A Quite Unexpected love

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|4| Sophie

I do not know what compelled me to kiss him, I just felt like I needed to do it; like being attracted to him like a magnet.

I wanted to have wild crazy sex with him there, it was crazy how my mind was intoxicated with lust for him.

I had never felt that way, it was like I needed him and a spoon of honey with a hot burrito, but the sex was more important.

I extended my hand and smile at him, he gazed me almost like in disbelief; he took my hand and I led us to a private rooms that the owner, Killian, had for staff or clients in need as he used to said when we went on a tour a Monday when we came to help him with a private event he had in the club.

I pushed him to the couch and I straddle him, I was too desperate, I remove his belt, unbuttoned his pants, when I was about to un zip him, he just took my hands and for the first time we entered the room I looked at his eyes, they were a pool of gray, he wanted me... So, why was he stopping me?

"As much as I want you like this, I really don't think I could get advantage of you in this state" he said pulling me softly from on top of him.

"Advantage? State?" I repeat softly.

"Yes, my love. You are not yourself and probably is the alcohol in you." He said almost like disappointed at that statement.

"I haven't drunk here, I drank a cup of wine at my house but instantly had a bad taste and had to spit it out, so, nope... I'm not drunk if that's what you think" I told him, while started to fix my dress and sitting straight.

"Oh" was all he said.

"Yeah, so..." I trailed of while I steal a glance at him. "How did you find me? Not that I care" for some reason I was kind of exhausted. Like I had run a marathon.

"Well, I didn't knew it was you, I just saw a beautiful girl dancing and she captivated me and I wanted to dance to her so, I went for it... Lucky me that it ended up behind you. " he said chuckling and running his fingers through his hair.

"Mhmm... Well you found me, yay!" I said with a yawn.

"Yes, I found you. Can you please spare me the chasing again and tell me your name?"

His eyes closed and his face towards the ceiling.

"Sure, my name is Sophia Russell. I'm very sleepy right now can you take me to my friends and then take me home?" What? I didn't even knew why I was telling him that.

He chuckled again and wrapped me in his arms and said "Sure, I'll take care of you"

And then I just snuggled to him, he was so warm and smelled so good, and the blackness came.

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