Dream of Me

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Chapter 2

Mine. She thought to herself as she gazed at the male in front of her. He looked familiar, and yet she couldn’t think of his name. The only thought running through her and wolf’s mind was one word: Mine. She knew instinctively that he was her mate and she could feel her wolf longing to go to him and claim him. But no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t reach him or see his face. The only thing she could see was his blonde hair and his muscular body. He was strong and his scent was intoxicating; a heady mix of forest and ocean that made her want to run to him all the more. But she couldn’t move. She tried to call out to him and she watched as he started to turn towards her.

“BEEPBEEPBEEP...” the blaring of the alarm clock jolted her out of her dream and back into reality with a start. She sighed as she shut off the alarm and laid back down for a moment, trying in vain to calm her racing heart and the ache between her legs. She had been having the same dream for the last week, ever since she began her volunteer work at the clinic, and she still didn’t know what it meant. Did people usually dream about their mates so vividly? She had had the odd sex dream before but never anything so realistic.

She sighed once more before making her way out of bed and into the bathroom for a cold shower. The dream always left her hot, bothered, and aching for more. Worse, it left her wolf feeling angry and frustrated. It was as if she was trying to tell her something and was getting more and more upset with Ava for not understanding. Her wolf was elemental in nature, another part of her soul, but she was still a wolf; all instinct and feeling rather than actual words. Maybe she needed to spend some more time in her wolf form, it had been a while since she had gone for a run in the woods around pack land and she was starting to wonder if most of this wasn’t just due to her wolf being restless.

She made a mental note to go for a long run after her shift was over and quickly got ride to drive over to the clinic. Fifteen minutes later she found herself in what had become her spot, the chair next to Eric’s bed. She had begun reading out loud to him a couple of days prior and had found that Carol was correct when she said he seemed to enjoy it. He smiled and seemed to relax slightly as she read as if he could hear was she was saying. She still didn’t know the full story of who he was or how he came to be there, but she was happy that she could bring him some sort of comfort.

“Belle gazed down at the Beast as he strode around the courtyard,” she continued. She was a sucker for romance and Beauty and Beast was her favorite story. She found it slightly odd to be reading it to a grown man, but she figured he wouldn’t really care one way or another.

On her lunch break Ava sought out Carol to ask her some questions. She wanted to know more about the strange man she had been put in charge of. Not that she thought she would be much help, she was not trained in medicine after all, but she was curious. She found Carol in her office and entered after knocking and hearing Carol’s answering greeting to enter.

“Hi Carol,” she said as she entered the cramped office. “I hope I’m not interrupting.”

“Not at all,” Carol said as she cleaned off a chair next to the desk and motioned for Ava to sit. “What can I do for you?”

“I was hoping you could tell me a little more about Eric. I know it’s none of my business but if I’m going to be watching him I’d like to know more about what happened to him.” Carol looked at her for a second, an odd look on her face that Ava couldn’t quite read and she wondered if she had made a mistake in asking.

“There is a lot about Eric that must be kept secret,” she said after a moment. “I understand why you are curious but, unfortunately, it is too dangerous for anyone to know who he is or where he is. Until he wakes up we have to keep his identity a secret. What I can tell you is that his coma is not the result of any known injury or illness. He was found this way in his room one morning. There is a strong suspicion that witchcraft is involved, hence the secrecy among other reasons. I’m sorry that I cannot tell you anything else.”

Ava smiled slightly. Carol really did look apologetic and it made her think that there were definitely higher powers at work keeping her quiet. She didn’t want to get her in trouble with anyone so she assured her that she understood and was happy for the information before leaving the office.

In truth the conversation had only made her more curious about Eric, even with the talk of witchcraft. Who was he really? Obviously he was someone important to warrant all of this secrecy, but the only person she knew of from the pack who was missing was the Alpha’s son. Could this be him? No one had seen him or knew what happened to him. Ava was young when he disappeared and she couldn’t remember his name but, if they were trying to keep his identity a secret, it wouldn’t surprise her if they had given him a fake name.

Soon enough she found herself back in Eric’s room, still thinking about everything Carol hadn’t told her. She sat for a moment, lost in thought, staring at Eric. He did look a little like the old Alpha, she thought absently, but she just couldn’t be sure. Why would anyone want to curse the son of the Alpha anyway? What would they possibly have to gain? As far as she knew her pack did not have any enemies. The only thing they had to worry about were the rogues but they were too feral to think of attack plans let along enlist the help of a witch for a master plot.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a groan from Eric. Ava sat up quickly, concerned by the distress in that sound, to see his face contorted in sadness. She didn’t know what was wrong and began to panic slightly. She remembered Carol saying that this happened when he was left alone but she was sitting right there. She quickly picked up the book and began to read again, hoping that the sound of her voice would calm him down again before he got too upset.

At the sound of her voice he quieted down almost instantly and she was surprised at how quickly a smile came back to his face. She continued to read but in her head she wondered why he had been so upset. Could he tell that she was concerned about him? No, that didn’t make any sense. They didn’t have any connection beyond her being his caretaker during the day and, although they were linked by the pack bond, he wouldn’t have been able to sense her personally. The only one who could do that was the Alpha. She thought back to her earlier thoughts about him being the Alpha’s son. Could he really be him?

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