A Quite Unexpected love

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|2| Sophie

I wanted to throw something or punch someone but I couldn't so... I was going to need a girls night out with my best friends.

I called Ezzy, she was my cousin who happened to be my best friend and she called Joseph and Cherry, we were friends since like I had 17 years old, we had a good 11 years old friendship, that I wouldn't trade for the world, with the exception of my cousin because we she knows me from all my life.

"What's up bitch?"... Ezzy asked, classy of her.

"What's up babe, did you decided to let me punch the shit out of the stupid ex boyfriend of yours?" Joseph asked with a hint of humor.

"Guys, I think if we just let her fucking talk, she could tell us what's going on, don't you think?" Cherry said, from us all, she was the "most sane one".

"Sup idiot. No Jos, I don't want you to ruin your manicure with his ugly face. Thanks Cherry Pie. Actually I was calling you guys to ask you if you wanted to go out to night? " I asked almost afraid, Ezzy was busy with her bakery business almost 24/7, Jos just came back from his runway show and Cherry well, she, actually her job consisted on traveling for the living; in the past year we were more video calling than actually seeing each other, I missed them.

"....Fuck... yeah, of course baby girl. You just need to say where house do we meet and time, in fact I'm outside your house, open up hoe." Jos said while banging on my door.

"WTF Jos, why on earth didn't you told me you were going to her house? I'm on my way cus, if you dare to drink just a sip of a wine without me I would go to your closet and ripped all your expensive dresses, got it? See ya in 10" Ezzy hang up.

"I would take longer, I just got home and I have to take Toby to do poop so, see you in like 1 hour." Cher hang up.

I went to open the door, before Jos broke my goddam door.

"Honey I'm homeeee"... he grinned maniacally, then engulfed me in a bear hug "did you missed me? What I'm asking, I know you did. Hey I don't see mini dick stuff around, you are fast in moving on." He said chuckling while dropping himself in my couch.

I sigh, "Yeah, after I knew what was going on, I asked my mom and the guys to take his stuff out and send them to his apartment while I was on my vacations, when I came back, I forgot I had to asked to change the locks but mom being mom, she told my stepdad to change it and I forgot to asked her to leave the key with the neighbor but she leave the key with Ezzy, so when I came back from the trip, I had to sleep in a hotel because it was just like 8 pm, I was tired and Ezzy wasn't answering her phone as usual" I said while looking for some fruits and crackers and cheese in the kitchen.

He followed me to the kitchen.

"Mmmh... Soph, I'm one of your best friend and because since you told me I wasn't here face to face to tell you this, explain the fuck to me... Why da fuckitty fuck in the fucks you let that man, you praise so much through phone go from your grasp? Ah? Ah? Ah?" He said while poking my right boob with his index finger.

"Stop it! Gosh, I knew I shouldn't have told you guys anything, yeah it was the best sex of my fuckin life... He was all a girl could ask but I'm not interested in nothing serious and he either, it was something wild that will not happen again, so cut it and stop touching my boobs, you are going to taint them with your dirty hands" I said slapping his finger away.

"Mhmm, I think ya stupid but ok" he said getting back to the living room.

When I was about to say something the front door slammed open.

"The FUN HAS ARRIVED! It's ok, you can stop your praises. " my lovely cousin stroll in my house like she owned the place, closing the door behind her.

"Could you please, not yell... I'm having a massive headache since this morning... Right, suit yourself in my house" I said rolling my eyes, while I watched her go upstairs to my closet.

"I think she never understood the word privacy or the words not yours... I'll find the bottles go get her before she takes all the best dresses from your closet and ripped them because they don't fit her" he said going to my kitchen again.

I got upstairs and find her looking in my walking closet for clothes and heels to match.

Some things, never changed. I said to myself smiling and shaking my head.

"Cus, I like this but I don't know about the heels... Owe! That hurt.." she winced when I pinched her arm.

"Ez, stop messing with my clothes, and I don't like that combination, use this one" I gave her a purple tight satin dress with straps and a Christian Louboutin Millaclou gold sandals.

"OMG!!! I love it! I love it" she screamed so hard I felt like I was going to have to secure my windows so they couldn't break.

"Sure, just please don't lose then like my other pumps I lend you and you left in an unknown apartment with some random guy ok? Go get bathe, You know Cher hates to bathe after you so I'm going to do it after you" I said while getting out of the closet.

"Did you gave her another heels?" Jos asked while drinking a glass of wine.

I served myself and drink before answering. " Yeah, you know I buy stuff that I usually don't use or Pier used to gifted them but I'm simpler than that" I spat out the wine, it tasted like old sucks. Weird.

Pier liked me to wear expensive stuff like jewelry, clothes, heels. While I on the other hand loved sweatpants, t-shirt, flats, slippers, sneakers.

You can't cook with all that shit on you.

"At least he was good for something"

"So... You haven't look for the mysterious man?" He said while peeking through the glass.

I sigh, "No, I told you... I didn't knew his name, he didn't knew mine and I'm alright, the only moment I remember of his existence is when you guys asked" Lies, I always remember his smile. Every time I woke up in my bed alone, but I wasn't going to pour my mind to them. They would not let that go ever if I did.

"Hmmm... Ok" he said hinting that he didn't believe a word.

After everyone got ready, I looked in the mirror for the last time. I felt sexy in so many ways... My curves where all accentuated with the black latex with no straps, pencil dress I wore. I buy it last week when I was hiding from Pier one day. I pair it with black stilettos.

We got to the nightclub, ISABELLA, we used to go there since like 7 years ago, we knew the owner, the bouncers, almost everyone.

One of the bouncer, Kit, let us pass. "Looking fine Ms. Russell, long time no see you in the area" he said smiling.

You usually wouldn't see him smiling, but to me he used to smile since I helped him make a dinner for his wife at my restaurant 1 year ago for their anniversary for a low price.

"Thanks Kit, how is Becka? I heard you where expecting, hope you are all fine" I asked hugging him, I was friend with his sister-in-law, Becka's sister, Angie. We used to go to the same high school back in the day and we occasionally kept in touch here and there.

"Everything fine with the boss lady, she should be out of the job in an hour and go to Angie's while I still work"

"Oh that's cool, say Hi to her for me and that you are very welcome to make the baby shower at the restaurant salon if you liked" I said getting inside as he just nod.

"Well, baby girls, while you all go and fetch me drinks, I'll just find an specimen of man to take home tonight." Jos said with a wink slapping Cher and I's ass.

I shook my head smiling, I went with Cher and Ezzy to look for a bottle.

It was good to see the outside for a while and relax with friends.

"Damn! I thought the guy from the office I went to drop a delivery for his office meeting was hot but this guy is like Hot Cheetos with Jalapeño dressing on top hot" Ezzy said looking at the VIP lounge area, I couldn't recognize the person very well because of the lights but he did look fine, he was wearing a plain white dress shirt and a light gray chinos pants and leather shoes.

"Oh, wow he looks fine from here but I can't see him well, either way, we are not here for men, you my friend are here to celebrate with your friends so please" I order the bottle to Steve, the bartender and he signal that he was going to send someone to our favorite spot.

"Ok, but before we go and chill in our spot, let's dance... I miss my favorite cousin and my best friends" Ezzy pulled Cher and I, to a hug and dragged us to the dance floor.

We were dancing and partying normal, until the dj put our favorite song of all the times, ILYSM from Steve Aoki and Autoerotique.

Ezzy got behind me and Cher to my left, the dance floor got a pole and Jos just grabbed it and started to dance around it like he always do when Emmanuel, the resident dj, put our song.

If you looked at us, you would thought that we were some erotica dancers from the club.

People started to gather around Jos was kind of pole dancing and us three where circling one another dancing sensually.

The guys in the club started to whistle and girls stare at us like we had grown ten head until drunk people joined us in the middle of the dance floor when the beat started to pick up.

I saw Ezzy moving to catch a guy and pull him to her, Cher went to dance with Jos. I suddenly felt two hands grabbing my hips while I move with the beat of the song and lips in my neck and a stubble in my ear. This guy smelled so good, like cinnamon and a natural smell of him; I was feeling intoxicated and excited from his smell.

I made a move to face him when he talked.

"I thought I was never going to saw you or feel you again my brown muse" I felt a shiver on my spine and all of the sudden felt hot, I knew this voice.

It was him.

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