A Quite Unexpected love

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|3| Ares

It's been 5 weeks since I last saw her and I can't stop thinking about her.

She asked me to not look for her and I did the stupidest thing of accept her rule. It's been 5 weeks and I can't stop imagining her on my arms after that week.

I went to take my mind and to seal the deal with the hotel owner about buying half of the property, but I didn't expect to be caught up in a beautiful web of the most exquisite creature I had seen in my life; she was all I could imagine a woman should have to be with him and more.

When I was walking out of the manager office and I saw her with a yellow flowy dress walking in through the lobby, I just had to know her.

I remember like it was yesterday, she just smiled and invited me to talk in the bar of the hotel; we actually didn’t talk much about us, mostly stuff about superficial things we liked and things we had done in life so far; then I remember I received a call from Tomas and had to excuse me for a minute, when I came back she asked me if I wanted to chill and watch a movie in her room.

I said yes, of course, who would say no to that beautiful woman.

Beautiful inside and out, but she wasn't interested in being with him after her vacation so he thought it was ok, until the day she left the hotel and he never saw her again.

I had been asking non stop everywhere if they recognized her from a photo he took of her while she was sleeping but no one knew her in the hotel or anywhere of his surroundings.

I was having headache thinking of it.

"Dude, you need to chill a little bit, I think you are getting a little obsessed with this black muse as you call her" his best friend Tomas said to him while texting on his phone.

"You don't get it T. I made a mistake and I want to find her because I need to know her more, I'm not infatuated with her, I like her a lot and I feel like we could have something but she just didn't wanted to, at that time" I said rubbing my temples.

"It's been like weeks Ares, you can't keep chasing someone you don't even know her name to begin with. Let's do something, Jay says his in town. We have a lot of months we don't go out with the gang like we used to, let's go to ISABELLA, drink some nice whiskey and forgot your sorrows for the night, what you say A.?" He wasn't wrong, it was long time since he hasn't go out with his friend, since his father died he buried himself in work and the company so he didn't had the time to be alone with his mind and all this mysterious woman thing was driving him crazy, he needed a break.

"Ok T, but promise me we will not end up like the last time in a strip club with three women wasted and you spanking the forth one." I did not have the patience or time to that right now. It took them 15 thousands dollars each to a paced the owner of the club.

"Promise... Oh shut, we should go freshen up and change clothes, meet you at Jay's in 2 hours" he said closing the door in his office.

Well it was time to have fun tonight then.

When I got to the club it was packed, and the women where like predators watching them go to the VIP area and sitting, immediately a brunette came to Jay left side and said something making him just shook his head and smile and give her his business card, with a fake number of course. Jay was his other best friend, he used to live next to him when they were young but Jay's parents move to another city. Jay's oldest brother is married to Tomas oldest sister, who happens to be the another neighbor of his, so they basically grow up together.

Jay had two business card, one was white and the other was black, the white one was fake, fake number, fake name, fake address (the address of the "office" was a abandoned warehouse), even fake email.

The black was his business card, the real one, he usual didn't gave that one to anyone unless it meant business.

Tomas on the other hand, was more free spirit, he flirt with everything and everyone, even if you where on a date with him as his "date" he would flirt with another person in front of you; when we were younger I used to be the third wheel of his dates because he always ended up dumped because of this, and because of that he never had a serious relationship, he used to said that formal relationships where for people that didn't like to enjoy life.

I from the other hand, only got 2 girlfriends in all my life but never formal enough to think of being with them in a long term, my last relationship was 7 years ago and I didn't even try to settle after that, I didn’t feel like the kind of guy to do commitment so well, but I never played with someone else's feelings either.

We were drinking and talking when we notice a commotion in the dance floor, pffft probably some drunk people dancing like crazy.

"Guys, you got to see what I'm seeing " T said very gleeful getting up from the armchair he was.

"Here we go, I really hope we don't end up in a strip club or a casino" Jay said rolling his eyes.

I laughed a little and got up and saw, that in the pole, there was a guy who was dancing like a stripper but not climbing the pole, 'wow, drunk people' I said in my head chuckling.

I was about to sit again, when I saw three girls dancing like they where in an erotica video, moving their hips, hands everywhere.

"Damn... They got some moves. I wouldn't mind entertain them all night" Jay said whispering to me not removing his eyes from the three girls getting closer.

'Damn indeed' I said in my mind.

All the guys were like hypnotized by them, the taller one of them all moved to grab Jay dancing to him up and down.

The other girl went to dance with the pole guy who was being stalked buy T. 'Oh lord' I said mentally.

Seeing the only girl that left in the dance floor, in the corner of my eye I noticed a guy was making his was to her but I was faster.

I put my hand on her hips as she sway with the music, she smelled good, like strawberry bubblegum; I lean to smell her neck; then it hit me... I knew that smell, for one week I woke up with that smell and got to sleep with it, it was her, it really was her, she felt like before and fit perfectly in my arms.

She tried to twirl so she could face me, but I put my lips on her ears and told her,

"I thought I was never going to see you or feel you again my brown muse" still inhaling her scent.

She shudder in my arms, so she did remembered my voice; she got still in my arms.

I expected her to bolt or to fake not knowing who I was but I didn't thought she was going to do what she did.

She spun and faced me, she was smiling, she touched my cheeks with bot hands and kissed me. Then pull away and extended her hand so I could go with her.

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