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Simone's POV I'm Simone Erica Greene, at least that's what's on my birth certificate. There are three things in my life that truly matter: My paranoid mum, my BFF, Ashley, and chocolates. Of course, Dylan too except he's not ACTUALLY IN MY LIFE! I only ever met one person I'd call truly sexy, Dylan Scott. On Friday night, I had two things on my mind: Sneak into the POPULAR'S party and anonymously make out with Dylan. How did it turn out? You'll just have to find out! ***** "Becoming Mrs Popular or should I say Becoming Mrs Dylan" I know I said I was going to get over him soon but the truth is I can't imagine living for him my whole life and not having him for my self at last... It's Dylan or nobody else. I need him to realize that nobody else loves him as much as I do. I need him to realize that all jocks are not meant for cheerleaders... I need him to realize that I might not be perfect but I'm his perfect match. Xoxo.... Lots of love;)

Romance / Humor
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Chapter One

Xoxo.... Lot’s of love:)

“I’m in love with a boy who will never love me back.”

Simone’s POV

Black bed sheet? Brown duvet? Chandelier on my ceiling?′

Even in my sleepy state, I knew the environment I was in didn’t practically belong to me. I still didn’t want to open my eyes fully, especially when the soft duvet manipulated my thoughts with some kind of comfort.

But then again, I knew I didn’t have one of those, especially in that type of earthly color. Out of panic, I opened my eyes once again, observing a new environment as my eyes struggled to recover from such a blissful sleep I had just woken up from.

My face tilted to the right as I stretched my hands a little on the bed, peeling the multiple coverings away from my body, I noticed that the walls of the house were rather glass than the usual plain colors I saw.

Out of instinct, I looked outside and that was when I instantly knew that I was no where close to the place I called home.

‘What the hell happened to me?’

I still remember drinking last night, but I knew I drank a lot if it was able to make my legs land in this safe haven. And then it hit me, I had a date with my lady friend, Vodka, while I danced to some hilarious jams that boomed from the loud speaker on the dance floor.

Sure, I knew I drank a lot, but it wasn’t that bad, right? I was still deep in my thoughts, trying to figure out whose room I was in, and how I got in here, when the bathroom door gently slid open.

I abruptly shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep, all the time thinking of how I ended up in a glass house. You can’t just cover your eyes and forget about your problems, right? But then I did.

Why did I do that? No idea.

I then heard a slightly quiet knock on the main door of the room. At least that isn’t glass too.

“Hold on; just a minute.” I never knew knocks could speak, but if it did, it’s voice was surely alluring.

I couldn’t keep my eyes locked up in the dark void forever, so I slowly peeled them open and winced because of the sudden brightness that consumed my eye sight.

I saw a not so familiar build walking gracefully towards the door, judging by the way the back of the figure was broad and defined, I knew that the figure was a male. A well defined male.

He had a plane white towel wrapped around his waist, the way his legs moved in a sync made me fall into a trance I didn’t believe I could find myself in. I couldn’t stop myself from admiring his perfect body. As from then, I decided to call him ‘Mr. Sexy’.

He bent the handle to open the door a bit, and he stuck his head through the small opening of the door. I wished I was at the other side of the door, maybe I could have a quick glance of how he looked.

“Well, can I come in?” The person at the door asked.

“Oh no, you can’t,” Mr Sexy replied, with his back still facing me.

“What! Why?” The person at the door whined. Judging by the way the person’s voice rose and octave, it sounded like a little boy... or girl.

“Um, ’cause I’m busy,” he answered, clearly hiding the fact that he didn’t want anyone to know I was in his bedroom.

It then hit me! I’m in a really sexy guy’s bedroom in the morning after a Friday Night Party! That was it. I lost my virginity to a stranger.

"There’s a chick in there yeah?” The person at the door asked.

Of course! I didn’t just lose my virginity to a stranger, I also lost it to a Playboy.

“Shut up, man!” Mr Sexy jokingly pushed the door on the boy’s face, but I could feel the guilt he tried to hide in his voice.

“Mum, Dylan has a -” Mr Sexy covered his mouth tight before he could go further. So the boy was a tatter-tale, how assuring!

Another thing then hit me. Mr. Sexy was Dylan Scott and the person at the door was Dylan Scott’s brother, Harry Scott.

I just knew Mr. Sexy was too good to be just any random person.

I thought I was about to faint, but there was no way this was one of those fantasy dreams I had with happy endings, this one had to be for reals! I slapped my self twice to be sure I wasn’t in one of my Dylan-Simone dreams.

They struggled with each other: hands on mouths and a gaping towel that struggled to keep its grip on Dylan’s waist. It was quite hilarious so I heaved a slight giggle, I must have been a little too loud for a giggle, so he immediately shut the door and looked back at me.

This time, I was a second late to close my eyes, my heart took up a new pace and I was at my best not to be a hundred percent weird till I left Dylan’s presence.

“Um, hey?” he waved at me, his eyes held the shy type of look, but I noticed a glimpse of embarrassment in them.

Please, don’t be weird, please please. I pleaded with myself.

I didn’t know how to react, this was why Ashley called me the almost girl, ’cause I saw myself letting this lifetime opportunity of talking to Dylan, slip off my hands, then It would be like I almost talked to him.

No, no way, Even if it’s just a word, Simone. This will not be an almost situation.

I was so nervous with the way his stare was intimidating, especially when I couldn’t keep my eyes trailed on his face but on his struggling towel. So I giggled weirdly, It was what I do when I was nervous...dang it!

"C’mon, we all have embarrassing moments,” he shrugged his shoulders lazily after he tucked his towel tightly once again. Lucky for me, he misinterpreted my laugh, and he didn’t find it weird.

The last conversation I wanted to have with Dylan, was to talk about embarrassing moments. I had over a million and one of them, opening up the scars would prove that none expired till now.

To avoid such a conversation, I immediately voiced out my thoughts before I applied any filter on them. “So, any explanation for all these?” I made wide circles in the air with my hands.

He giggled slightly with his eyebrows slightly furrowed together. “Well, a summary is: you got drunk at the party last night, you entered my bedroom unconsciously and slept in a cuddle with-”

“Oh my gosh!” I cut him off excitedly but nervously. He shot me a confused glare... He has no idea.

“So we slept with each other?” I asked looking more nervous than excited now, and then I realized that this time, I actually talked to him. Not almost. Ella would be so proud!

“No! You. Slept. With. Me. And we were just in a cuddle, It’s not like I slid your panties down or something,” he deadpanned slightly, before he walked to where his dressing room was.

Our conversation took a strange turn, and the table got turned on me. Now I wished I went with the embarrassing moments talk.

When he concluded, I looked down at my body (no idea why) and I figured my pants were missing.

I looked back at him with mixed feelings.

So, Update number one: How Dylan was? He was a liar.

“Where’re my panties?” I asked partially angry.

“What?” He sounded confused as his back was turned behind me.Wow, so he was trying to play dumb?

Update number two: He was a fucking asshole.

I shot him an angry straight look. “Yeah, my panties are not on me so apparently, someone took them off.”

His eyes widened a little bit after he turned to face me.“I- I- swear... I didn’t take them off,” he stammered a little, maybe he thought doing that would make me let him off the hook.

He wished!

I was too angry that he was the complete opposite of everything I imagined him to be. I just wrapped the duvet round myself and got off the bed.

“Maybe you took them off yourself!” he tried to explain. I just ignored and walked towards the main door of his bedroom.

“We were under a duvet okay! Things might have happened! I was just as drunk, I don’t remember!”

I still ignored and just slammed the door on his last statement.

Having sex with Dylan was my dream, yes, I realized that, but it was just painful that he did so, without my consent. He took advantage of my drunken state. He stole my first sex, lied to me, and made me a part of his long list of sex buddies.

The joke was on him though... I don’t think I’ll ever return his duvet!

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