EXTREMES: When Hate Crossed The Line

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"I'm not gonna take some god-damned bread off your table nah you're just gonna bring something else. " Leo White says with a dark look etched on his features.


"Imma fuck you up on that frail lil table till it breaks, that's on some major respect and discipline for you. If you ever make a pass at him or say a word to him, I'll make sure you regret it for the rest of your University years. " Leo squares his taut shoulders towering over the defiant junior student.

"I hear you," He gulps loudly tensing at Leo's words that invite a cold wash of negative feelings through out his body.

"We good?" Leo's voice comes out as harsh as he intended.


"Don't ever let me hear that shit bubbling past your lips or else you're dead like literally dead. Now scoot." The young man, heaving in fear of Leo's threats, scuttles to the wide open door.

"Don't you think that was a little harsh?" His bestfriend Drew asks as he closes the door after the young guy.

"I know I came off strong but stop questioning my intentions each time I try to discipline these kids." Leo takes a seat on his designated chair as the University's president.

"All this for an enemy? You've got some strange ways of displaying your hatred for the mighty Kayden Stone." Drew scoffs as he sits at the corner of Leo's office desk.

"Hey, it's my job to protect the reputation of the WhiteStone family. I can't let a stupid face date Kayden because he's trying to prove a point. Kay and I may be enemies but we have duties to each other and that goes for you too." Leo defends himself while perusing the swim team budget.

"Okay next time don't stop on my account but had I not been here you would've mulled that kid, thank heavens for my presence." Drew raises his hands in surrender and takes a seat across Leo.

"You know me better, I don't do kids." Leo rolls his eyes opening his desk drawer and fishes out a file then tosses it to his buff friend.

"What's this?"

"Kayden's University schedule. I need you to find out other allergies he has ontop of those I listed and make sure each time he's on coaching duty it's safe for him to use it." He pulls his seat back and takes out a checkbook from a bag propped up against the window seal.

"I checked the swimming pool it's safe but the lights are off, the bulb lights you ordered will be delivered after three days."

"Can't you speed it up, that Moana will be a nuisance if I close it for three days? Kayden likes swimming at night but you know he's not fond of darkness." He shuffles in his drawer searching for something.

"Leo how long are you going to keep doing this to yourself. It's not healthy man just—"

"Shut up." He cuts Drew off before he even finishes, "I'm doing this for the sake of my family ok?"

"Fine but we both know this is costly and your one month allowance won't cover the expenses." Drew advises feeling pity for his best friend because of what he has to go through all the time. If only Kayden knew Drew thinks still looking at Leo.

"I've got some money saved up don't worry about it and if it gets too expensive Logan owes me a few favors so it's safe to say everything is under control. Just do as I requested please, we both know I can't trust anyone else on this besides you and Jake." He signs the check hurriedly then hands it to Drew before putting on his blazer and shutting off his laptop.

"This much for safety? No let me rephrase it, this much for an enemy and if the expenses are more than your budget your brother will cover it?" He cocks his perfect brow as he stands to leave.

"Just do it will you? Stop asking so many questions you're starting to sound like Noah." Leo rolls his eyes and sighs heavily making his way to the door.

"Whatever you say but you owe me big-time bro." Drew follows him and shuts the door lock on his way out.

"This year alone I have written thirty assignments for you and there are pending projects which I know fully well you ain't gonna pass with your low class attendance. What's this measle request compared to your recklessness that I cover up every day?" The cocky president folded his arms on his chest and looked at Drew squarely.

"Fine fine smart mouth you win. I'll get on the immediacy after your so called speech. If I may I ask why do you even bother talking to the students about budgets and whatnot? You know they don't care about it, most of them are from wealthy families anyways."

"My duty is not dictated by anyone's wealth and I do it because I'm the president. Who else is gonna handle all those boring meetings, seminars and gatherings, certainly not you? Besides, you seem to forget I also come from wealth, actually I'm from the wealthiest family in the city." He smirks rounding a corner to the vast students' hall.

"You're such a cocky bastard no wonder Kayden hates you." Drew pushed him playfully and Leo chuckled as they composed themselves to go up the podium in a few minutes. Leo's cellphone vibrates, it is the mayor's office calling. He excuses himself to receive it and when he reaches a more conspicuous place he answers.

Leo: Hello Mr. Winston I'm so glad you called me back.

Mayor Winston: Young master what has you blowing up my phone all day?

Leo: I'm sorry to disturb you sir. It's about the students trip that we talked about, the swim team club. I haven't heard from you since then and I was wondering if I could get the clearance sooner than I requested due to the weather changes.

Mayor: What has the weather got to do with this trip?

Leo: There are some students who have a serious nyctophobia and if there's a storm during the aforementioned date there's no saying how it will affect them after the power goes out.

Mayor: Nyctophobia? Young master this is a lot to ask I have a schedule lined up I can't push it sooner but I can change it for a later date. If I do make changes they'll be double charges incurred for the hall. Is the Methan University willing to pay for that?

Leo: I'll make sure to pay whatever amount is needed as long as the students are safe.

Mayor: Call my office tomorrow I'll ask my assistant to see if she can fit your club in the City Hall's schedule.

Leo: Ok one more thing.

Mayor: What is it now boy I have work to do?

Leo: Will you be available. It would mean a great deal.

Mayor: What's in it for me?

Leo: I thought it was your job sir but it's polite to ask.

Mayor: Ofcourse it is but I have so much work to do I can't leave my job because you asked me to be available for your measle request.

Leo: I need this sir. I will do anything to get it.

Mayor: Whoever you're doing this for must be important. Alright make sure you make me look good on the paper and I want to shine for the next coming elections. Can you do that?

Leo goes silent for a moment debating on whether he should take the offer or find another way. Mayor Winston is well known for his unscrupulous ways of getting anything done and he is not the most likable person in the country but Leo needs this.

Leo: You have my word.

Mayor: I will let you know when I'm available.

Leo: But sir—

Mayor: Do you want this or not?

Leo: I do.

Mayor: Then we'll do it my way. First off pay for the hall booking, it is easier that way. First come first serve and if you're late it's your funeral.

The phone goes dead on the other end signalling that it has been cut off. Leo's family may be wealthy but his father taught him to live within his means. He has money saved up, enough to pay for the booking but he has to also dip in his lunch pockets meaning he will be having cafeteria food for the rest of the month until the next one.

Leo White, twenty years of age, is the son of Jerry White the wealthiest construction company co-owner——WhiteStone Company. Leo is well-known for his striking looks and highest GPA in Methan City University. His rivalry with Kayden Stone, son of David Stone the co-owner of the WhiteStone company, dates a decade and a half back with the latter always at the receiving end. Kayden Stone is popular for his feminine looks with long silver blonde hair that reaches past his shoulders. Kayden is quiet, always mistaken for a woman because of his slim curves and lack porcelain skin. He is both handsome and beautiful, an uncanny resemblance to his mother Marley Stone. Growing up under the shadow of wealth, Kayden always keeps to himself with a small circle of friends. Although exceptionally skilled in chess and swimming, Kayden prefers to focus more on his studies than anything else. He spends twice the allocated studying time only to get an average pass or fail because of his lack of academical comprehension. He is not gifted in the words department but tries by all means to gather as much knowledge with the time given. He holds no bone of contention for Leo however, the constant ridicule from the president leaves him with no choice but to act accordingly—hate him too.

".....if there are anymore questions feel free to come to my office tomorrow after lunch. Lastly, I would like the head leader of the swim team to stay behind and see me in my office immediately. That will be all for today till next time you're dismissed."

All students file out of the University hall leaving only a few who are in the swim team club.

"I hope that jerk gives you his signature today and hopefully clears you off because it's been a month since you requested this trip." Moana says to her bestfriend Kayden Stone.

"I hope so too, these kids are looking up to me for answers and I can't bear letting them down anymore." Kayden says quietly as he makes his way to Leo's office.

"Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm his secretary but he doesn't let me in on what's keeping him from signing the documents. It's unfair but this is Leo and he does as he pleases. Albeit, don't let him bully you into cleaning the toilets again ok?" Moan pats him on the shoulder with a hopeful smile.

"It's not like I have a choice in the matter. Right now I'll do just about anything for him as long as the trip's on." He gave up hope a long time ago, Leo always puts him up into doing the most outrageous activities whenever he requests anything.

When Moana separates from Kayden the slim man gets to Leo's office door, takes a deep breath and inwardly prays for good news before knocking twice.

"Come in." Leo's voice echoes inside and as soon as Kayden opens the door he is met with a smug look on Leo's face.

"Hie." Kayden greets taking a seat across the brunette.

"Hie. Let me get straight to the point. You're not going on this trip for the next few weeks unless you do something for me." He interlocks his fingers together smiling devilishly at Kayden.

"Leo please I need this. I know you hate me but these kids rely on me, if I can't meet their expectations what kind of a leader am I?" Kayden begs tears brimming his huge black orbs. He knows Leo is always out to bully him but he thought at least this time he will hear him out.

"I know but you see that's not my problem, I never promised anything. I always deliver when I want to so deal with it pretty face. Now back to my point, your task is to buy me lunch everyday until I say it's time for you to stop. Understand?" Leo gives him a cheeky smile and Kayden nods unable to open his mouth. Any negative thoughts he had barricaded come flooding back with so much force they render him speechless.

"One other thing, you're not using the swimming pool for the next three days and that goes for all the other swimming areas. You can go." He dismisses him with a wave of his hand and opens his laptop bag ignoring the other man's sullen face. Kayden nods unable to piece together Leo's intentions and stands to leave.

"Lunch starts now, you have approximately an hour to get it. Don't be late I'm starving." As soon as Kayden closes the door Leo's mask falls off and he lets out a long shaky breath. Drew opens the door shortly after Kayden's exit and sits on the corner of the desk. Leo gestures for him to keep quiet before unlocking his mobile and dialing his brother's number.

Logan: Hello.

Leo: Hey bro.

Logan: What can I do for the mighty Leo? I'm surprised you called but I know you only call when you need something. Need me to get some girls off your back again? Logan laughs heartily from the other end.

Leo: Do you remember that favor you owe me? Leo ignores his brother's teasing and gets straight to the point

Leo: Whoah! You don't waste anytime do you? You're not even gonna check up on me or pretend to?

Leo: No. I don't do small talk and this call is important, so do you remember?

Logan: Yep. The one you said you'll use when it's something important wada wada.

Leo: It's time to pay up.

Logan: how much?

Leo: three times my allowance.

Logan: What the hell? That's too much. He screeches and Leo winces at the ringing noise in his ears.

Leo: Stop being dramatic Logan. You're like five years older but you still screech like a banshee in heat.

Logan: Nah ah be careful how you address me I'm still your older brother.

Leo: I need it by the end of today, stop whining or else I will go back on my word.

Logan: You're such a prick you know that?. Noah's gonna ask why I want this much, you know he's always on top of everything.

Leo: You own a company bro stop being so stringy. Besides, I need this ok it's important and it's the only chance I have.

Logan: And I assume you won't tell me what it is.

Leo: Just transfer the money into Drew's account

Logan: Fine. Is that all?

Leo: Not a word to anyone, that'll be all.

Logan: Whatever you say.

Leo ends the call and exhales a satisfactory breathe.

"Transfer half of that amount to swim team club it's for their expenses for the trip. The rest make sure it covers Kayden's health and safety at the cafeteria since he loves it so much. I don't get why he chooses to eat from here when he can afford to buy healthy food." Leo stretches his legs and puts them on the desk.

"The price for customized meals has gone up by ten percent, just thought you should know." Leo advises.

"Don't worry about it, the amount is enough for the whole semester and the next. Kayden will be back in thirty minutes try cheering him up when he gets here." He says averting his eyes to his laptop.

"You screwed up again?" Drew shakes his head in disapproval.

"Just do it will you? Remember I promised to do your project for you, I'm on it as we speak." He says typing away a report.

"I will do you a favor and ask him out, that way—"

"If you have an early death wish repeat what you just said." He threatens with a dark look on his face and Drew smirks at him.

"Possessive much."

"Shut up."





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