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Landon Chambers (Billionaire Brothers Series 3)

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How would you describe Landon Chambers? A sudden, powerful, almost overwhelming desire of having someone you know is bad for you. Siya Rains was the kind of girl who believed that lust rushes but love waits. He was destroyed beyond repair. She wanted to help him out and wanted to be his friend even though she was undeniably attracted to him. But as soon as he saw how she reacted under his touch, how the most angelic face he had ever seen, had the most devilish thoughts around him, friendship was the last thing he wanted from her. He wanted to ravish her.

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Chapter 1

Hey beautiful people,

Just a warning. This book is an erotica, which means 18+, so if you are uncomfortable with sex and adult shit, please don’t read my books. But if you are a nymphomaniac like me, go ahead ;)

Also guys, for the better understanding of the stories, I’d also like to give you the order in which the books should be read:

1)Nathaniel Lachlan

2)Aaron Riverwood

3)Landon Chambers

Anyway, follow whichever order you want, this is just a suggestion.

Siya Rains

As I wrapped up my class, I realized how distracted I was throughout it. I started teaching psychology at this well-known university three years ago. I was twenty-five years old when I had my first batch of students and I know as a teacher I am not supposed to have favourites but I did have one, Jimmy Miller. He was very smart and had recently got an internship at a recognized enterprise.

But unfortunately things spiraled from there, the owner, Paul Scotts was actually a sadist, alcoholic asshole who liked beating people up for pleasure and that’s what he did to poor Jimmy. I felt tears welling in my eyes as I remembered his state when he visited me for help as he was poor. Bruises and cuts were all over his face as it was swollen red, it looked like someone ran him over with a truck.

Poor boy.

I heard a knock on my door which got me out of my daze, I wiped my tears quickly and turned my head around. My jaw dropped as I laid eyes on the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life, walk into my now empty class. He was too old to be my student.

Is he a model?

“Y-Yes?” I stuttered and felt like slapping myself.

“Siya Rains, right? I am Landon Chambers, I need to discuss an important matter with you.” He says as he starts walking towards me, making my breath hitch at his deep manly voice.

I knew him, he was the best lawyer in the country, and his fees for one session could literally be the total amount of money I’d earn throughout my life.

He was also Paul Scotts’ stepbrother, which probably meant that he was handling the case against us. I can’t probably win against him, I felt immense amount of sadness as I saw justice slipping away.

No one can beat Landon in court!

“See, I know you are the defending lawyer for Paul Scotts, but I don’t care what kind of money you offer me as settlement, I am sending your brother to prison so that he can rot there for beating up an innocent intern.” I raged but my voice faltered as he took a step closer to me. I looked up to see his alluring greyish-green eyes. He towered over my small height of 5’3. I probably looked like a midget in front of this muscular, tall, greek god in a suit.

“I am not here to defend Paul, Ms. Rains, I am here to fight against him.” I looked in his eyes but they were empty, almost soulless but still had this intimidating presence which attracted me.

What happened to him?

The only reason I pursued a career in psychology was because as a child I had an excellent knack for reading people by looking into their eyes. I was never wrong, I was like a human lie detector. But with him, all I see is darkness and a really sad past.

“I don’t believe you, you are his brother, why would you want to fight a case against him, unless you are here to sabotage my case. I am surprised your mother didn’t fire me yet from my job for going against her stepson. Even if she does, I won’t stop, Jimmy deserves justice.” I say as I try to push him out of my way but that literally doesn’t even budge him.

Of course it doesn’t, Siya. You are a midget and he is almost a foot taller to you.

Also he could pick you up and throw you like a football.

“Well, my mother won’t fire you unless you do a bad job at your work, this is not something that concerns her. To answer your question, I am like the male version of Cinderella, I mean he’s the evil stepbrother.” I wanted to escape quickly but I didn’t as I was wearing heels and I trip a lot in them.

Cinderella! That’s funny!

No Siya, don’t laugh at this godly man’s jokes who smells so incredible that’s its almost hypnotizing.

“Then ask your fairy godmother for help and I am sorry Mr. Chambers but I don’t believe you, I am not going to risk m-“ I try to walk sideways away from him but I fall onto his chest with a thud. I squeeze my eyes tight for an impact but nothing happens.

Then I look down to see, Landon Chambers’ hands just below my breasts, tightly holding me in place as I felt electricity shot up my spine. I look up at him to see his eyes on my breasts making me bite my lips hard so that I don’t end up making some inappropriate sound.

No Siya! You can’t be attracted to your enemy. Get the hell out of there!!

And you really need to get laid.

I quickly push him away, grab my books from the table and try to head outside but I trip yet again and he catches me.


Damn you, heels!

I try to run away as I had embarrassed myself enough but he picks me by wrapping his hand around my mid-section like you pick up your child at the carnival and sits me on my table.

Before I could move again, his hands land on my thighs to hold me in place making me gasp loudly as I felt all my carnal needs erupting within me.

Jeez Siya! Calm the fuck down, you just met this Adonis.

“Mr. Chambers, what do you think you are doing? This is highly inappropriate at so many levels.” I say in a confident tone but it comes out ragged. My face was probably flushed red, I knew he could see how he affected me and was enjoying it thoroughly as I see his eyes flicker to my breasts again for a moment. He didn’t even try to hide it.

“I wouldn’t have to do so, if you were mature enough to sit down and have a conversation with me instead of trying to escape at every chance you get.” He says as he bends down to my eye level.

I didn’t say anything as my chest rose and fell, I knew if I spoke to him with this proximity between us, I’ll end up saying something stupid, so I waited for him to speak.

“Trust me, Siya. I need to fight this case against Paul, you are right, he deserves to rot in a cell. If you lose this case, a man like him will be set free. I need to teach him a lesson.” As those words fall out his mouth I see pain, hurt, trauma and honesty flash in his beautiful eyes for a fraction of a second but it was gone as soon it came.

And I knew he was telling the truth.

Damn it!


Hello All You Beautiful People,

I hope you enjoyed my first chapter. Please tell me your views on it. I would really appreciate it!!! It is kind of short as it is just an introductory chapter, I promise the upcoming chapters would be lengthier.

Thank you so much for reading my book.

I love you guys!!


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