Dream of Me

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Chapter 3

Ava inhaled the scents of forest around her, happy that her shift was finally over. It really had been too long since she had let her wolf run free and had taken the time to relax in the woods. She quickly shed her clothes and put them in one of the baskets that lined the edge of the forest for just such a purpose before shifting into her wolf form.

Her wolf stretched lazily at finally being free and able to move around. She could feel her human side rolling her eyes at her and chuffed happily before loping off into the woods. She could tell that her human side was just as happy to be in the woods as she was. The wolf was larger than a regular wolf, as was normal for shifters, with jet black fur and glowing green eyes to match her human half.

She could sense other wolves moving through the woods but she had no desire to interact with anyone else from her pack. She had sensed something important when her human side had been at work earlier but was frustrated at her inability to communicate what it was. She could feel that her human side was apologetic, Ava could sense her wolf’s frustration with her, but she ignored her for the moment. She wanted this time to herself to explore and stretch. She headed towards the sound of the river, her favorite spot in the woods.

She played in the water for a while, enjoying the thrill of trying to catch the fish that were abundant in the river, and ignoring her human side who was still trying to work out the feelings coming from the wolf. Finally Ava pushed to the forefront as the sun began to set. They had to get home before it got too late and Ava did not like being in the woods alone after dark. The wolf understood and slowly made her way back to where they had entered the forest, allowing Ava control once again to shift to her human form.

Ava breathed in the night air as she grabbed her clothes and got dressed. She really had been putting it off and she knew that those past couple of hours had done wonders for both her and her wolf. She resolved to try to be more diligent about letting her wolf run in the future and not put it off for so long.


Ava moaned as his hands caressed her and his lips kissed her neck, pausing over the pulse in her neck. His touch felt like fire and electricity and she found herself running her hands over his body, trying to get closer to him. His mouth sucked on her pulse and she moaned again as it sent a jolt to her core. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second. His scent was intoxicating, a mix of forest and ocean and it surrounded her like a fog.

“You’re mine,” he whispered in her ear as his hand reached down to cup her sex. “This body is mine and mine alone. My mate.” She gasped as he began to rub her clit, her body grinding against his hand in an attempt to get more friction. She had never felt this way, had never felt so good.

She tried to look up at his face but he only increased the movement of his hand and turned his face back into the sensitive part of her neck. She moaned louder as she felt her climax building, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

“BEEPBEEPBEEP...” Ava nearly screamed as an orgasm hit her and her alarm started blaring. She quickly shut off the alarm and laid a shaking hand over her heart. She had never had a dream be so realistic that she actually orgasmed without being touched. It was a strange experience to say the least. She could feel that her wolf was content but she couldn’t understand why and it was starting to frustrate her. It was like her wolf understood her dreams and knew what they meant.

She thought about the latest dream as she got ready for her shift at the clinic. She knew it was the same man from before, but this was the first time he had spoken and the first time she had touched him. She wondered what that meant and why the dreams were suddenly getting so intense. She felt her wolf huff in annoyance and, not for the first time, she wished that a shifter’s wolf could communicate with words rather than just feelings and intuition.

Soon enough she found herself in Eric’s room reading another book, this time the story of King Arthur. It was easy to get lost in the story and not think about the strange things that were happening. But still she found her mind wandering every now and then to the man on the bed next to her. The more she looked at him the more she thought that he looked like the man from her dreams, but that didn’t make any sense. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by a soft knock on the door before Emily walked in with a smile.

“Hi,” Ava said, marking her place in the book and setting it down.

“Hi,” Emily said walking over to check on Eric’s IV and catheter. Ava was now able to change both on her own but Emily still came in occasionally to check. Not that Ava minded, it gave her a brief break and made her more confident that she was doing every right.

“Eric needs a bath today,” Emily said, satisfied that everything was good. “Carol asked me to show you so that you could take over that job as well.” Ava felt herself blush slightly as she nodded. Even though Eric would have no idea that she was doing this, and even though she knew it was necessary, she still felt embarrassed. She had seen plenty of men naked while shifting but she had never been this close and had never touched anyone.

Ava knew that Emily could sense her embarrassment but she didn’t comment as she grabbed the supplies for the sponge bath from the en suite bathroom and brought them out to her. Ava helped her get Eric undressed and tried not to gasp as she saw him naked for the first time. Even after being in a coma for so long his shifter healing abilities had kept him in decent shape and he was still toned and muscular everywhere. She tried not to let her eyes drift to his massive cock as she watched Emily begin at his upper body with the wet sponge, being gentle but firm in her ministrations.

She handed the sponge to Ava after a moment with some further instructions and Ava began cleaning the lower half of his body. She avoided his cock for as long as she could until it was the only thing left to wash. She paused for a moment, unsure how to proceed.

“It won’t bite,” Emily said with a laugh. Ava nodded and reached for his cock, jerking back when it suddenly started getting hard. She was definitely inexperienced and was not expecting that reaction. Emily wasn’t either.

“That’s never happened before,” she said, looking at Ava curiously. “We always assumed it was part of whatever caused the coma because he never reacted to anyone washing him.”

“So what do I do?” Ava asked. His cock was already starting to go flaccid once again and she suddenly found herself wishing she could touch it again. What was that about?

“I’ll finish up,” Emily said, reaching for the sponge. Ava only nodded and watched as, just as Emily said, Eric did not react to her washing him at all. She finished quickly but Ava could see that she was still puzzled.

“I’m going to go talk to Carol,” Emily said, handing the sponge back to Ava. “Could you clean up for me? I’ll be right back.” Ava could only nod once again as Emily quickly left the room.

She looked at Eric, more curious than ever. Why was he reacting to her touch but not Emily’s? Surely he couldn’t tell the difference but, even if he did, why her? She watched as his lips moved slightly and she frowned, leaning in closer to his mouth. She had not just seen him try to talk, had she?


She jerked back with a gasp, almost falling out of her seat. She knew that voice. It had been haunting her dreams for weeks now. But it couldn’t be. A man in a coma did not suddenly start whispering words. She leaned in again, closer this time, trying to see if he would speak when she suddenly smelled it; forest and ocean.

“Ava....” She looked at Eric as she heard her name and a single word echoed in her mind. Mine.

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