Dream of Me

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Chapter 10

For the second day in a row Ava found herself getting frustrated. She wasn’t having any luck searching the web and knew that, in order to get any answers, she would have to find either the spell caster or the witch that the clinic had spoken to when Eric was first cursed. After all of her research she was not confident in either option, but she didn’t know what else to do.

She thought about her two options for a moment as she gazed at Eric. Trying to find the witch that originally cast the curse was going to be next to impossible without putting herself in danger. Obviously the person who had hired the witch wanted Eric out of the way and she was positive that they were not going to hesitate to hurt anyone they thought might be helping him.

That left trying to talk to the witch that originally tried to break the curse. She knew that Carol would have her contact information, or her name at the very least, but she wasn’t sure how to ask her for it. At this point, with everything that had happened with Gray, she was unsure who to trust any more. She like Carol and Emily but, even if they were her friends like she hoped, she didn’t want to put them in danger by getting them involved.

Where would that information be kept? She thought to herself as she closed her laptop. There was no point in continuing to search for something that wasn’t there. She closed her eyes as she pictured Carol’s mess of an office. If she were Carol, where would she keep information like that? Even better, would there be notes so that she wouldn’t have to contact the witch?

Suddenly the answer hit her and she stood up with a small smile. Eric’s patient record! If the information she needed was anywhere it would be with his record and his medical charts. It was probably too much to hope that everything the witch had said was also written down but it should at least give her a name she could search for.

She paused in her celebration as the gravity of the situation sunk in. The medical records were kept in two places; electronic and accessible from any clinic computer and in physical files which were locked in the basement. Neither of which she had access to as a volunteer. She was back to square one essentially unless she could figure out how to break into the record room or how to hack into one of the computers. She shook her head. She was not good at sneaking around or breaking into things and now she was on a time line. She had to do it in 5 days or Gray was going to come for her and she already knew what her answer would have to be at that point. She wouldn’t risk Eric’s life no matter how much it would destroy her.

Make that four days.... she thought with a sigh as she looked out the window to see the sun slowly setting behind the mountains. It was the end of another day and she had accomplished nothing.

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