My Thug Fiancee

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Hate , love , Jealousy, Fiancee, romance, lust He hated her the most and unexpectedly was forced to engage with her....She was a thug , which he hated and as they were forced to live under same roof which brought them together and he finally fell in love with her...but it was not too long they were separated and she missed him when he was far away....He then came back and they reconciled....then what happens???

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

She was a thug in her college with a gang full of boys who luved to spend their days with her and even the teachers can't stop them... she hates girls gossiping about others and so she has a very few girlfriends which can be counted with fingers....she was hated by him for her arrogant behaviour... unexpectedly they both were engaged in their final year...they both hated each other and he who never wanted such a girl as his future wife was forced to engage with her... and the story goes with the male lead getting jealous of the guys who are close with day he grabs her wrist and pulls her to the wall to say "I hate ur fucking behaviour with the guys".....


I was a girl with no aim and only wanted to enjoy my college days with my family....yea they are my family Kevin,Lathan,Snr Sam and some other guys , our gang was with 12 boys and one girl, its me. I'm a member of student union council...and people call me thug since dress, walk and act in that way..they never knew my own character unless they talk with me so I keep myself away from those people and I stay away from home because my parents never show love to me and force me to do everything...I wanted to study in my own interest so I promised them in exchange with that they can ask me do anything as a wish for them....they agreed it and I stayed in dorm and I had two cute roomates who never fights with me or others and that was my first year I knew very few people in my hostel and I spend my time shopping with my friends and my parents used to give me monthly allowance which is very much enough to spend my everyday life .... With my friends I used to go to coffee shop after our classes and spend most of our happiness and sadness times together frnds used to smoke...I hate people who smoke but I was unconditionally in love with them all so I ignored it and Kevin was close to me so I never wanted him to smoke.. whenever he smokes I fight with him and make up the next day...he really cares about me and so me.

I was always afraid of what I promised my parents and in which way they will ask me to compensate.

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