The Maid's Daughter

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"Sky, I want you so bad," I hold on to her waist, "Please stop avoiding me." "This isn't right. Your mom.." I connect my lips with hers before she can complete her statement. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Xavier Reed is a rich playboy who always has his way with the girls. When he meets Skylar Anderson who happens to be the maid's daughter, he wants nothing but to have her all to himself. It is almost impossible for him because she's not like other girls. Warning ⚠: Lots of Swearing!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Xavier's P.O.V

Damn it, I need to start partying less. I'm so fucking hungover right now.
I sit up on my bed and mess my gorgeous hair a little. Some random bitch moves next to me. What is she still doing here? I told her to disappear last night!
"Hey, wake up. You need to leave." I tap her and she sits up with a goofy grin on her face. I can see her boobs as they're on full display. They're not as hot as they were last night. I'm not touching this girl again.
"Is there no round two?"she smiles.
"No! Just go now. I'll call you," I'm not gonna call. It's just something I tell chicks after banging so that they leave happy.
"Okay, I'll see you soon." She gets off the bed and I stare at her naked body one last time beforw she leaves.
She wears her dress and gets out of my room. The guards and maids are used to seeing different girls get out of here almost every morning.

I get into the shower to freshen up for the day. I wonder why mom didn't barge in like she does every morning. Did she give up on me or something?
This is my first peaceful shower in a long time.
"Xavier!" Well, at least it was. "Get out now. I don't care if you're naked. Come like that! I pushed you out of me."
"Mom! I'm not eating breakfast 'cause of you."
I shower quickly and wrap a towel around my waist. I better go out before that crazy woman barges in here.
When I get back to my room, mom is seated on the couch looking as scary as ever.
"Hey mother," I say as I grab another towel to dry up my hair.
"Who was that girl?"
"I don't remember her name," I shrug, "Don't you get tired of having this conversation with me every morning?"
"No, you need to grow up! You're turning 18 this year and you're still acting like a child. What's the need to have all that sex?"
"Mom, a man has needs." I've said this to her more than a hundred times. When will we ever get to have a different conversation? This woman will make me mad at a young age! I'm just living life.
"I'm going to get you a girlfriend and you'll treat her right if you want to keep on enjoying this luxury."
" I don't need a girlfriend. I don't date!"
"You will start doing so because I want you to." I'll never have sex in this house again. How can she force me to date? I don't get the point of seeing the same girl everyday and kissing the same lips all the time. It gets kinda boring.
It's like buying new sneakers, you fall in love with them when they're still new. When they get old, you stop wearing them.
That's how weird dating sounds to me. I like to keep it cool and fun.I get a new girl every damn night! Not every night, just when I'm in the mood to screw a bitch.
"I wanna get dressed. You can leave now."
"Can't you dress up when I'm here?"
"Mom! That's fucking inappropriate. I'm a grown man!"
"Act like one!" She yells and slams my door as she FINALLY leaves my room.
I'm gonna go out and hang with my boys before she starts lecturing me. She makes me so sick. Dad is way cooler than she is. He even hangs with me and my friends when they come over during his free time.

I rush downstairs and get in to the kitchen. "Morning, Lana," I give her a kiss on the cheek. Lana has been working here before I was even born. She's so precious to me and I really care about her. She took care of me when I was younger 'cause my mom was busy partying with her 'friends.'
"Morning Xavier. What would you like for breakfast?"
"Anything that could be prepared fast enough for me to eat and get out of here before Mrs.Mom finds me."
She places a plate of eggs and toast on the counter as I pour myself a glass of juice.
When I'm about to start eating, I hear an angelic voice,"Lana, you forgot these keys back in the bedroom." She has beautiful hazel eyes and long lashes. Her face flawless with a perfect smile and beautiful pink plump lips that you could just kiss all night. She has long dirty blonde hair that falls on her back right above her sexy butt. That perfect breast size and beautiful glowing skin. She's insanely attractive! She's wearing jeans and an oversized T-shirt but that doesn't stop me from eye-fucking her. Who is this girl and how can I get her number? Maybe we could plan something together.
"Thanks honey," Lana smiles at her sweetly and the girl walks out the kitchen. I stare at her ass moving as she walks out.
"Xavier, no!" Lana warns.
"Why not? She's hot."
"Hot or cold, don't touch her. She's a very innocent girl."
"Can't we at least be friends." I smirk.
"You don't do friendships with girls."
"I have friends who are girls. They happen to be lesbians."
"Listen here young man, don't go anywhere near Skylar. She's staying around here for a while and I want you to respect her. Understood?" She says calmly. She doesn't even know how to sound tough when she's warning me. I love you Lana but I can't let that go. How can she stay here and expect to leave without me laying my perfect hands on her?
"Her name is Skylar? That's a beautiful name," I say innocently.
"Be gentle, okay?"
"Sure, I will." I could be gentle in bed.
"I meant be a gentleman." She says as if reading my mind.
Well, I'm officially a man on a mission. Fuck Skylar as soon as possible!

Hey y'all😅
I wrote this when I was bored. Please tell me what you think. If you like it, I'll go on updating.

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