapel inside the School premises, and also told me to come to English department in case there is any problem.

During our conversation, I realized that Victor never wanted to be a teacher but because of family problems, he opted for a teaching job. He wanted to be a Pilot but destiny has some other plans.

I’m blessed as I got a job in my first attempt but in my personal life I’m still waiting for my Mr. Perfect.


Author's Note

Hello Readers !!

This is my first book that is unedited so kindly bear with the grammatical errors. I'm not a writer but just giving it a try so your comments and review would be appreciated. Hope you like my story.

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