Not Born To Love

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Lana Cooper has been through her fair share of trauma throughout her life; she was worn out, careless and close to giving up on everything until she made a big decision to get answers to the questions she had always asked. Problem was, there was a catch - 'Retrieve three vital pieces of information from billionaire daughter, Yasmyn DeLuca.' But it's not always that simple when you've slept with your target.

Romance / Erotica
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mature scenes ahead

“Will you just listen to me for one second?!”

The blonde flinched at the brunette’s scream but nodded for her to go on.

“I am sorry. I wanted to tell you, I really did but-”

“But what? Give me one good reason.”

There was a silence between the two and the blonde shook her head in disbelief sadly before the brunette opened her mouth to speak again.

“Just don’t.” The blonde whispered.

“I’m gonna tell you everything when we get out of here, ok?”

The blonde didn’t reply, she was staring at something with fear evident in her grey eyes.

The brunette swiftly turned to see what she was so scared of.

“So you’ve decided to betray me.”

I should start from the beginning.

Fear was never something I embraced. I saw it as a weakness. But my biggest fear was the ocean and I never knew why.

From the age of four, I had nightmares about the ocean.

I never understood why.

The same recurring dream.

A boat, a lifejacket and the ocean.

Every single time, I would fall into the ocean and be on an everlasting float down.

Eventually as I grew up, the insomnia entered and it became a rare nightmare.

But I had changed throughout, I knew about the type of person that I was, and I hated it.

I hated myself.

I hated everything that I had gone through.

Hatred was so strong in my heart, that I would do anything, anything and everything to get the answers and revenge I wanted.


“This is not a good idea, Lana.”

“You always say that, Kade.” I say, raising a beer bottle up to my lips.

“I think you’ve had enough now.” Kade attempts to pull it out of my grasp.

I look up at him with drunk anger, keeping a firm grip on the bottle.
“Is a girl not allowed to have some fun these days? Especially on her birthday?”


If you asked 5 year old me what she thought she would be doing in 13 years on her birthday, she wouldn’t reply, she would probably be sat on the bottom step of the stairs, waiting.

For what?

For silence.

“Well, of course you are, but not when I’ve already taken you out to your favorite restaurant, two clubs and we’ve crashed a college party. Seriously, what more do you want?”

I raise my eyebrows in disbelief.
“Are you actually asking me this? What more do I want?!” I slur my words. “You know exactly what I want.” I say harshly.

Kade has a guilty look on his face and doesn’t meet my eyes.

He takes a deep breath.

It’s funny because I know I hurt people, I just can’t stop it.

“Lana please, alright. We have work in 30 minutes.”

I roll my eyes and look away from him.

“I only need 15.” I reply, looking at a girl from across the room.

I’d been seeing her quite recently at these parties ever since we got back to New York. Sure, I would stare at her but a lot of the time I would find her eyes on me too.

Kade followed my eyes, shouting over the music. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Not at all.”

The girl looks in our direction and looks me up and down then as if knowing exactly what we’re talking about, she rolls her eyes disgusted and goes to talk to someone.

A few seconds later, she passes by, I give her a wink and she huffs. I smirk at her annoyed face.

“You know, I don’t think she’s into you.” Kade says with a laugh.

I give Kade a glare then look back at the girl, the guy next to her looked like he was flirting with her but she seemed disinterested, drawing circles with her finger on her solo cup.

I know where I would like her fingers on me.

“What do you mean? Everyone is.” I say cockily.

“Have you ever given it a thought that maybe she’s..straight?” I can sense the tiny bit of hope in his voice.

Kade isn’t that bad looking but to be honest, she looks way out of his league.

I shrug and continue looking at the girl.
“A lot of them are.”

She walks past us again, this time very close to me with two full cups.

She looks at me with an evil smirk and instantly I know what’s coming.

The blonde deliberately barges into me and dumps the cups down my top.

People around us gasp.

She shrugs at me, mouthing an ‘oops’ and walks away.

Everyone watches her go in shock, her friends or minions follow behind her, not surprised.

The guy who was flirting with her, shakes his head and begins to talk to another girl.

“Told you college parties here are shit.” Kade chuckles at my wet appearance. I shove him slightly and grit my teeth.

A guy who was sitting nearby hands me a napkin while staring at my wet chest.

“Thanks.” I say curtly before turning away from him.

“That bitch.” I groan as I pull my tank top from sticking onto me and I feel a huge migraine coming through already.

“Lemme guess, you want to leave now? I’ll be in the car,” Kade checks his phone. “You have twenty four minutes to get dry and somewhat sober, tick tock.”

I roll my eyes but go through the hallways, quickly finding the restroom.

I take off my jacket and put it to the side then I splash cold water on my face and turn around and leaning against the sink.

Definitely not the most effective way to sober up for work but it’s something.

I’m instantly ready to shout at someone as the bathroom door opens but my mouth slowly turns into a smirk once I realize who it is.

What’s a good birthday without any teasing?

“Shit.” This was the first time I had ever heard her speak.

“This is a strange place to want to have sex with me.” I tease, raising my eyebrows and looking around the bathroom.

“What? I-”

“I mean, there are better places than the restroom.” I smirk, seemingly getting on her nerves.

“Ugh.” She shakes her head and turns on her heels.

I rush to block the door.
“Leaving? But we haven’t even done anything yet.”

She steps back and looks at me, one hand on her hip.

“Yeah? And we never will.”

“You say that now but..”

Our eyes stay fixed on each other, her grey ones glaring me down and my green ones holding amusement.

“Get out of my way.” She says in a steady voice.

“Sorry, no can do.”

She takes a step forward. “Move.”

“That’s not very polite.” I feign a pout.

“Do I look like I care? Get out of my way or I will-”

“You’ll what, blondie? Pour more drinks on me?” I hum, extremely amused at this point.

I’m having too much fun with this.

Her cloudy grey eyes stayed on my face as she tried to figure out what to say.

After a second, she snapped out of her trance and took another step.

“Seriously, can you just let me go?” She huffs, running a hand through her blonde midlength hair.

For a second, I feel a hint of guilt but I push it away quickly, I’ll hold a grudge.

“How about...” I twirl my hair around my finger. “ make me?”

Her eyes flicker onto my lips quickly.

“No thank you.” The blonde reaches for the door handle, she looks up at me when it doesn’t open.

I’m not giving up, just yet.

When our eyes meet, I can see that they’ve darkened immensely.

They’re no longer cloudy grey, they’re almost black with clear lust.

Her dark eyes look back to my lips, before returning to my eyes but meeting my lips once again.

I take one step closer, our bodies almost touching.

I don’t waste time.

I pull her body close to mine and press our lips together.

Her lips are soft, they move with mine immediately and her arms curl around my neck.

I push her into the nearest stall and locking it fast.

Our lips hungrily attack each other, each kiss becoming firmer and firmer, the taste of liquor sitting on our lips.

I snake my arm around her waist, pulling her even closer.

Her tongue presses against my lips, and she slides her tongue across my bottom lip. I open my mouth slightly, allowing the blonde access.

One of her hands slides in my curly locks and grips onto them firmly.
I pull on her bottom lip with my teeth then suck on it softly which makes her hand grip onto my hair tighter, I can tell she’s trying not to moan and it is throwing me off.

I pull away from her now bruised and swollen lips and begin to trail kisses down on her jaw and neck.

It’s not long before I find her soft spots, I suck on different weak areas on her tanned skin ruthlessly, making sure to leave a mark wherever.

Her hands grip tighter and tighter, in my hair and on my neck.

She takes one hand off of my neck, her long nails grazing my skin and pulls my wet tank top off, throwing it on the stall wall then moving her hands up my stomach to my bra.

She swiftly unclasps it and throws it on the stall wall as well, hands cupping my breasts.

Her legs slightly move apart, so I take an opportunity to lift my knee in between her thighs, her breath hitches as I grind my knee on her hot core through her shorts.

Her eyes are kept on my chest as she fondles with one breast but she struggles to keep focus with the feeling, making her bite her bottom lip so harshly that she almost draws blood.

I unbutton her cropblouse, feeling her tense when my fingers touch a certain place.

She has an easy tell.

Lucky for me, she’s not wearing a bra, which makes it a lot easier.

I lick and begin to suck, as well continuing to grind my thigh on her core, feeling a wetness through her shorts.

She lets out a low but long moan in my ear, squeezing my chest in the moment and my body shivers at the sound.

And I can’t help but smirk at the fact that she couldn’t take it anymore.

I place my hand on her left breast softly massaging it through her top, feeling her erect nipple through the thin fabric.

One hand is placed on her revealed stomach and she doesn’t waste anytime placing her hand over mine and slowly guiding it down.

I smooth my fingers over her lace panties, rubbing them up and down, feeling the arousal in her pants increasing.

She moans, gripping onto my hand.

“Please.” She lets out another moan of despair.

I feel my own wetness dampening the fabric of my jeans at the sound of those moans.

I quickly move her panties aside and I slide my fingers through her wet folds, circling my fingers around her whole sex but avoiding only one part.

A whimper comes out of her mouth as I pull off her blouse and throw it on the door.

She pulls us closer, making my knee grind into her core even more than before and my fingers slightly plunge into her.

She releases another loud sensual moan. Pulling my knee away, I slowly push two fingers inside her, debating whether to add another.

Her thighs tighten around my fingers as I thrust them in and out of her sex, her hips thrusting with them during every movement.

“Bet you don’t want me to get out of your way now.” I whisper her into her ear as she pants.

“No,” She pauses looking at my lips then into my eyes again. “I don’t.”

Her hands grip tighter around me and we connect our lips back together drunkly.

“You in here, Italia?” A drunk voice says.

I feel her heart stop suddenly against me, we both pull apart from the kiss quickly, looking at each other.

Her breath grows shallow and legs squeeze tighter around my fingers. “I’m close.” She mouths and looks at me with panic.

If we continue, it’s going to be real awkward for the person out there.

She takes a deep trembling breath and stops my ministrations with her hand.

“Italia? I know you’re in here.” The voice repeats.

She bites down onto her knuckle while I slowly pull out my fingers.

She lets out a little moan at the loss of contact and replies shakily.

I widen my eyes.
She knows them.
She’s Italia.

I pick my bra and wet top off from the stall and pull them back on.

She discreetly pulls her blouse from the door, careful to not let the person outside notice.

“Where have you been?” The drunk voice of, now I realized, a guy demanded.

“And why does that matter?” She snaps in frustration as she buttons up her blouse.

“Because as your boyfriend, I should know what you are doing at all times and what you are doing, also it’s what your dad wants.”

I remain silent, although the sudden urge to tell him to fuck off does come up.

“There is going to be an ‘ex’ in front of that term if you don’t stop acting like my father’s little bitch.”

Rich kid problems. Spare me.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” His voice came closer to the stall. “But where the hell have you been?”

We exchange quick looks.

“I took a walk. ..Then, I came here. That’s it.”

She looked down at her chest and lower neck covered in red marks then at me, most likely blaming me for them.

I give her a wink, and earn a loathsome glare in return.

“Okay whatever, Italia.” He says that name again.

“Italia?” I mouth to her.

She ignores me and looks at the door warningly as if he could see her glare.
“Stop calling me that, James.”

The name rings a bell in my mind.

“Whatever you want, princess.”
We both grimace at the response.

Perhaps it was just the sound of a man’s voice, but it didn’t sound right coming from him.

“Is this jacket yours by the sink?” He asks.

No, that’s mine.

I watch as she looks back at her hickeys and thinks.

“Yep. It’s mine.” She answers.

It’s my turn to give her a loathsome glare.

“We’ll meet again.” She whispers.

I clench my jaw knowing that we won’t because of W.A.E.

“Oh yeah, are you good by the way? I could have sworn I heard a groan or something like that when I came in.”

‘Italia’s’ cheeks slightly reddened, not meeting my eyes.
“Oh..uh. I fell on something.”

“I get the weirdest vibe in here, can we go?” He speaks out.

“Fine, James. Give me a sec.”

We interchanged last looks before she slipped out of the stall, most indefinitely taking the jacket then leaving.

I walk out of the stall straight away as soon as she left.

The jacket, gone.

Not surprised.

I wash my hands then I leave the bathroom and rushing downstairs, walking straight past everyone in the room.

Kade was sitting in his black Camaro and he did not look joyful.

I don’t speak, getting into the car cautiously.

Kade is a generally chill person but when he’s mad, that’s a different person.

He immediately starts driving.
“You’re supposed to be redeeming yourself right now.”

I stay silent and reach out to the backseat to change my top.

“Lana, you’re different and I’m worried.”

I ignore him, putting on a grey sweater then slipping out my tank top from underneath.

“I don’t know what to do anymore, should I change my-”

“No.” I shout and spin my body around to look at Kade. “Kade. Do you want me to spiral even more than I already am? I know you don’t like how I act but you can’t tell me how to grieve.” I snap.

He sighs and we drive in silence until we arrive.

“Where’s your jacket?” Kade asks knowing exactly the origin of it.


“Where is your infamous jacket?” Kade almost demands.

“I didn’t wear it today, idiot.” I lie.

“No, you’re the idiot. Everyone knows that you wear it everyday.”
Kade raises an eyebrow like I usually do to him.

“Not anymore, I want to forget it at all and that jacket doesn’t help.” I say so naturally that I’m pretty sure I’m not lying anymore.

I bring Kade to silence again and we walk to our desks.

“Agent Cooper, Agent Green.” Roscoe walks out of his office.
“You have a new assignment.”

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