Moonlight secrets

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Athena Sparks life changed just after her parents died from a car accident now shes on her way to move across country to live with her grandmother. She comes across secrets about her life and family she didn't know about. Will she over come everything that is changing her life in a flash. Will she let the hot country alpha man into her heart

Romance / Erotica
Maria Rifkin
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Chapter 1

Athens pov:

All I could think about was the accident that will change my life as I look out the Grey Hound, watching trees past by me in a flash. I am a 16 year old girl who lost her parents and is leaving her home town of Santa Barbara, California, to move to a small whole in the wall town in Alabama!! Yes I'm happy that I get to live with my grandmother but she was crazy as a bat!! I sighed as I had realized I had a long trip ahead of her, but my mind was running a hundred miles per hour. I just put my head back and put my headphones in and just let my mind do what it needs to. First I thought about the accident. My parents didn't want to get out that night but like always I gave them the look and they couldn't say no. I was driving the car when I had hear a bingo on my phone and all I did was look down for not even a split second to see who it was. As I looked I had gone off the road and flipped our car and into a huge ditch. As I thought about what happened that night I felt a tear fall down my cheek. With a sigh I texted my grandma that I was 2 hours away. Man time flies when your in your head. The bus had came to a stop, I stuck my head from my seat to see why we stopped when I realized this is wear I change busses.

"Welcome to Spring Hill Tennessee!! If you are staying with me to the next stop you may get up and walk around and eat and do as you please for an hour to refuel. If you are changing busses there is a board with the bus number and their next stops. Have a nice day everyone, god bless." The driver said as he pulled me from my thoughts.

I got up from my seat and got my bag, as I walked off the bus and got my other luggage I walked to the board inside. Once I found my bus I handed the guy my luggage and got on and took a seat in the back. I felt this strange pull to look up and when I did I looked at the most sexiest man I have ever seen. He had the iciest blue eyes I've ever seen, he had light brown hair that I could tell from his hat. I looked at his body up and down he had a large frame with broad shoulders, you could tell he worked out a lot but not so bad that he looks like used steroids it was all natural. The edge of his shirt sleeve you can see a tattoo peek thought on his left forearm, but his right was full of ink. Man was this man just sexy. I never thought a country boy would appeal me but man I was wrong. The faded blue Jean's with a big buckle belt and tight white shirt and a worn out baseball cap. I looked up and I looked into his eyes and he was looking at me like he knew I was checking him out. He just kept looking at me as he walked right up to me.

" Hello there ma'am is this seat taken?" He said as he tipped his hat down a little.

I froze for a minute then just shook my head no at him. He just smiled at me and sat down. Omg I am so stupid I just made a fool out of myself. So I looked at him and smiled as he got his phone out.

The ride was so quiet I was getting so bored, I looked at the time thinking it was almost over but little did I know I was only on the bus for thirty minutes. I looked over at the sexy tanned cowboy next to me and wished I had the balls to talk to him. He looked up from his phone to look at me and he said, " hi ma'am what's your name? Also why is a pretty thing like you all alone?"

I thought for a split second,if I should lie or tell the truth. My mind settle for the truth." Athena Sparks, and for the other question is a long story. I am moving to my grandmother's home."

Bentley's POV:

When she told me it was a long story and that she was moving to her grandmother's home, I could see the sadness in her eyes. I wanted so badly to just hold her. I knew what she was and to me she doesnt know what's going to happen. I was bored looking at my phone so I put it up and turned a little bit so see her better. " Well Miss Sparks, I can tell ya ain't form around here but welcome to Alabama. We still have a long ride ahead of us, so what do you wanna talk about?"

She looked at me with a smile and moved a hair out of her face. Man she looked so beautiful she had long bleach blond hair and blue/green eyes. He pulled at her sweater to cover her knuckles. When she looked up at me my heart melted for her.

"I'm from Santa Barbara, California. So mister Stranger what's your name?"

Man she was a sweet little thang. "I'm Bentley Carter. How old are you miss Sparks, if you don't mind me asking ?"

She bit her lip and says," I'm 16 mister Carter, and you?"

I had to move around on my seat, when she bit her lip I could feel myself getting hard. Man I wanted to tell her she was my mate so bad, but I knew she hasn't came into her wolf yet. The closer and closer we get to our stop I can feel her getting stronger.

I looked at her with a smile and said, " Sweetheart I'm 18, so tell me a little about ya self."

Athena's POV:

There was something weird about this man, the way he carrys himself it's full of dominance. It's kinda hot but I cant stop myself from not telling him everything. When he said he was 18 I got excited. I looked at him and smiled. When he said sweetheart my body came alive with electricity. I knew I was taking a good minute to answer him so I said," well you know where I'm from. I've lived there my whole life. My favorite hobby is playing soccer, color is teal blue, I love most of all kinds of music. I am moving to my grandmothers because my parents died."

When I said my parents died he got this look on his face like he was sorry for me but then there was something else in his eyes that told something else like he knows something. My head started to get a little dizzy and wonky. Its like I can feel something pulling me like my soul. Then it's like somewhere in the shadow of my brain something is trying to push its self threw to get to the front. Bentley pulled me out of my thoughts when he put his hand on my shoulder.

"Sweetheart why dont you get ya some sleep I'll let ya know when the bus gets to the stop. Ya dont look like ya feeling to good hun. "

All I could do was nood my head at him and start closing my eyes. I could feel him pull me up to his chest and layed my on him.

Bentley's POV:

I could feel our mate bond getting stronger the closer we got to my pack. I knew that she need some sleep but I couldn't help myself by pulling her to me. She was so beautiful that any man would want to and be lucky to have her and shes will be all mine in the matter of months. Some wolf's show them self's when your a year old, but like always every person is different but her wolf didn't want to come out until after the accident of her parents. Hell even some wolf's dont ever come out they stay dormant for our whole lives. I could tell that either her mother or father's wolf was dormant because even when a wolf doesnt show them self's for years there will always be this small pull in your head. I had a feeling she wasn't raised to know what she is or what pack life is about. I spent the remainder of the bus ride to McMullen Alabama, just looking at this beautiful white blonde haired with a sun kissed body laying next to me. You could tell that she was about 5'5 with thick thighs wide hips and a slim stomach, with a size D breasts. I could feel myself getting hard again but I couldn't help myself shes the prettiest little thang I've ever seen. I know that people would call her is slim thick and that's was she was. Hell it's 2020 and I'm from the south we like our girls thicker than a snicker but some like em heavy as a Chevy.

When the bus can to a stop I knew we was in my hometown, this town is mostly farmers and small town people in it. We do have a good amount of humans who have no clue what their neighbors are. Most of my pack live close to the pack house but we got so big and most of the human live closer to town some of us live next door to them. We do have some human farmers out where we are but everyone minds their business plus they got their own shit to take care off. I looked down at Athena looked so peaceful. I had to wake her up so I shook her should and said, " hey sweet thang we are here wake up."

She stirred awake and smiled

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