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chapter 2

my brother is down stairs stirring me up something deliouces while i put on a black dress on showing my curves and every single detail i was classed as the prettiest girl in their i had long dark hair with blue eyes tanned skin with a body thats classed as a perfect dropper what means with a body like this every body would die for it but for me it wasnt a big deal i wasnt really into dresses i more of a girl that is a top and jeans girl i put my mums necklace on for when she first went on her date i walked down stairs and brother turned round "dinner arrived what i would f... full what i would full" he sturrterd "weirdo" i rolled my eyes like normall
then i noticed smoke "uh yeah good timing i lit the cooker on fire and uhm i need help" he said calmly moving out the way like a misbehaved student i screamed "GET WATER YOU IDIOT" i ran to the fire that was popping he picked it up fearless and threw it on me "MY HA...fucking bastard" i threw the pan at him with my heels clicking on the marvel floor away from him he grabbed my wrist tight and pulled me close to him he never done that before i felt this weird vibe and sickly feeling we stared at each other in the eyes he grabbed my legs pulling them up for me to wrap them round his waist he smirked as i wrapped them round his waist he pushed me on the freezing cold counter pushing all the food of leaving it to smash to pieces on the floor i kissed him while grabbing his neck to come closer we had no space in-between us he layed me down pulling my dress up slowly while my hair clashed down of the counter he started kissing my belly all the way down i moaned until KNOCK KNOCK he quickly stood up looking at the wooden door he helped me of the counter my dress slid down he whispered in my ear smirking "this isn't over" did I just kiss my brother this isn't right but I couldn't help myself I just felt this other person take over me I was wet I left a puddle of wetness in my pants "come on in!" he shouted his girlfriend and my boyfriend walked in i ran to my boyfriend jumping on him he grabbed me holding my ass
he had brown eyes with a tint of yellow and he had a white polo top with black ripped jeans "hey Dave" he hated when i called him that he tutted i looked behind to see my brother holding vanessa close to him staring deeply into her eyes like he would love to be lost in them forever some weird feeling took over me i looked at him angry as he sensed someone staring at him he look and smirked i quickly look at my boyfriend fake smiling "you still hangry lil Bessie because i am " he grabbed my chin making me look at him he went in for a kiss and so passionate he kissed me we holded that kiss for at least 20 seconds straight after i jumped down hearing a loud clap from my high heels i was about to loose balance but my baby helped me
me and vanessa rand at each other hugging "i mishh you so much" i screamed " me to" she screamed back " i bet you missed your mans French kisses" i giggled she blushed and playfully slapped my shoulder and giggles "but he missed fucking you more" i cried out she turned into a red tomato "stop it coconut head you making my little Sessa red isn't she baby" he laughed she pushed him of her and ran up stairs "ooh lil Sessa is pissed a-" someone grabbed my wait from behind " i missed fucking you and kissing you too" he whispered in my ear i blushed a little "COLLEGE!!!!!" i screamed the house down grabbing my purse and running everyone tagged along it was like we was in baywatch
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