Dream of Me

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Chapter 8

Ava groaned as she quickly shut off her alarm clock. Eric may only have been touching her in her dream but she was still hot and bothered in the real world. She could feel how wet her panties were and wished she had time to take care of it, at least to tide her over until that night. But she had to get ready to go to the clinic, assuming that Gray’s thugs would let her out of her house.

Getting ready as quickly as she could she headed down stairs, grabbed her bag, and opened the front door. She didn’t see anyone but that didn’t mean anything. Taking a deep breath she could smell at least 3 males nearby, most likely hiding in the woods. She stepped outside and locked her door behind her before getting in her car. No one tried to stop her as she pulled out of her driveway and headed to the clinic. It wouldn’t surprise her if she was being followed but, as long as they didn’t bother her, she was resigned to having them tail her. She pulled into the parking lot of the clinic and quickly walked inside, feeling eyes on her the whole way. She was definitely being followed.

She said hi to Emily and headed back to Carol’s office. She knew she would have to explain what happened. She just hoped that Carol wouldn’t ask her to leave. She paused outside the office door, took a deep breath, and knocked. She opened the door as she heard Carol call out to her from inside. She closed the door behind her and sat down in the usual seat, the only one that was clean.

“I am so sorry,” she began, but Carol just held up her hand.

“No need to apologize,” Carol said with a smile. “Beta Gray called and explained everything. He wanted to make sure that you didn’t get into trouble for missing your shift.”

Ava just stared at her, the surprise evident on her face. She had expected Gray to stop her from ever coming back and seeing Eric. Now he was apologizing on her behalf and making things better?

“He also wanted us to be aware of the guards that would be stationed outside for a little while,” Carol continued, oblivious to Ava’s confusion. Ava only nodded. Of course, he wanted to torment her by allowing her to see her mate but also needed an excuse for her to be watched while she was there.

“Well, thank you,” Ava said, not quite sure how to proceed.

“Of course!” Carol said with a laugh. “Eric missed you yesterday, we had to sedate him he was so upset. So please go sit with him right away. He always seems to respond well to your presence.” Ava nodded and gave Carol a small, forced smile before exiting the office and making her way to Eric’s room.

She smiled down at her mate when she entered the room. She always felt better in his presence and could see his body relaxing as well. So he really could sense when she was near. She closed the door and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead before sitting in her usual chair and pulling out her laptop.

“I know you told me to leave it alone,” she said quietly to Eric as her laptop started up. “But I can’t think of any other way to get out from under Gray and keep you safe. I need to find someone or something that can break this curse.” She watched as Eric’s face scrunched up in distress and softly stroked his hair until he relaxed again.

She paused as she looked at her laptop screen, unsure how to start. She looked at Eric, wondering if she could ask him later. Of course that did not help her right now. She sighed and quickly opened up her internet browser and went to the supernatural web. The supernatural web (Sup-Web for short) was a place well hidden on the internet for the supernatural community only. Here was where she was hoping to find information on curses and how to break them.

She went to the search bar and typed in “types of curses”. She was hoping she could figure out what type of curse Eric was under and that would narrow down the remedies to break it. But as she looked at the thousands of search results and types of curses she felt her stomach drop. This was going to take longer than she expected.

She deleted her search and tried to narrow it down by typing “sleeping curses”. She still got hundreds of results, but it was slightly better. She didn’t know what else to try so she clicked on the first link and resigned herself to having to look through each individual link until she found what she was looking for. She thought once again about going to Carol and asking her what had already been done but she didn’t want to raise any suspicions. And she couldn’t risk Gray finding out what she was up to. She settled down in the chair and resigned herself to her task, she only had 6 days left until Gray would want her answer.


“I need you to tell me if you know how to break the curse,” Ava said, looking at Eric. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed.

“I wish you wouldn’t do this,” he said once again. “I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Gray is going to take me away from you if I don’t do something!” she said angrily, trying not to cry. Eric went over to her quickly and pulled her to him.

“I know,” he said after a moment, his own anger evident in his voice. “I promise, if I knew how to break the curse I would tell you. I know that Carol and my father had a witch come to examine me when it first happened. She said that it was a unique curse and that only one person would be able to break it, but she didn’t say who that was. I was put in the clinic full time after that.”

“Only one person?” she asked, her heart heavy. How was she supposed to find one specific person? She was hoping that any witch would be able to help her.

“Hey,” Eric said, turning her face up to his. “Whatever happens, I am still your mate and you are mine. I will never let you go.” And with that he pulled her face to his and captured her lips in a punishing kiss. She gasped and he used that moment to push his tongue into her mouth. She kissed him back just as desperately, wanting to feel him everywhere.

Before she could respond he had picked her up, still kissing her, and laid her gently on her back. She moaned as he began to trail kisses down her neck to her breasts. He pulled her shirt down and pulled out one breast and then the other, sucking one taut nipple into his mouth while his other hand pinched and massaged the other. She moaned louder, the feel of his mouth on her sending shots of pure bliss straight to her pussy. She could feel herself getting wetter as he continued kissing her body down to her shorts.

Slowly he pulled her shorts and panties off until she was laid bare before him. He growled in pleasure, his own cock rock hard at the sight of his mate before him. He couldn’t wait any longer and he latched his mouth on to her pussy, licking along her slit and sucking her clit into his mouth. He ate her like he was starving, holding on tight to her hips as she bucked and writhed in pleasure. Her moans were turning into shouts as she felt the pressure slowly building inside her.

Ava had never felt anything so amazing and she didn’t know how she could handle any more. She could feel her orgasm getting closer and she screamed as it finally hit, pushing her over the edge and making her vision go black around the edges. Eric continued to suck and lick, keeping her orgasm going until she thought she would pass out from the pleasure. Finally he let her up and kissed her mouth. She could taste herself on his tongue and she found herself getting wet once again. She wanted him inside her and marking her so bad.

“Not yet,” Eric said, pulling away slightly and reading her thoughts. Ava could only nod as she laid her head against his chest. This is where she wanted to stay forever. Now she just needed to figure out how.

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