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BROTHER AN SISTER inlove with eachother but also another what will happen when secrets reveal them self

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

it was dark outside, raining just how I like it, in fact how I love it i would sit here for hours watching the little cold drops drop to the road and splash into little pieces, like their heart split in two
just like mine and my older brothers when my brother milo was 7 my brother was going to stay at his friends for 1 week since me my dad and mum was going on holiday I was only 7 me and milo was twins but I loved road trips and I got to go since my brother hated going on family road trips he said "its to long to be doing that when you have the whole of our neighbourhood where you can be free outside instead of stuck inside a car for 6 hours" i still think till this day he was such a dramatic child well after we dropped my dramatic brother of we got stuck in bad traffic where all cars were beeping and drivers where chatting and noisy little kids like me were fighting
my brother always calls me a chatter box he so over the top but as we got round the corner a car came zooming down really fast and hit the side of our mini car we flipped over and over and banged into the tree after that I cant remeber anything other than sirens i woke up to hearing someone say to my brother "im sorry to say this but your parents died by the car crash" she politely said as in a tone im getting tired of saying this ugh "HOW" he exclaimed he fell on the floor bursting out into tears as if he lost his favourate blanket [yes his fav blanket if my mum ever put it in washer he would cry] "your died died of shock ya mom died by her head wacking the tree in the inciedent now may you get up and wake your sister up" she sighed itching her head not knowing how to support him as my brother went to wake me up i burst into tears hugging him even thpugh i was 7 i was the childish one he hugged me back
"its okay sis ima take care of you like mummy and daddy"
so yeah thats why we went to live with our auntie celese but when my brother turned 18 like me we both got a house near our college
I woke up half asleep itching my head the cold breeze from my window awaken my as soon as I saw my brother he knew not to say I thing when I woke up since I get hangry I look up at him from head to toe he had his black nike shorts on not top so he was showing his 6 pack along with his tanned skin his short spikey her curled to the side with one strand sticking up I got up with my feet reaching to the cold floor I slowly walked to him hugging him "you okay you seem uh not pyscho" he looks down at me smirking while hugging me back "so dramatic " I rolled my eyes as he goes to move he forgets I put my foot on his we both fell on eachother "thanks now you owe me food" I put my hands on my hips chattering about food like their was no college or tomorrow " oi chatter box your boyfriend is coming along with his sister so I cant chat with my sis to long neither can you" he winks I forget we have a double date I rush off my brother blushing but I realised I kinda found him hot... was I blushing at my own brother

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