A Quite Unexpected love

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|5| Ares

After I look for her friends that where with my friends, I explained that she was tired and I would take her home, her cousin didn't trusted me one bit, she immediately told me to back off and that she would take her home; I had her in my arms and like hell I was going to leave her of my side.

"I don't know you dude" her cousin told me for the 5th time. “What is your name?”

"I was with her for a week in her vacations, my name is Ares Irvine, I would not let anything happen to her but she can't stay here sleeping while all of you get drunk" I was getting impatient and tired of repeating myself.

His friend, the pole guy intervened "Let him take her" he looked at me dead in the eye "touch one single hair in a way I don't like it and I will chop your dick and feed it to the fish... I'll send you the directions and here is her purse with her keys" he said like he hadn't threatened my private parts seconds ago.

I nodded and got going outside to my car.

One of the securities helped me opening the car when he saw me struggling.

The ride to her house was like 30 minutes and I first opened the door and then tried to carry her inside, I failed; she woke up and started zombie walking through the front door.

"Come in or you are waiting for an invitation Mr. Hot bun" she said with sleepy eyes and yawning.

I smiled and walked in, it smelled like cinnamon and vanilla inside the house. Everything was white, yellow or black.

When I looked at her, she was getting to the stairs.

She stopped, looked back and extended her hand again, smiling.

I closed the door and turn off lights and went to take her hand.

We enter a room, it was big.

It had a wall with like the fronts of a lot of corn flakes boxes encrusted in it.

Her room was pale blue with white, she had her bed, couches, and those places that looked like mini bookshelves but it wasn't mini, it was huge; I thought it were romance books but then I notice they were cooking and recipe books.

I have learned two important things from her: her name and that she apparently loved cooking.

I was so into the stuff in her room that I did not notice she had gone to the bathroom and changed until she walked out from it in her pajama.

Being and adult, you would thought that this sexy as hell woman, would be sleeping in a satin or in a baby doll lingerie but no, she was in a long sleeping pants and a t-shirt, they had elephants in it.

When she caught me seeing her she said "Don't tell me you are of those who think women should sleep with satin pajamas and lingerie, because you my friend are about to get disappointed" while getting under the covers.

I chuckled "No, don't worry I was just surprised; I wouldn't have thought of you as a simple girl" I removed my clothes and stay in boxer.

She laughed " Believe me you are not the only one who is surprised, but yeah, I don't like fancy stuff or expensive things. My family, well my mom doesn't come from money and she always thought me and my brothers, that simple things and things that you really love have more value" she said snuggling and wrapping her arm across my waist as she used to when we were sleeping together in the hotel.

"Yes, your mother is a very wise person" I said smiling, I could not remove my shut eating smile. I would have never thought that this was going to be happening again.

While I was falling asleep, I felt her tense and she got up so fast, I thought it was a fire or something.

I focus my vision and saw the clock, 4:00 am, then I saw the bathroom light was on, I got near, and I heard her puking.

"Babe, are you alright?" I wanted to face slap me, of course she was not ok she was vomiting her brains out you idiot.

"DON'T COME IN!" She yelled.

For sure she did not sound good.

Being the impatient and the anxious person I was, I did not care.

I needed to make sure she was ok.

I push the door open and I saw her leaning on the toilet and she was crying.

I crunch down, "Oh baby, what happened? Come, I'll give you some water and get you rest" I tried to wake her up, but she just shook her head, and this caused her more nausea. So, she vomited again, I pulled her hair away from her face, grabbed a towel and damped it a little and put it in her neck.

She looked up, her face taint with tears "I don't know what happened, I didn't even drink, I ate crackers, cheese and water, I don't feel good and I want a hot burrito " she said sobbing hard this time and whined the last sentence.

What? Hot burritos at 4am?

I flushed the toilet, cleaned her face, gave her some water and then I scooped her and took it to bed.

"You need to see a doctor, Sophia, it could be an infection or a stomach bug but still is better if we go to the doctor." I said wrapping her in my arms.

"Mmmm, you smell nice. Your smell somehow made the nauseas away" snuggling in.

“Oh! I forgot..” She said stirring in my arms “… What is your name”

I smile, “My name is Ares Xavier Irvine Rhile, but my friends called me Ares or A.”

“Oh, Ares, like the Greek God? Mmm, the God of the War, right”

I chuckled “Yeah, like him, my mom is a historian and she loved the name, even though according to her in ancient Greek means ‘bane or ruin’, I personally like my name but my mom made everyone called me A- RES not Eeh-Res like some people pronounce it, imagine explaining this to a 4 year old”.

She chuckled softly “Yeah, I could imagine that”.

“How are you feeling there? Is your stomach ok?” I didn’t wanted her to be in pain or anything, I needed to convince her to go to the hospital.

“I am fine, I think my period is going to come soon, that’s why the tiredness, the craving, the headaches and the nauseas. With some sleep I would be ok, don’t worry your pretty face on that.” Patting my face and snuggling more.

“Ok”, I said and fall asleep.

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