A Quite Unexpected love

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|1| Moving on

5 weeks later

My head was throbbing, I did not have the patience to go through all this again.

"Pier, please, I told you 5 weeks ago... I'm not interested in being with you anymore, it’s not even that I am hurt, because believe me, I'm not; JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE or do you want me to tell you in Spanish, French or Latin, actually forget the two later, I don't even know that language; anyways just go... I told you I'm not interested in you anymore, so go and fuck or be in love or get engaged or marry anyone you want for all I care, you are single and so am I"

I was tired of this, it has been 5 week, and 4 days since I arrived home and this dimwit, couldn't get it in his thick skull that I wasn't interested, he had texted me, called my cellphone, home number, at my restaurant, I skip meetings at the company because he harassed me in them, he had emailed me, sent me letters through regular mail (Who does that?), he had shown up at the restaurant with like 200 balloons that if it wasn't attached to a gorgeous car (or maybe if he would have added one more balloon) they would have lifted and flown away; that if not for them being attached, I was just exhausted.

You would think that if a guy cheated on you with half of his office it meant he wasn't interested in you anymore. But this was crazy like cray cray, bat shit crazy.

"Belle, I made a mistake..." he trailed off when I raised an eyebrow at him "well several times the same mistake, but I needed company; you were busy with your restaurant and I felt lonely" the S.O.A.B. had the audacity to fake a pout, HA!.


"PIER, I DON'T WANT YOU, OK? I'm happy with my restaurant... We have a company, but it was not my dream, I never wanted to run the business... You knew and know, that I loved to cook, and this"... I point at my surroundings.." is my dream, I told you, I'm even mature enough to let you run the company without me and let my lawyer to handle my shares and everything, I really don't care what you do but please Pier, this nonsense needs to stop, is not healthy for you or me, that every day you keep looking for me to come back, I forgive you but I can't be with you... I don't love you and you don't love me... Maybe if we had noticed before, you could be with someone you really loved and not miserable with me because let's be honest, the last 3 years of our relationship was not like the first 2, we weren't happy and you know it, so please, please if you ever loved me leave me alone." I was breathless and honestly very proud, I thought I was going to cry but that didn't happened. I guess I was right, we didn't really love each other as much as we thought.

I watched as he looked like he wanted to protest but something in his eyes clicked and he just nodded.

"Ok Soph, I would do as you pleased, but I will be waiting for you..." he touched my left cheeks softly, and I closed my eyes "I know you still love me, just like I love you and I will repair the damage I made and if it means that I would have to give you space, so be it... But I will have you again my Belle" and with that he exited the deposit and got out from the restaurant.

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